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DISCORD: https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9

PORTAL LINK: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tortuga


Tortuga City is a building project of immense proportions looking for builders and residents to join in this great undertaking. Tortuga aim’s to be a community created, neutral player hub for all players in Dual Universe. As Alpha/Beta are now underway, Tortuga’s evolution as a community and city will progress up through launch. We will be testing, making blueprints, and finding out what we really need to keep a city going strong.


At it’s heart, Tortuga is a city project for Dual Universe. Organization affiliations and agendas will play no part in the politics or development of this community hub.

Please read this statement about Project Tortuga from Cybrex, the Project Director for Tortuga: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-esur-s4sCeCwH3kDGlV90iz4JkHljSaTOLHaKz_FCk/edit?usp=sharing




Plenty of organizations have cities planned. Some of these are quite ambitious in scale and already quite advanced in planning. So why are we doing this?


Well, it turns out that a bunch of us from different organizations have a real world background; or work in; urban design, town planning, architecture, construction and geospatial (mapping) systems. 


And through the course of talking "shop", we realised that real towns and cities grow organically (while guided with zoning), and the idea of a single organization enforcing a certain architectural style or design thinking approach was a bit odd.


We wanted to make a place which, while based on some well thought out design rules and urban zoning, would have a feel of a free city, sprung up around trade, rather than a designed urban space (using a grid for instance) one sees with administrative cities such as Brasilia, Brasil, or Canberra, Australia. 




In the best interest of developing a city long term, we want to place Tortuga in a safe zone. However, based on how little we know, we are not going to decide the location yet. We could build within the safe zone on the first starting planet, we could build on a floating asteroid in space, settle another planet in the starting solar system, or wait until build it in a completely different system.


This is what we plan to find during Alpha/Beta of Dual Universe. Finding out the best possible location that meets Tortuga’s needs.




For now, we have broken the development of Tortuga down into three basic phases. These stages of development will follow Dual Universe from the beginning of the Pre Alpha up until the final release.


Phase One: Theory discussion and brainstorming of possible starting points for building. Understanding how the build system works etc.


Phase Two: Deals with the actual planning and implementation of theories from Phase One. We will be piecing together Tortuga bit by bit as we finalize it’s layout. This will be a continuous process through Alpha/Beta until release.


Phase Three: Begins on the day Dual Universe officially launches. This is when we will be putting the city together in a live setting.




Join our Discord! We have created a server for all interested in parties for Tortuga. This will also act as the main communication application for Tortuga even after release. Simply join the server, and state that you would like to get involved in the development of the project. If you just want to live in Tortuga, then that’s fine too, join anyway.


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9

PORTAL LINK: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tortuga


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I like this project, it looks like fun! I'll be happy to participate. Because of all the organizations, and the benefits if team play, I feel that players in general will be prone to huddle up with their orgs and work on their own projects, which can end up having negative consequences; I could be wrong of course. Nevertheless, having a neutral and mutually beneficial community like this is just the thing a game like Dual Universe needs in a populated area. 


Looking forward to it, I hope it becomes a success!

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As this weekends Pre Alpha for all Gold backers above draws nearer, just want to put another bug in everyone's ear about Tortuga. We've had several join the project from several groups in DU both large and small. We will begin theory crafting the layout starting this weekend as testing for Dual Universe continues, so why not join in now at the very beginning of this endeavor?


This is an open org, so join through the community portal and join up on the Discord server.






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Based on the sounds of it, it is something my organization would love to be either involved in or at a minimum setup an office. I'll join at a later stage though, as I probably do not have a lot to offer on the get-go with urban planning.


Great idea though.

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Interested in taking part in the long run, as I've told one or two on occasion.


I think this has solid potential and might outshine many other city projects that are solely player faction (just by or for them) based, as this involves more folks and appears more neutral. Whether it is building (construction), security or entertainment related, we can surely help in the long run.


We, as organization, used to build railways in MC and patrolled areas (villages), too. Also, science stuff, I guess.


Also, basically a bump so others see this, too. 

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