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  1. Would be interested on seeing an update as well +1 ❤️ u Shock
  2. Shh, I've not returned, but here is a comparison of the top ten from 04/04/2018 -- 26/08/2020 04/04/2018 26/08/2020 I would like to put it out there, I'm very sorry I stopped doing this, I did enjoy it and the dynamic behind it - I got extremely busy with work and it basically has stopped me from looking too far into these things. I have however wanted to look at a comparison of both who is in the top ten and what numbers they contain. Can't wait to play with y'all. ❤️
  3. Keeping it up, sporadically, but more than me Good work.
  4. I appreciate your little poem and it has certainly made me more interested, If I look or not, good luck in your explorations.
  5. Welcome to the community mate! In my experience, you need to spend time looking through orgs to see what you are going to have the most fun with. It's all up to you! Organizations, really at the moment, are just collections and everything will change as the game actually comes into full release. You can always change anyway, it's never to late to switch to something you may enjoy or experiment.
  6. Welcome to the community matey! Hope you enjoy it and the game.
  7. Welcome to the community, I hope this is everything you want it to be.
  8. Unique members are counted. There are currently 2437 Members in the top ten, with 2103 in the 'Unique' category. The last chart, which I will not now, shows that. It just doesn't show a number indicator. But as you say, the landscape will indeed change as more people get access, have to exert effort and do things to keep regular member flow and numbers. As well as this, I see the organization 'Unique' numbers fluctuate as groups may require people to only be in their org, etc. They will come and go, it's the nature of communities, I will just keep track of the largest to see where they stand for now. I may expand on this in future.
  9. Hello there guys! I figured it may be better to post later in the week as opposed to April 1st (you know, just so I don't ruin peoples day). Anyway, it has been a very, very long time since I had updated the charts and I thought I better update them to see what has really changed. I can see now that a lot has changed, groups have either collapsed or split up, changed names or gained popularity through other means. All top ten organizations now sit above one hundred members and Terran Republic is closing in on the thousand member mark, good work guys. It is good to see the staple names still hovering in the top ten though. Anyway, just an addition, the new groups, I have started at '0' members as of last update as they had no previous numbers. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the update guys! Archive:Do you want to see all my other charts in one place, sorted into dates (including forum charts)? Click here! Discord: Have questions, suggestions or just want to chat? Head to the discord here! Oct. 8th, 2017 -- April 4th, 2018 Charts Organization Top Ten Chart Top Ten Growth Rate Total/Unique Member Count
  10. Howdy folks, sorry for the late night Sunday charts! I have just been given a job opportunity so I'm taking full advantage of it. Anyway, down to the charts and the numbers, After the drop of Cinderfalls numbers we are seeing the numbers spread out to new organizations, this is seen below. Whilst the overall numbers haven't grown some organizations have greatly gained from this membership shuffle. There isn't too much to say, no big jumps, just steady growth and redistribution, but I must congratulate Frogswarm on one hundred members! Archive:Do you want to see all my other charts in one place, sorted into dates (including forum charts)? Discord: Head to the discord here! Sept. 30th -- Oct. 8th Charts Organization Top Ten Chart Top Ten Growth Rate Total/Unique Member Count
  11. Hey there folks! Hope you're all having a wonderful day waiting for the Alpha Tests to start. This week has been a long and news filled one, whilst I don't track it, several larger organizations have dropped their association with Cinderfall Syndicate, as well as this the Cinderfalls numbers have plummeted, the have lost 87 members between last Saturday and this Saturday. Whether this is a planned purge, move or people are going with their external organizations, this is yet to be seen or announced. A few key members of Cinderfall also dropped from the organization. This being said, the total top ten members have dropped by 54, with the unique count also dropping by 22. It seems Terran Union, Band of Outlaws and GLSU have all gained small member amounts from this large event (or other more natural recruitment drives). Archive: Do you want to see all my other charts in one place, sorted into dates (including forum charts)? Head here! Discord: Head to the discord here! Sept. 23rd -- Sept 30th Charts Organization Top Ten Chart Top Ten Growth Rate Total/Unique Member Count
  12. Seeing as he hasn't done it yet (liar), i'll bump this post as the map has been slightly updated. <3 u
  13. ATV is the Alpha Team Vanguard set of members, chosen because of community involvement, and a few other sets of parameters. So naturally, the ATV test was when the ATV members were able to test the game.
  14. @yamamushi Fuck yes, please. I would be so appreciative of this.
  15. I appreciate the thoughts you have posted here @Msoul. I have to agree with the statements in regards to NQ, they have done a fantastic job so far keeping us in the loop and making sure we know how things are going, whether good or bad. I would like to also add though, that none of this would be possible had the people who backed the game hadn't been backed by all, including all those who lurk on the forums (yes, we know you're there, the old forums had those member lists :P). Once things are more open, the community will mold the game into what they want to see, and I know this, because I know NQ will listen to all ideas, as they have been doing so far. As insane as some might have seemed.
  16. An intriguing idea and one I can get behind. I will be watching closely.
  17. Howdy folks! Welcome back to the charts, I have once again started them and they will be posted, weekly, on Saturdays. This is to reduce the workload and stress that had been put on me. The charts have been reduced by one, that I didn't think worked with the rest and caused me issues last go around, this was the growth compared to other organizations chart. I have also made a few of the charts easier to read, like the unique member and total member count chart, with the addition of a count of total accumulation per week. This allows you to see how many new names are actually joining the organizations in the top ten, as well as who is just joining many organizations. I have also included, within these sets, a data point from my last chart set - this is to see how much growth had occurred in my absence. I have also made a discord, for those that want the charts immediately, or want to know when they are posted, with links and access to my archive folder. Visit the Discord here! Please, use this to suggest new data sets, chat about the data or even just hang out to chat with people with various interests in this field. With that all being said, I really want to thank you fine people for the support I received when this was still running, and I appreciate the continued support even when I wasn't. And now, without further ado, the charts! September 23rd, 2017 Organisation Top Ten Chart The Top Ten Growth Rate Unique Member / Total Member Totals and Growth Rates
  18. Well guys, I would like to announce that this weekend, the charts will be back! They will instead, be weekly charts allowing me to get a little more info squeezed in! It also allows me to do other things and not stress me out, as well as let me further expand upon these data sets, whether it be deeper and more analytical or wider and more encompassing. Thanks all, for the support and questions about when and whether it would be coming back. **Edit: I would also like to mention, that I will be uploading all of the previous chart images to a shareable folder - for now, so the community may go back through them.
  19. Sure, but maybe they spent money they have just now realized they actually need to survive, or, pay for something else that is more vital. Or they backed early on, and have just seen the game go a direction they do not appreciate. It's not my place to assume, but if I were too it would be one of the above.
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