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  1. Some updates here about [FR] Penrose Laboratories : - Website : http://www.penrose-labs.org - Community portal: http://community.penrose-labs.org/ - Discord Server: http://discord.penrose-labs.org/ And a kewl video :
  2. PenroseLabs:AC6BEACC69D29A859A81C06AB8B390C0 

  3. discordauth:GubADp1VXEPn3KPzH4AwLqNfz5Shv_xYALMV-Rl_h3E=

  4. discordauth:GubADp1VXEPn3KPzH4AwLqNfz5Shv_xYALMV-Rl_h3E=

  5. Laboratoire recherche cobayes pour expériences dangereuses
  6. Thank you for the feedbacks ! We'll try to think about it for the next video
  7. 50 Members threshold reached ! \o/ Come to our discord for a share of cake
  8. Update : Still recruiting here ! Small change in our name, we're now Penrose Laboratories ! Also we welcome Arketype Wolf and Minautore as our new projects !
  9. The Tortuga building contest is still on ! Take part on our contest at ::pos{0,21,26.0129,-116.5499,0.0000} on moon Mizar ! DM me in discord to participate
  10. Hi there ! Regarding the city building event by NQ : We will still do the Tortuga Building Contest, but we encourage you to participate on the NQ Second city build. If you want to participate on the Tortuga's contest, just blueprint your construct and paste it at Tortuga on moon Mizar before the 27th April on the following coordinates : ::pos{0,21,26.0129,-116.5499,0.0000} Don't forget to dm me on discord if you want to participate Have fun !
  11. Hi there ! Something new is happening at Tortuga Take part of the Tortuga Building Contest ! What is it about ? Building the Central part of the City - looking for designers builders to help with the Stage 1 construction. We will be holding a Building contest at the current Tortuga building test site (see discord https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9 for test site location). The contest is to find people who can help with the central and public area construction of the Tortuga City. What is the benefit of this ? The winners will have the rights to build at the Central part of Tortuga city and be part of the Official Designers Council of Tortuga. You will also leave your mark in DU ! I have build an awsome skyscraper already can that be used? Existing structures can be considered, however we are holding this at the existing test site. Those who have not yet had the opportunity, now is the time to flex those building muscles. How can I participate ? You can participate if you are a member of Tortuga (join here : https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tortuga-city#post_3349). Just send a direct message on discord to @MrShaw saying you're taking part on the building contest. What are the criterias ? Design a building with the theme Cyberpunk, Blade runner, Ghost in the Shell or Altered carbon in mind. This is an architectural design contest, not an interior design contest. How to win ? The successful winners will have their designs voted for by, @MrShaw , @SirJohn85 , @Alethion and @Cybrex. How many can win these permissions ? We are looking for talented builders there is no set cap How long is this competition open for? 4 Test Cycles beginning with the first weekend test in April (Saturday 7th of April) and ending with the 27th April test session. Good luck and have fun o7 https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9
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