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  1. Haven By Luminous Previously known as The Blue Moon Tavern What is Haven? Haven is a project brought to you by Luminous. Its goal and purpose are to provide a haven for everyone from all types of organizations. With a planned physical in-game location in the form of a tavern, Haven plans to provide many services ranging from job boards to your favourite voxel shaped snacks! Whether you're here to hang or spread the word about your organization, Haven is the right place for you. How do I join? Haven is open to all, simply navigate to our discord.
  2. Project Hyperlink A Luminous initiative What is Project Hyperlink? Project Hyperlink is an initiative started by Luminous in an effort to create an open forum for org leaders to discuss issues and share projects, without the hassle of joining a billion servers or creating infinite DM groups. In essence, it's a discord for the users who suffer from fiftyplusdiscorditis, we've created this in an effort to cure this ailment and bring efficient communication into the picture for organisations. Interested? This next sect
  3. His first post was on my birthday :D

  4. Hello fellow conscious being, As of the writing of this post, I’ve been a part of the DU community for 366 days (since 12th September 2016) (allowing for time dilation), the early Kickstarter days of DU. Although that is certainly not an achievement compared to many others of this community who have been here for two years or more, I have seen the good the bad and the ugly of this community, the former of which has been the most prevalent to me. I’d like to take a couple minutes of your time to both finally introduce myself on the forums, and to provide a commentary on my experienc
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