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  1. Hello friends, sorry for the inconvenience. I had a donation from a PC and I wondered if it would be enough to DU.

    4x 2700Mhz
    Intel Core i5 2500 S CPU 2.70GHz

    I'm afraid it's not enough but I prefer to have your opinion :)

    thank you in advance

    1. blazemonger


      It seems a bit on the light side, especially the gfx card. CPU should be ok for a dedicated system but also lowish. Would need 8GB RAM at least, 16 preferred.

  2. Thank you for your answers For 45 days I put 45 as a random number (personally I would burrow the tutorial to explore as quickly ^^) But the cinematic history of our arrival here more basic tutorial could be interesting but it is only my humble opinion.
  3. and just before in the form of kinematics with the story of the settlers in the background.
  4. how derived from a subject ^^ ... Stay in the subject please or else create in another if YES or NO DU should leave on a survival systems which is not the subject of this post. Thx for respect Troll off
  5. Je pense que comme dans certains jeux, un GM devra faire le tour pour voir les zones épuisées en matière et aussi pour détruire les maisons à utiliser ou à abandonner. Ou créez une autre profession qui viserait la réimplantation de la matière (jardinage) avec contrainte (encore vague mais vous voyez l'idée). Je voudrais me dire que si je pars 1 an après le lancement du jeu que je peux en profiter autant que les autres qui sont là depuis 1 an sans être handicapé par le manque de ressources, ma seule erreur ici serait d'être en retard ... Désolé si la réponse a déjà été donnée. Or a recycling system as mentioned above or even a planetary delivery which will create hot spots
  6. I think I'm misleading more than one ... I'm not talking about creating a survival game far from it I'm talking about a frame, a story, a context with a tutorial of what to immerse the player in total immersion. 45 days of rationing I talk about matter or an environmental problem, I agree with you DU is a game where investment time must be important to be able to enjoy the game. Fan history is very good for launching the player and also helps to find that way (profession, style of play, goal). In addition I find it more attractive if I send you on such planet and coal. So I wanted to know if there was already a frame of planned with tutorial or what was under development or non-existent or subject to competitions. See further
  7. Hello everyone . I know this has already been discussed but I would like to emit my idea. As new settlers and new arrival on Arkship. I wish there was a little story on our arrival with a kind of tutorial to show the base but that would turn more like this: You arrive on the planet of the beginning you have an old space of a very old mission of exploration, no sign of life but food (you are alone). According to your calculations, you have approximately 45 days of rationing (imagine). Your mission after 45 days will be to learn the basics of the game, to explore arkship, then to die or to be able to leave and create your new habitat, station ... I invent nothing, I look alone on March I find the idea and context excellent as starting DU. I am aware that this has probably already been explain and work, I also know that the game is in multiplayer.
  8. what are you talking about "underwater"? I know what it is but the relationship with the supporter pack I do not see there sorry. Can be "translate" that plays tricks
  9. Everything will depend on us actually is suddenly the risk is interesting I may be pirates interim xD Goood luck
  10. I wanted to say more exactly that the small hackers' organization would destroy it quickly for the simple fact that it represents a potential risk the bigger ones will have more chances. Heavy consequences of becoming pirates. Exposure to mercenaries and bounty hunters The fact that a war between pirates and industrial organization will explode much faster than a war between industrial conpagnies and another of the same tyoes unless the pirate organizations offers these services but suddenly we enter the mercenaries / pirates. . Wait and see
  11. I was wondering if the pirates community system facing the more industrial community add to that the bounty hunter mechanics were not going to pose a problem? In the sense of becoming a pirate of space (Albatross) is a heavy choice of consequences for big organizations. This is only my point of view and I know some about the game (I keep surprises and remains skeptical before all).
  12. Progressive space song warm up your engine and spread your wings
  13. In my humble opinion and that's how I think too. Mining resources on alioth at launch may be overproductive. They like all the powers they have to be small at home without any problem of neighborhood. The truth is always somewhere else and the best things too. After a lot of dreams all that will decide at the time of our first step
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