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  1. The new settlers

    Hello everyone . I know this has already been discussed but I would like to emit my idea. As new settlers and new arrival on Arkship. I wish there was a little story on our arrival with a kind of tutorial to show the base but that would turn more like this: You arrive on the planet of the beginning you have an old space of a very old mission of exploration, no sign of life but food (you are alone). According to your calculations, you have approximately 45 days of rationing (imagine). Your mission after 45 days will be to learn the basics of the game, to explore arkship, then to die or to be able to leave and create your new habitat, station ... I invent nothing, I look alone on March I find the idea and context excellent as starting DU. I am aware that this has probably already been explain and work, I also know that the game is in multiplayer.
  2. Supporter packs or new pledgers?

    what are you talking about "underwater"? I know what it is but the relationship with the supporter pack I do not see there sorry. Can be "translate" that plays tricks
  3. Everything will depend on us actually is suddenly the risk is interesting I may be pirates interim xD Goood luck
  4. I wanted to say more exactly that the small hackers' organization would destroy it quickly for the simple fact that it represents a potential risk the bigger ones will have more chances. Heavy consequences of becoming pirates. Exposure to mercenaries and bounty hunters The fact that a war between pirates and industrial organization will explode much faster than a war between industrial conpagnies and another of the same tyoes unless the pirate organizations offers these services but suddenly we enter the mercenaries / pirates. . Wait and see
  5. I was wondering if the pirates community system facing the more industrial community add to that the bounty hunter mechanics were not going to pose a problem? In the sense of becoming a pirate of space (Albatross) is a heavy choice of consequences for big organizations. This is only my point of view and I know some about the game (I keep surprises and remains skeptical before all).
  6. Project Tortuga

    Good job and good luck
  7. Space music

    Progressive space song warm up your engine and spread your wings
  8. In my humble opinion and that's how I think too. Mining resources on alioth at launch may be overproductive. They like all the powers they have to be small at home without any problem of neighborhood. The truth is always somewhere else and the best things too. After a lot of dreams all that will decide at the time of our first step
  9. Post Positive

    "Woman without male, land without seed."
  10. I seem to have seen a post about the re-planting of trees without this being done. I myself would like to do my underground base but there will always be an exit door or relief so no risk of burial. It is true that the question of the depletion of resources is interesting ... Maybe (and that would be a pity) he reboot the server or planets (a complete shave) ... We expect the new
  11. Config Windows=Osx

    it's nice of you but I'm also aware of the seniority of my osx it is vital that I invest in new regardless of the end use I will keep the mac for travel and collector
  12. Moon & Asteroid

    Hi everyone I wanted to know if there would be asteroid falls on a planet with a for example a more dangerous biome? I suppose there will be moons could I have some specifications on their contents, landscape? Maybe this content is private Marcovitch .
  13. Config Windows=Osx

    Thanks this is a big troll game debate ^^ And sorry for that
  14. Valkyrie Squadron now recruiting

    That a big and interesting project , I think this will help all the new explorers and provide them with some solid support and give a better launch them in dual universe . happy to read you and follow your project and creation .
  15. another new future player

    Welcome a new man for a new ship