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  1. You stop (explode?) if you run into a construct while warping. And the warp mechanic doesn't care if there is anything in the way - it just hurtles you to the beacon.
  2. EDIT: Sorry - due to a miscommunication at the printers - please contact "Kneemon Lyvania#4687". Thankyou ~ Management
  3. CHAPTER 11 - In which BOO explores the world of marketing, kidnap the French streamer Nutcrew, and hijack the stream. "You want advertising? Because that's how you get advertising" The pub was filled with rowdy voices, captains and crews, drinking and talking among themselves. The room had been rearranged to cater for a meeting, and the senior officers clustered at the bar, talking in hushed tones about the last order of business. The matter concluded, Sylva jumped up on the bar and addressed them. "Alright alright. It's agreed. This season's free hunt zone
  4. Yeah nah, there's no malware in the game files.
  5. "If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it." ~ Erwin Rommel. The oldest Australiasian group in the game, the Anzaki are a casual social (for now - strange things can happen once you get a bunch of us in a room...) group for finding other Aussies and Kiwi players. The Anzaki is a cultural organisation for Australian and New Zealand players, or for those rare players with characters from an Australian / New Zealand background that the AU/NZ player base adopts as a blow in.
  6. Rather than quote a wall of text: @le_souriceau a) Single shard MMO means ALL players are on one server. This has never been done before, so any speculation about how a city will work is just that at this point. b) We actually have a lot of RL expertise in play with Tortuga, including professioanl urban designers, town planners, public/civil service designers and policy people, GIS types, transport planners - if any city will work in terms o sustainability, Tortuga will be one.
  7. (I joke - did you enjoy yourself - yes? Winning. Simple as that.)
  8. Those who retire from play with the most toys wins.
  9. 5) 🏴‍☠️ It's Tortuga - (a mix of 1, 2, 3, and 4, all in one place, with a reputation that means sooner or later, you'll end up there...) 🏴‍☠️
  10. <<End Transmission 20200127:11.11.11>>
  11. Danke! I am always on the look out for useful services such as this. I agree - Google Translate is average and only useful for non complex phrases.
  12. (I only think they are a solution in that such tools help break down the walls between languages and cultures. It won't be long before things like this https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meet-the-pilot-smart-earpiece-language-translator/#/ are so common place that the idea of exclusive groups where people don't understand each other become almost irrelevant.)
  13. (Als Nachtrag: Ich vermute, dass viele Leute, die sich auf die "nationalistischen" Aspekte von Organisationen wie unsere zu konzentrieren scheinen, diejenigen sind, die noch nie außerhalb eines englischsprachigen Landes waren. Die meisten Menschen an solchen Orten bekommen einen Schock, wenn sie erkennen, dass weltweit kaum jemand Englisch spricht, wenn Sie dies als einen Prozentsatz der Weltbevölkerung betrachten. Mach dir keine Sorgen - sie werden darüber hinwegkommen.)
  14. Yeah, that's my point - I'm actually agreeing with you. It's not about nationalism AT ALL. It's about what and who you feel comfortable with. If you speak German, you are either a native speaker, somewhere in the world, or you have taken the time to learn (and thus have an interest or love of) German. So it would make sense that you would join with others who come from, or share a love of, German culture. Being an Australian, arguably the most multi-cultural country in the world, where no matter what language you speak, being Aussie is a a unique thing. So I absolutely
  15. Welp - the Anzaki exist because none of you lot bloody well understand us, English or not... it's a culture thing. I find this topic amusing given the readily available tools for real time translation that exists now... Organisations like this are not about language. They are about cultural identity and a sense of belonging. Ya fuckinfunny galahs. S'not boutcha lingo, its boutcha kulcha n shit. Ich finde dieses Thema amüsante gegeben leicht verfügbaren Tools für die Echtzeit-Übersetzung, die vorhanden sind. Organisationen wie diese sind nicht über die Sprach
  16. That's because rocket scientists are dullards. Underestimate your enemies at your peril.
  17. .... and when I find the person responsible.... why I oughtta.... raises the back of my hand menacingly in a pimp slap
  18. I'm just a figment of someone else's imagination....
  19. Not resurrecting a necropost, but https://t.co/wgiIFo8FQk The SI Kilogram has just been officially redefined
  20. Also Because some of us never go to space sober XD
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