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  1. Salut, Tu peux savoir quelle filon trouver dans la liste des planètes (F4). par exemple: (entre 470m et 560m de profondeur sur Alioth d'après ce qu'on m'a dit)
  2. I thought of an option on the right click of a coreunit that would offer an upgrade depending on the skill level of the player doing the manipulation. It's a bit too strong but it would avoid to do the manipulation on each element (when you see the size of some industry / ship).
  3. I discover that after a VR travel we didnt keep the blueprint that we get (all inventory is wype). Why not keep the blueprints after an VR trip?
  4. I recomend you to visite "The Hedronic library" in VR. You can get the pos to go back and get the BP.
  5. PenroseLabs:E07F93C7440597CEDB3D347BA14AACEE

  6. Bacabab_

    DU Memes

    this thread is my new bookmark
  7. Hi here, Glad to be here with you guy, i'm little too much hyped like you. Too soon to looking for a clan or a guild right now so i'm just a lonely guy for the moment. I'have watched too much space dandy, so i want a groovy space ship in DU. And of course i'm french. Cordially
  8. Nice, next step, develope a fish tank for IG monitor in LUA
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