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  1. I have already read that, and you are right - it is extremely interesting (especially after having read the books)! :-) The problems with trying to replicate that in Dual Universe exactly are that we don't have the AIs which are a necessary cornerstone. And that having an entity that almost never engages in warfare, does not have sharp borders, and only really works because it is a lot more powerful than all neighbouring entities ... is just not very fun in a game. That is not to say that if one faction in Dual Universe where to absolutely dominate, it could not take on similar cha
  2. You are right, the two ways of organizing societies (Ian Banks "The Culture" and what I am proposing in this thread) are quite a bit apart. And I am open for alternative naming ideas. But there are at least some similarities, or I would not have thought of the name: Every ship in the Culture is an autark entity. It can do anything it likes, as long as it respects the basic rules - like letting anybody leave who does not want to stay on it, and otherwise respecting the rights of the beings aboard it. So a ship is kind of similar to a member organisation, in that the overal
  3. I am keeping a close eye on any devblog posts detailing asset management and organisation (voting and legates). I think that what the developers intend to implement should easily allow for both direct and indirect democracies to be formed. How competetive these would be (reaction times, for example) of course remains to be seen. But that's a part of the fun for me (darwinism of organisations)! :-) It is well possible that we need a much bigger player base before democracies in any form make sense. The other risk is whether the promised systems will actually be impl
  4. Hi! I primarily intend to enjoy this game by designing ships and treating it as a huge sandbox creating stuff. However, my interest in the game was also fueled by the potential I see in trying out social ideas. Because Dual Universe will give us very, very powerful and flexible tools we can use to mold organisations in any way we desire. I am really frustrated with the way our real life democracies work, yet I am not a fan of authorian regimes or anarchy either. But what else is there? Well, the flexibility Dual Universe organisations will give us, will let us exp
  5. I will keep an eye on this. Seems to be a very good approach!
  6. I am not hyped. I am though, extremely curious. ;-) I have no other time commitments on the 30. , so I will definitely try it out, and provide feedback as best I can. I just don't want to be disappointed if it crashes immediately, is unplayably slow, or similar. I expect more of a tech demo than a playable game for this first opening of the servers. But I'll definitely poke around and see what there is to see. My computer should be easily powerful enough for this, anyway. :-)
  7. Sorry for the almost necro. But since I haven't replied here yet, and the thread is not locked, here is my take: 1. KISS - keep it simple, stupid. Do not waste valuable developer ressources on this until it is needed. 2. Avoid horror stories and media backlash before the game is even launched - nobody is arguing for making DACs lootable without any kind of safety net, as far as I can see. Good! 3. Keep your options open - avoid making decisions now that make it unnecessarily hard to change your mind later. 4. Try to keep both sides happy (lootable vs not lootable) - might be impossible, but a
  8. Since the new version of the website is now giving us the option to back the game via paypal (https://community.dualthegame.com/pledge), I have now done so. Very much looking forward to the alpha!
  9. The newest kickstarter update says that they will offer a way to support the game via paypal, and get the same rewards as during the kickstarter (except early bird deals). Great!
  10. My problem is simply that there is no word from the developers (that I have read anywhere) about this. A simple "We are looking into it, and hope to be able to do this and that" would be perfectly fine. So, does anybody have any link to an answer from the developers? I am just getting tired of not knowing anything, and I really don't think asking them to answer that question is asking too much... If you are basically shouting "Thats a totally cool project! How can I give you my money?" - and all you get back is silence. Well, at some pont you start thinking that maybe they don't want
  11. Well, I have been patient. I had also asked the paypal question in the AMA, just to make sure the developers heard the question. I just read through the second part of the AMA answers, and still don't see any word about paypal. So, does anybody have any news? If there is only silence from the developers regarding the question (and I did my damndest to make the question heard), then I guess I'll just forget about the game for now, and hopefully hear about it anew once hits steam. *sigh*
  12. I suppose game mechanics wise that might work out fine. I just don't think it would add much fun to the game. And it would totally break both immersion and the spirit of the game: We are supposed to build up a new society by our own imagination, the way we see fit. The developers are giving us all the tools for that, e.g. minecraft like capabilities to make the architecture we want, and generic "Organisations" which we can sculpt from anything from democracy to dictatorship, and into other stuff we don't even have names for yet. Why the hell should there be a game mechanic which enforces a p
  13. Thats the problem I see with any "just figure it out in game" schemes - thanks to information on the internet, the best solutions will be known very quickly, and from that point onwards, very little experimentation will happen. You definitely would not be able to make money ingame for the recipe, if just knowing the information is enough.
  14. Well, having research only in the sense that the developers add in new items, is of course a possibility. I already outlined the advantages I see in having research in the game, but in the end, this is just the idea box forum, right? ;-) As for the changing recipes: It depends on the crafting system. If you immediately go from ressources to finished product, it is no problem: Say a laser weapon takes 100 iron ore and 20 unobtanium to make. You can then have the rule that every damage time your tech increases the damage of the weapon, you increase the iron ore requirement by 1%. So after
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