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  1. If you paid 60 euros for the contributor pack then you have access to alpha 2. The game is currently not at that stage of development. Once you have access to the alpha, I believe NQ will email you instructions on how to access the game.
  2. Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy this amazing community!
  3. Welcome to the community! It is always a pleasure to have new faces around.
  4. How are you doing?

  5. What is everyone's current game they are playing the most?
  6. Welcome to the community! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I recommend checking out the general knowledge post to get familiar with the contents of the game. I hope to see you in the universe and hope you have safe endeavors!
  7. Welcome to the forums @Gasplitch! Good luck on your trade empire!
  8. Welcome to the community @Stephen403!! It is always a pleasure to see new faces around here. If you have not found the general faq forum post by cybrex, I would recommend checking it! (Click here for link) As always, almost everyone here is willing to answer any questions you ask! Feel free to send me a PM if you wish! I hope you have fun once you get into the game and have safe endeavors!
  9. Nice introduction! I also imagine where I will end up in DU. I checked out Isaac Arthur, really interesting videos! Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. Hello there and welcome to the community! I am certain that saying you are not a robot is something a robot would do! Anyway, robot or not if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Also, you can check out the community unofficial discord. Link to the forum post here. I'm sure you can find a corporation that will tell you what to shoot!
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