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  1. Hey there! I'm Alex, I actually joined the forums a little over a year ago and have been silently observing ever since. I just bought a new computer so I can run the game and I'm really looking forward to actually getting to play in the beta but until then ill probably continue stalking everyone around here .
  2. In my opinion it would just be highly ineffective and expensive, first you would need enough territory units to claim all the way around the other persons territory then you would need enough resources and people to build a cage around them before they noticed and tried to escape, even if you have a bigger army thats still going to cost a lot with very little reward. Plus, if they manage to escape then you just claimed a bunch of territorys and built half a wall for nothing. Too many risks in my opinion but i guess its possible that somebody might try it
  3. It will be interesting to see how greifers are dealt with both within the community and and by NQ, i think that could be an entire discussion on its own.
  4. Hello everybody! i would like to talk about something that raised my interest earlier today. Some of the members in my organization were talking in the chat about buildings, in particular large building projects, citys, stations etc... one of the other members was questioning the probability of these actually being built in the game and this brought the question into my mind. What will people do for money in here? let me rephrase that, What are people willing to do to get money in game? will you be able to organize hundreds of people with the promise of payment to build huge structures? How many hours will people be willing to put into a project like that and how long until somebody trys it in game? Will we be building planet wide citys within the first year/s of the release? I want to hear other peoples opinions on this! and please, critique this post as its one of many i plan to make in the future. -Alex
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