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  1. I like a full wipe with a benefit given to existing players. Give us a boost in talent points to make up for it, since it is breaking the promise we were made when we started investing time into an Alpha/Beta. Other then that, I think if you are going to wipe just make it a clean slate. I think the wipe is a good thing, I always thought it would be a positive thing. But that said, NQ needs a long term solution to this problem regardless. Do new players want to join a server where they will be behind? Some new system needs to be added to help new players or give them an advantage until they are established. Minor edit - if you wipe. Do it soon then make it a guarantee it will not happen again. I am good with a wipe for release, and then never again. That said, the release better be coming soon since I won't be putting any more time into the game until release at that rate.
  2. Best of luck, and I hope you enjoy it! Though I would temper your expectations just in case - as it is still in Alpha!
  3. As a fellow Canadian player, welcome to the forms!
  4. I hate to be the one to do this - but I am fairly sure NQ has already addressed the issue of automated turrets. They basically said that they will be making it impossible. If I recall they wanted ship weapons to require a player to actually operate. That said smart drones/etc might work quite well, though possibly limited in scope.
  5. I really like the packing up idea. Though at the same time, I think there is other avenues for player development here. 1. Scavengers could scrap buildings. 2. Organizations could claim them and reuse them. 3. Sometimes its cool to see abandoned/decaying cities.
  6. I have not seen it mentioned yet - But I recall in one of the interviews they mentioned that they would be avoiding any sort of automation in terms of mining or guns. E.g. if you want to shoot people, you have to have someone firing/aiming the guns. I suspect this will be the only real limiting factor for people who want to do combat. Everything else seems to suggest that any player can play solo if they are willing to put the time in. Myself, I plan on having a crew from the start.
  7. I have not seen much about this other than decorative interiors around buildings. It would be nice to have features along this line allowing tile owners to cultivate or terraform their tile.
  8. I imagine they will have various servers for other regions... I'd be surprised if they did not. That being said, China is notorious for being a difficult country to deal with in terms of server hosting and "special requirements". I have a bit of doubt that NQ will place servers in China for this reason (though likely other areas close by).
  9. There is a simple reason - unless the bot is harmful (e.g. just spam for the sake of spam) they make money off the post. Quick example, maybe its someone doing something illegal within Dual Universe (selling resources/account/etc for real money). If they sell even a single asset they make some money from that transaction. As long as they make more money then they lose, they will continue to do it. Though fair enough - technically speaking they are also funding DU by buying an account then being banned, but still.
  10. Greetings, I have sent you a request in Discord. Looking forward to speaking with you! Cheers, Sh4d0ws.
  11. Not to nit-pick your complaint, but was that not clearly spelled out when signing up that you would need moderator approval? It's one thing to question the system, as you may justly... but it seemed like you were complaining about being locked when that was the proper result of signing up for the first time.
  12. Same - I wish there was an alternate way to get some of those options without having to pay full price to back again. I'd love an option to be able to invite a few of my friends to try this game out during Beta without having to pay another $120.
  13. I just wanted to throw my 2-cents into this discussion... Although I enjoy the idea of making this a more survival-esk game, I feel that it can easily be done without resorting to things like hunting and food. For example, resource management that makes more sense in this universe might be things like energy, oxygen, fuel, temperature, etc. Your suit/base handles your basic human needs as long as it is powered. So long as you can breath you can survive, and as long as you have fuel you can travel/generate additional power. This is just an example. Also, I highly disagree with railroading the first portion of the game behind something along the line of the tutorial. Unless it is skipable or has a non-trivial purpose, if you assume you game for a few hours a day and it takes you an hour or so to complete the tutorial you are basically paying money to do a tutorial.
  14. @ShioriStein You might have a great point... Banks (both in terms of space and other assets) might become a very.. very big aspect for this game. Especially if you can tie a bank with an insurance type setup. Paired with owning a large territory in the safe zone it would be a force to be reckoned with (and also a very appealing target for some).
  15. Hey Banana, Yes, we have a Discord server available. However it is not public and as such you would require an invitation to join. If you wish to discuss something feel free to send me a private message on the forums.
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