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  1. Dxeo

    How to recruit! (and not be a nuisance)

    Oh I'm only referring to DU discords, hence the org part. You seemed to include both in your explanation, apologies for not being clear.
  2. Dxeo

    How to recruit! (and not be a nuisance)

    Kudos on the level of detail. Though your wording could use some work, this piece comes off very showoff-ish, which I'm sure is not intention behind it. As for your discord recruitment section, asking for the admin's permission to recruit in their discord via DMs is a courtesy, it is in no way necessary nor is it required. If you're talking to an individual, said individual should be able to make their own decisions. Your members are not your property, they simply chose to align to the group you run. If they leave and join another org as a result of a private message recruitment, then they have every right to do so. If a person is annoying them however, blocking people is a thing. Simply going around and giving people shit for telling others about something they might be interested in is dumb. In this game org exclusivity is going to be rare, people have many interests and you shouldn't limit "your members" in that way. And stop calling it "poaching", this is just recruitment. Unless someone is spamming people with a bot account, there is no problem with it.
  3. it looked really bad, already tried @ShinyMagnemite XD
  4. It runs Crysis 4 with extra reflections
  5. We're now at 32 participating orgs! if your org meets the requirements or if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.
  6. The post will be modified shortly to include details on how to reach us. If you'd like your org to be added or have any questions feel free to DM Dxeo#2670 or Soarnir#0959 on discord, or head on over to the Luminous discord found on our community page here.
  7. discordauth:3RDz7ibeMxL9mEm5EGLoaVVYgoPWtDcmCO-bqHzx6lE=

  8. Dxeo

    KO Mechanic

    Hmm, personally I'm not a big fan of the KO mechanic. In normal situations a KO mechanic would not be a huge game changer. However, in a big war the KO mechanic would be incredibly annoying, if someone receives fatal damage, they should die. I am not against adding weapons that are made to incapacitate the enemy instead of killing them, but an overall KO system is not to my liking. Now I say it's not to my liking though I'm not against the idea of having it, but the version I would recommend is the timed KO state. If someone gets KO'd, they would fall down, and a timer would start ticking before they "bleed out" and die, if they receive damage in this state the timer would move faster. If a person is "revived" in time, they would get back up on their feet but with a massive debuff that would require a med-kit of sorts to rectify. Even after the med-kit, they would still maintain some of the debuffs. People who go down the medical skill tree would be able to lessen the effect of the debuffs, as an added mechanic. Some might call this a bit "extreme" though this is the system I would like to see if KO gets added.
  9. When inserting a link to another org in the org description section on the community portal it removes the word "organization" from the link and breaks it after saving.
  10. As Discord is a large part of the community, I felt that I need to shed some light on a new feature Discord introduced for game integration. https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/rich-presence This would be, if implemented in a non-intrusive manner, a great addition to the social aspect of Dual Universe. Since over 90% of organizations are heavy discord users. :miniSnek: - Dxeo
  11. Dxeo

    BOOM - BOO Mass test for alpha

    What's on the craft services menu though?