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  1. Universal language: Beyond the emote

    It would be good to have a context menu when in a party or team.... quick sound / (visual cues if the avatar does not disappear :-) ) it will help assist quick language cues/references. By universal language i though this was already defined by devs as being an english based game, referencing the business language used in the world today. Anyway that aside even If there is a language barrier it also opens up job roles for proxy/ trade or communication professionals, or those natural diplomats who like to be mediators or can speak/understand both sides. In summary, a vocal cue context menu would be good to have in certain situations. Parties or squads may only require simple actions and cues to issue and aknowledge or the activites or understood actions were simple and pre-agreed on. Chat boxes should be present or have separators or tabs for the types of chat (or something like it for: squad, Org / alliance, local area (5 hex tiles) and whisper chat. I think GLOBAL chat should be hidden bar server announcments, to encourage org communication to known what is happening outside and for the clever....well they could take advantage of this in the form of jobs or bulletins in game. VOIP it is a great option whilst not in game, discord is handling it nicely, in a round about sense. ie to chat you have to be in the same org and voice channel to chat....though to fix this simply have a communal or gathering area to go to. So to VOIP with someone you only have to meet up and invite them.
  2. What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    I think people will refer to themselves according to the Groups they are in........when in BOO, do as the BOObians do.
  3. Project Tortuga

    Kinda Like: "Business is coming......There are two types of businesses, those on board......well actually there is only one."
  4. Last Post Wins

    Reality check......the last person to post will be someone from NQ..... when they lock it......none of us will get the last laugh.......sigh
  5. PvP System

    Sure it possible.....probable.....maybe not....its all part of the game. If they are flying over head and you're on their side/neutral then you gotta a good chance of not being killed. However.....just remember, where privateers come from.....
  6. BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment

    BAD BOOBIANS II was filmed on location with the men of the Band of Outlaws. All suspects are GUILTY.........otherwise, they wouldn't be suspect.......would they? Starring @Evil_Porcupine and @Anslem_Vry
  7. Show your desktop (and specs)

    Maybe some people feel intimidated by comparing the size of their rigs..... https://youtu.be/pPkWZdluoUg
  8. Can a Joker beat an Ace?

    If this Joker had a gun....for example....it could definitly beat an Ace An Ace of something can only do so much by itself.....unless its Batman Then it definitly beats Joker everytime...
  9. Ascension

    Did someone mention .....that there is no spoon....and that that over there is no moon......im sure i heard those mentioned somwhere.....seemed important....
  10. Asgardia

    He has alteady done so....it just about backing now....more backing more power. Think of it as if UN was now a country.... in space....lets just hope it not full of hot air....
  11. but three copyrights make a copyleft ;-)
  12. Last Post Wins

    Is this still going on?........looks like this might never end......
  13. Space-weather elements

    I would really love to see some weather phenomenon, like rain and storms......even better if you could see it from space.... Lets hope for that update after release...
  14. Scripting and limited automation

    No, I do not thing they are fundamentally different concepts, the scripting is there to assist and give you and edge......to automate or enhance some more mundane tasks. It is limited as the potential abuse of an unrestrained ability to script is not a good thing. Certain limitations need to be applied in order to give an edge, but not provide someone with a Deathstar like edge....if they are a wizard scripter.