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  1. I do run the game smoothly tho, but yeah I might get a new build altogether soon. I was just wondering what were the optimal settings with my current build and how much I could ramp up the graphics settings while still being able to play smoothly. So you recommend a 720p resolution?
  2. Hi! Sorry for the lack of info, here are the specs: Intel i7 3770 3.40GHz 32 Gb of RAM Running from SSD Running at 1920x1200, 1 monitor I hope that helps!
  3. Hi there! I was wondering if any of you was running DU with a GTX 1060 3gb and if so, what are your optimal graphics settings on DU to run the game smoothly? Thanks! :)
  4. I wish there were discounts on founder packs
  5. I just discovered your songs, it's really good, keep it up! I am a musician myself, and I enjoyed your songs a lot .
  6. I'm pretty sure the game will grow without safezones on every planet. After all, it is a pvp-oriented game and safezones on every planet would make it too easy in my opinion.
  7. I like the idea of automatic fuel reloading, it could be a useful thing in case of emergency etc.
  8. Awesome! That's some good publicity for DU, thanks for sharing
  9. That is some fine woodworking ! You learned it all while making the table or did you do some woodworking before ? It's a beautiful table anyway
  10. Welcome to you ! Hope you enjoy the forums
  11. Salut, les planètes de Dual Universe seront assez grosses pour empêcher l'épuisement des ressources d'une d'entre elles, fort probablement. Aussi, les ressources les moins rares qui sont nécessaires aux nouveaux joueurs, seront présentes en grande quantité sur les planètes, en général. Il n'y aura pas de zone non-destructible spécialement pour la récolte de ressource, celle-ci pourra se faire partout sur la planète et il faudra trouver les ressources avec le scanneur avant de les miner. Pour en savoir plus, je t'envoie le lien du DevBlog concernant le scannage et le minage des ressources.
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