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  1. Haven Feed is a service by Luminous available to all visitors of Haven! Ever wanted a feed of DU content in your discord server? well, look no further! Haven Feed is the perfect way to keep up with the latest and greatest DU content from your favorite outlets while also keeping your discord up to date with official DU tweets and videos. Haven Feed is a free service that utilizes discord webhooks to beam updates straight to your server, no bots required! Simply follow the guide below and you should be all set in minutes. It's as easy as typing one bot command! Before we get started there are a few things to note. The service is not guaranteed during discord outages. Each person can only have ONE webhook, running the command again will override it. Leaving the server will stop Haven Feed from working on the webhook you've set up. This service is offered free of charge to anyone and everyone. No bots need to be added to your server. The list of what the feed contains is in the #info channel in the Haven discord found here. Guide: Create a webhook on your server and copy the link to it. If you're not familiar with creating webhooks, follow the guide here. Navigate to the Haven discord found here. Run `havenfeed in the #terminal channel on the server. Follow the instructions posted by Jim, the discord bot in the server. If you've done everything correctly you should see a confirmation message sent to the webhook. If you require further assistance feel free to contact any of the Haven admins. Screenshots:
  2. Oh I'm only referring to DU discords, hence the org part. You seemed to include both in your explanation, apologies for not being clear.
  3. Kudos on the level of detail. Though your wording could use some work, this piece comes off very showoff-ish, which I'm sure is not intention behind it. As for your discord recruitment section, asking for the admin's permission to recruit in their discord via DMs is a courtesy, it is in no way necessary nor is it required. If you're talking to an individual, said individual should be able to make their own decisions. Your members are not your property, they simply chose to align to the group you run. If they leave and join another org as a result of a private message recruitment, then they have every right to do so. If a person is annoying them however, blocking people is a thing. Simply going around and giving people shit for telling others about something they might be interested in is dumb. In this game org exclusivity is going to be rare, people have many interests and you shouldn't limit "your members" in that way. And stop calling it "poaching", this is just recruitment. Unless someone is spamming people with a bot account, there is no problem with it.
  4. it looked really bad, already tried @ShinyMagnemite XD
  5. We're now at 32 participating orgs! if your org meets the requirements or if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.
  6. The post will be modified shortly to include details on how to reach us. If you'd like your org to be added or have any questions feel free to DM Dxeo#2670 or Soarnir#0959 on discord, or head on over to the Luminous discord found on our community page here.
  7. discordauth:3RDz7ibeMxL9mEm5EGLoaVVYgoPWtDcmCO-bqHzx6lE=

  8. Dxeo

    KO Mechanic

    Hmm, personally I'm not a big fan of the KO mechanic. In normal situations a KO mechanic would not be a huge game changer. However, in a big war the KO mechanic would be incredibly annoying, if someone receives fatal damage, they should die. I am not against adding weapons that are made to incapacitate the enemy instead of killing them, but an overall KO system is not to my liking. Now I say it's not to my liking though I'm not against the idea of having it, but the version I would recommend is the timed KO state. If someone gets KO'd, they would fall down, and a timer would start ticking before they "bleed out" and die, if they receive damage in this state the timer would move faster. If a person is "revived" in time, they would get back up on their feet but with a massive debuff that would require a med-kit of sorts to rectify. Even after the med-kit, they would still maintain some of the debuffs. People who go down the medical skill tree would be able to lessen the effect of the debuffs, as an added mechanic. Some might call this a bit "extreme" though this is the system I would like to see if KO gets added.
  9. As Discord is a large part of the community, I felt that I need to shed some light on a new feature Discord introduced for game integration. https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/rich-presence This would be, if implemented in a non-intrusive manner, a great addition to the social aspect of Dual Universe. Since over 90% of organizations are heavy discord users. :miniSnek: - Dxeo
  10. What's on the craft services menu though?
  11. Greetings fellow alts, The Cinderfall Syndicate is proud to welcome Vangard Industries, led by @Lukas Vangard, as an official member organization. We look forward to working with them in the upcoming future. - Dxeo
  12. A small update on the current state of the tavern The tavern's discord is now in a working state with the addition of our automated bartender, Jim. Jim now serves drinks in the tavern. He also volunteered to serve tables! Join the tavern today to watch him in action! https://discord.gg/ZJTtd4A Cheers, Dxeo
  13. Welcome to the Blue Moon Tavern. A place to rest, chat, and drink away your woes. The Blue Moon Tavern is a non-political entity designed as a hangout destination, with light roleplay elements, for the community at large. Everyone is welcome. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/blue-moon-tavern A small project I've been working on. The discord server is set like a tavern with a bartender, staff(Soon™), and patrons. The tavern has a job board for people to post any org related request ranging from information to website design. Feel free to join for fun, roleplay, or just to hang.
  14. Now this is a "What if?" situation since I'm not exactly sure how the economy system would fully work so here goes. So, Part 1. What if the way to earn money is to trade resources in for credits using game generated missions. For example: get XXXX amount of wood for XXXX credits. Have it for renewable resources so we don't just feed the game resources that don't regenerate . Part 2. Give the organizations the ability to create a Mission Board (of some kind), And allow them to set taxes for it (with some limit of course). Say organization A has 10% tax on the credit rewards from it's Mission board. so people can generate money for their organization. And allow the organization to set taxes for it's members and non-members separately. Part 3. Give members of the organization the ability to post their own missions for credit rewards on the mission board. And give the organization the ability to tax the rewards for that as well. The tax is optional of course depending on the organization. Part 4. Allow the organization itself to post missions for credit rewards with the funds being deducted from it's "Guild Bank". Part 5. Have all the mission boards from a certain organization linked together and give the option for the user/organization created missions for them to be local to the board or publicly shared on the organization's mission board network. Part 6. Now this is optional, add a global mission browser for all players to see the missions list and locations of the boards to take the missions from. Part 7. The physical reward part is simple. People who post missions can claim their mission from the board they posted the mission from, the board can have an inventory for each player to house the "asked for" in the mission which they can "Loot" and the organization can have a bigger one (for organization posted missions). Part 8. Have a board at the arkship spawn point at the start with limited missions just to start people off. And have the boards created by the organizations give better missions with better rewards. Now this is just a fantasy i had of an organizational driven economy with an organization creating towns, hubs, and outposts to further grow and generate revenue for itself and it's members. I'm not very good at explaining ideas in plain words so please pardon the confusing descriptions. (This is not meant to replace an in-game market, it's just a way to generate credits)
  15. Small Intro I'm the type of person who enjoys playing SI-FI survival games, space sims, and some voxel building games. I've played a handful of them including: - Space Engineers - Elite Dangerous - Modded Minecraft(?) - Landmark - Scrap Mechanics - (and let us pretend starforge didn't happen) I played more than those but those are the ones that came to mind Now let us get to the suggestions. My suggestions are going to be based on what I loved and hated about the games I played before and what I wish this game would have. Please be warned that some of them are on a large scale. Physics: From the games I played, I really enjoy an in depth physics system where everything has to be accounted for. Gravity, inertia, trajectory, weight, mass, velocity, etc. I would love to see that implemented in the game, I would personally enjoy it less if the ship I'm flying turns and shifts as fast as the camera. However, there is a certain point in the game where you have to allow for bypasses to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Collision: Collision is a sensitive topic. While it's fine and dandy in theory, it is not easily implemented in games, *cough* Space Engineers *cough*. but I would enjoy a precise collision system to allow the creation of complex machines that can have gears and bearings. I would love to make machines that can do different tasks using basic materials and the in-game physics mechanics such as sliding doors and rolling windows. And while we're on the topic of collision, adding pistons and rotors would be nice. Pipes and Conveyors: This is a weird topic for debate. While it may not be in the game's scope, it's nice to have the idea out there Pipes and conveyors can change the way the in-game items are transferred. Having Fueling valves for ships (and anything that uses said fuel) and conveyors to unload cargo for processing or storage. Now this is where the physics bypass I mentioned earlier comes into play, allow the items to be transferred using conveyor tubes (within reason of course), such as limiting the tubes to certain volumes, for example: tube A can carry a maximum of say 10, and tube B can carry say a 100, the volume of a rock cluster is let's say 50, thus tube B can transfer the item but tube A cannot. And maybe the extra layer of: if it's too big break it down using a machine to allow smaller pieces to pass through. (This is just a random idea) Micro Machinery: This is a fun little idea I got when I read that the game would allow you to script to a certain degree. Now I don't know the details of this but this is a version I find interesting. Programming is not for everyone, some people like it, some people don't. So why not make it for everyone to enjoy. Allow scripts to be contained in "chips", a small item that can carry a snippet of code, and then allow them to be assembled onto boards. These boards would provide an I/O (in/out) functionality for the chips and allow them to work with each other if the snippet accepts it. And take it a step further, boards can be grouped on a computer unit where it would facilitate the I/O functionality of the boards working together. This would result in the market containing chips made by people, addons to existing chips, and blank chips. Now there is a flaw in this system, what happens when someone makes a chip that does everything. A solution for that would be consequences, if the chip's code is too long the chip is more expensive to craft, if the chip needs more I/O ports it adds up to the cost, have different boards support different chips. More expensive chips need more expensive boards, and thus a more expensive computer unit. This would not solve the "problem", it would just make it significantly harder to achieve so it would be reserved for the end game. (Oh and have it so the chips cannot be edited after finalization. Of course allow the author to do it using a coding machine of some sort). Spawning Mechanics: I don't like the idea of everyone starting in the exact same spot. I understand that the starting planet has to look a certain way. So why not have different identical starting cities on different planets, so the city is the same but the planet is randomly generated. People can choose a starting planet from a list of planets that have a pseudo limit on them. say a planet can only have 2000 players start on it, then it disappears from the list of planets to choose from and gets replaced by a newly generated planet. That is to allow friends to choose the same starting planet from the list. (and maybe allow invites so they can start on a planet their friends are already playing on).
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