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  1. lol plenty of other forums on this topic, no need for new ones
  2. i wont even be able to download it in time now so sad, oh so sad
  3. Yea not the best for us aussies but i suppose the bulk of the community are in prime time zones so they will have more testers for the game. Yea unfortunately french law restricts working at night without a particular permit. Not to sure but i think NQ have to show that the company can make a profit while running 24-7 before they can obtain that permit, so we may be on night shift for the time being. See you guys on sunday morning
  4. Have to agree with @Lethys here, I think there would be an uproar if they gave access to an offline version for people who have not pledged as of yet. NQ did give a significant amount of time for people to upgrade their pledges so imo, its just to bad and youll have to wait for supporter packs/beta. As for the creative mode in general, i think it is an interesting idea. However i think a creative mode would kind of ruin the game. Well not exactly ruin it but kind of throws away the concept of the game imo. I think everything you learn in terms of building and the game mechanics should be done online because the game is supposed to be rebuilding civilisation from scratch. Not going into some god mode-esk creative mode and perfecting everything then building it in the online word. Just my opinion
  5. Yes the struggle is real, So hard to pass the time when your just over excited. The past 2 weeks feel longer than the past year of waiting for this epic game (I hope its epic)
  6. So ive noticed quite a few live-streams and podcasts popping up, some of which are getting popular and are very intersting to watch. Some cover things such as dev-diary's, game mechanics and politics but i have a hard time getting in the loop and finding out what times they will be airing and im sure there are lots i have yet to find. So this thread is for all those creators to get there shows out there and into the community for all to see.
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of DU XD
  8. Hells yea I am hyped but i would say more astronomically hyped. Cant wait xD
  9. This is one project im really looking forward to. Keep up the good work @Cybrex
  10. Discord integration would be an excellent feature. Im sure 99.9% of players would agree to a feature like that, this would have many benefits. Great suggestion xD
  11. im sure i have read somewhere that storage elements were in the process of being made but i cant find where exactly :S on the dual gamepedia though it does list 2 types of stoarge elements, one of which is apparently confirmed https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Element
  12. I found a great place to start with lua is roblox studio and if you really wanted to go in depth there is a book on coding in lua 4th edition i think, guarunteed to keep you occupied And as im sure your starting to notice already, DU is a very lively community and it is great to get involved in all the discord channels and forums. There is some great youtube stuff on all the politics and game features by a few organisations and also some very good reading material in the forums by people like @Lethys, @yamamushi, @Cybrex, @Lord_Void etc. etc I probably shouldnt have started listing people but meh. sorry to the hundreds of others i also should have listed
  13. @TheBlender Whilst it seems like a good idea and dont get me wrong it would be great for those exact sorts of scenarios that you mentioned up top. I have to agree with the majority here, it would be a lot more practical for people to just ask NQ for some sort of refund or a credit that carries on to the next month or when ever you wanted to use said 'credit'. Servers still cost a monthly/annual subscription fee and someone has to pay for that. Maybe one day when/if NQ make their own Server farm, then costs may decrease or they may be able to implement a similar system to what your suggesting. Until then i just dont see it being practical
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