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Hello Dual Universe! Welcome to Ark Central, the leader in Dual Universe news and updates! We're dedicated to bringing you the latest across the universe and keeping you informed on everything Dual Universe! The Ark Central team provides information across a variety of media, including video and radio broadcasts.


We'll keep this thread updated with the latest broadcasts so you won't have to search around for them!


*Note: Ark Central was previously known as Cinderfall TV. This partnership has since been terminated.




Broadcast 1: 

Broadcast 2: 

Broadcast 3:

Broadcast 4 (November 2017):

Broadcast 5 (December 2017):


Broadcast 6 (January 2018):


Broadcast 7 (February 2018):


Broadcast 8 (March 2018):


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Ark Central is on the community portal @ https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/ark-central !


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join as we create more content together as a community. Also check out and follow Ark Central on Twitter, where updates are posted in realtime! https://twitter.com/ArkCentralDU

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