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  1. Where would your Ideal base be? Poll

    I would live in a medium sized fighter. My goal is to have a self sufficient fighter that I can deploy to help people, or I guess, if I have to, to destroy them.
  2. Looking For a Graphic Artist!

    Willing to pay? I’m sure there are good enough folks to do it without pay. Hope you find your man though.
  3. Cargo, Crates, Small inventory.

    So you are saying that we have limited cargo space? I think the advantages of having large storage is good. If you have a cargo ship, then mostly likely it will be either really slow, or have no defense. The point of this game is to encourage playing together, not to play as a loner.
  4. Second idea : rotation points

    So you are saying that we could have rotational points on the ship while it is moving? This would be really cool to make ships look cool in battle.

    What are you planning to do with the force fields?
  6. Hello, I'm supermega

    Hey what’s up? Have a good time.
  7. Floating pieces?

    Imagine: space ships... not in space.
  8. Ha "The Primary Operations Command-" Thanks for thinking of me
  9. Patent a design

  10. Patent a design

    Should we be able to patent our blueprints? If we are able to patent our own blueprints, so that you cannot copy someone’s idea without paying. I think this should be implemented so that is you are trying to make money off a idea you don’t just get it stolen by some one else.
  11. Hello

    Hello there!
  12. Hi all!

    Hey there! My hobby is not being shot in the face
  13. Yeah, so making a cheap ship would be the best solution