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  1. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Two years old Weight: about 11–13 kg Height: about 80–82 cm Teeth: 12 temporary
  2. Dual Universe Sleepers

    As time passes, I erase things, because sic transit; a few go to the Previous page, most don't, but everything stays in my offline archives so feel free to ask if you have a question; all I ask for is that you correct any mistake you can spot.
  3. Dual Universe Sleepers

    "Go Boldly, Thread Lightly, Wipe Softly." (Jean-Christophe Baillie, June 2018) (See you in July, one babbling per month seem just enough for now.)
  4. Dual Universe Sleepers

    "I like apples, therefore this orange will fail as a fruit." (Ten Thousand Tricks Pony, 2018) Did I get this right ?
  5. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Hey, did you guys hear about my website ?! It has stars.
  6. Dual Universe Sleepers

    I re-did the "Previous" records, deleting all org founding dates and replacing them with more relevant milestones.
  7. Dual Universe Sleepers

    I have found a fitting image for what I do: DUSleepers is my Baseline.
  8. Dual Universe Sleepers

    I have purged some of the Logs and updated the Previous page, from Sept. 23 to Feb. 2. It seemed... neater. "Terrific work, by the way".
  9. Dual Universe Sleepers

    It happens every single time: the ship leaves the atmosphere, the engines go from roar to purr, all become dark except for the lights of the controls and the stars over the windshield... And then I hear it. Space. Singing to me. I have a fever and the only prescription is more Dual Universe.
  10. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Thank you for this colorful news, I'll make sure Ark Central and DUHS also know about it.
  11. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Dual Universe Withdrawal Symptoms. They are real. Send help.
  12. Dual Universe Sleepers

    The soundtracks for the Pre-Alpha Teaser and the Outpost Contest videos were composed by Maxime Ferrieu, the creator of the original Dual Universe tracks you can hear on SoundCloud and other medias. Those soundtracks, however, have a definitively more "epic" vibe to it, a break from the soothing, mellow, kind-of-generic "space music" we've had until now, and since Maxime became Audio Lead for Novaquark last month, we may be in for a general shift of musical ambiance. ... That'll be 2 Quantas, thank you.
  13. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Still baffled by what the correlation of great ideas and unfathomable stupidity can produce, but I find so much comfort in scribbling. So i scribble. Also keep an eye on that tortoise, it's still out wandering in the backyard.
  14. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Building the wall-of-text, one daily brick at a time. Also: stars and #314f55.
  15. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Serious Spaceship Drama. Coming soon to a MMO near you.