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  1. Streamer Shamsie paid Lexikon a kind visit and he sounded quite enthusiastic; I'll be working on a Lexikon outpost at his Grand Bazaar project and since he's a storyteller, maybe we'll write a text together, so thank you again for this, good Sir. I'm also working on another outpost, located at the French Village on Sanctuary under Sunrider's direction.
  2. By all means, please do: connect to Surrogate Pod "Lexikon", elevator down to platform level, leave through the hangar, go in the building on your left (west). I just might set a Pod right there someday...
  3. The art gallery, now named "Eikona", has been built then rebuilt because why not. In the aftermath of this clumsy, dumby-clumsy 0.23, Lexikon is currently enjoying an average weekly number of visitors of 0.0 (zero dot zero). It doesn't matter. It remains here and so do I.
  4. There's an art gallery and a reading promenade now, both under construction. All contributions (writings, voxel arts, uploaded images) welcome !
  5. Lexikon is open for visits, with 27 books currently available for reading (on demand, since I'm having technical difficulties displaying them all at once); come discover "The Riddle of Kyrium", "Mutations and Directions", "The First Days", "No Territory for Old Men" and more !
  6. I have reformated DUSleepers to host some of the texts for the Lexikon library (building up as we speak); there will be few images, due to the NQ's Image Upload Program's limitations; the ingame technical format for the "books" has been set up, thanks to the tremendous help of Oxdale from OGG. Lexikon is taking shape and is visitable (via its Surrogate Pod, named "Lexikon", or visiting south of Sanctuary Market 3 at ::pos{0,26,77.2256,27.9143,103.6950}).
  7. Beta officially started today so I made a new introductory text for DUSleepers. Now for my two cents: Beta is finally here, "with all its glory... and all its horror". Although I am delighted to finally see the game blossom from one development stage to the next, I now experience a feeling of disappointment at certain decisions in notable divergence with, almost in betrayal of the Kickstarter era: in 2016, "Dual Universe" was promised to us as a game where players - and ONLY players - could "rebuild civilization" and I think everyone who participated in the Alpha was ready, determined even, to build everything from scratch, to remake a world in their image and give it to the newcomers, with its faults and its qualities, its pettinesses and its virtues. Harvesting resources, founding an industry, leaving Alioth and reaching the Moon, planting one's flag and imposing one's mark on the universe were to be pioneering challenges for us. In two words: "Emergent Gameplay". We woke up in a world filled with already amply-stocked Markets (on every planet!), huge Institutes, Ship Shops offering cutting-edge technology, free and insistant shuttles to the Moon, buried wrecks and even a guaranteed daily income: WHO built all this Eden ?! Not us. We weren't given the occasion. Beta was to be a simulation episode too, with a last wipe before the Release's awakening; instead we have a “soft launch” where player-produced content can be seen as “fraudulent” - in a game still plagued by bugs, exploits and unbalances - but will nonetheless be the permanent basis of their upcoming empires. The Sanctuary Moon was to be a protected place but devoid of resources: there are now minerals on the surface and soon underground, one less reason to make the effort, to take the risk of launching into space. And finally, the Arkship was to defiantly bury itself into the ground, vertically erected like a colossal beacon, the conduit for a signal of hope. We get an oversized laser pointer. I know. It was a matter of facilitating the arrival of new, more casual players not necessarily won to the cause of the first Noveans' pioneering spirit, therefore encouraging subscriptions and finally opening up a source of regular income for NQ in this delicate period for start-ups and private investors. It was about presenting a "suitable face" to the streamers, lured in with a provend of beta keys and camera-robots to promote the game. And we had to be kicked out of Alioth early to spare the server load, even if the corresponding technology has been the spearhead of NQ's promotion since the beginning. No worries: the game is not done and if there is much work left to do, it is on tracks thanks to the incredible efforts of Novaquark's teams. The long awaited Beta is here, it's great, we are now launched more or less "for good" after years of waiting, I dedicate all my best hopes to this game and I'm even certain this lore discrepancy will be assuaged in time by NQ; I'm also confident they'll know how to monitor and maintain this complex balance; mistakes are made, mistakes are mended. But my awakening to Alioth, my first non-virtual steps as a Novean will forever leave me with a lightly bitter aftertaste.
  8. "And They Shall Know No Bugs" (they probably will, though...)
  9. I wrote a little piece about one of Dual Universe's mightiest "Paper Empires": the Cinderfall Syndicate. This one had four lives and four deaths, before even being reborn, so I'm thinking choosing the Phoenix as their emblem was some damn good hindsight. (As always, getting things right is my top priority, so tell me if you spot mistakes or inconsistencies, I'm so bad at dates sometimes - and i DO mean "chronological digits") "Let Your Dreams Take Flight":
  10. I have updated the "Chronology" page with the latest, January to April, notable events. I am also putting an end to the "Logs", my daily notes, keeping them to myself from now on, both in preparation of the Lexikon project and because I feel they are redundant with initiatives such as DUHS (you'll find me there anyway) or content producers advertising themselves (lately: NMC, Coach Willy and Spaaaced, among others). I'll be using the "Archives" section to post some more elaborated writings in the future.
  11. This for the Novark, from CM Nyzaltar himself. As for the star seen in the sky, i'm no specialist either but it seems that neutron stars are very small and essentially emit X-rays, not visible to the eye, so it would appear more as a faint black-on-black distorsion than a menacing ball of fire.
  12. Nice work, Coach. Just nitpicking on the video: - Earth Survivors are the "Noveans" - The Novark isn't the first Arkship to leave Earth, it's actually the 17th - The neutron star isn't "clearly visible" from Earth by 2500, as it takes powerful telescopes to get a high-res image; however, these images go viral and foster widespread panic Looking forward to your next videos !
  13. Thank you for the link. I wish you the best, news/ history initiatives are always welcome.
  14. Still there, still almost good. Lexikon is shaping up, in plans, writings and test modules at least. I am also starting to fill my phonebook: do your org have among their ranks a "lore master", an archivist, a historian with the designated job of keeping trace of all events, internal and external ? If so, I'd like to maintain regular contact with this person, please let me know.
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