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  1. I would suggest you first post your texts in this very forum and share with the community. Then wait for NQ Ripley to actually set things in place, as no-one for now will officially approve anything. On a sidenote, the Lexikon library is always on the lookout for texts about DU, be they fictions, tales or essays of any kind.
  2. Aliens ? Beta actually started to paint an interesting portrait about "aliens": the Wrecks, the Artifact Puzzle, the Gold Star lost fleet, the Alien Cores... That was back in a time where we knew - or thought we knew - that things were "for real", the "real deal"... Wipe put a silver bullet into this poor beast's skull. However, wipe could also be the chance for a great renewal of lore, a chance to forget tricky questions ("If Alpha was simulation and Beta was reality, how come Aphelia knew about the existence of the Artifacts and their meaning ?") and smooth up l'histoire du jeu. True, the game's science is a narrative landmine and I suspect NQ's management has zero.dot.zero interest in this but with NQ-Ripley at the quill, lore may become a game pillar again.
  3. I understand what you mean and I agree. I'm just willing to roll with it, just to see where this will lead us to. Maybe a bang, maybe a flop, maybe a refreshing morning breeze over frost covered fields... Maybe they'll pull the ol' "This is still a simulation, multilayered and imposed on millions of sleepers because *insert reason here*"; I believe the game is called "Dual Universe" for a reason. Let's suspend our disbelief on the same nail we hung our hopes for a brilliant game to dry on for now and brush some dust off the tomes.
  4. Aphelia being insane is actually a valid lore angle. I understand mending lore will not be easy, NQ painted themselves in the corner on this one, but I feel we may just save something here... DUHS has a discord server that saves news into archives; general discussion there may attract lore-minded noveans: https://discord.gg/ecErPae Lexikon is a library ship, visitable ingame (VR Pod "Lexikon"); it offers texts and expos to read and see; still work in progress, currently rebuilding after the Beta Wipe
  5. VR Pod "Lexikon" is now open and texts/ expos are coming back one at a time. The building is done and flight-capable... somewhat, as it'll need antigrav.
  6. NQ's gameplay decisions, notoriously brutal, were made on the go for gameplay's sake, the lore's consistency long forgotten in the face of the game's very survival against its own growing pains. However, now that the game is "released", maybe we can start to mend things. If NQ is really willing to pump life into lore again, I believe Shamsie and some of the community's writers can do some good.
  7. Alas, little effort has been made by NQ since Nyzaltar's rendering of the Bible and Alain Damasio's novel as far as "lore keeping" is concerned; Streamer Shamsie, aka NQ-Ripley, has been tasked with "writing things", so we can only hope he'll be put in charge of updating the lore soon. However, may I interest you into the works of the Dual Universe Historical Society and the Lexikon Library ? Both player initiatives are turned towards lore and game history...
  8. Lexikon is building up pretty nicely; level floor (machines) done, first floor (library) on the way then second floor (gallery) then the roof garden; when the bulk of the structure is layed down, I'll work on making the ensemble move. Also books, obviously.
  9. Any link to "Chronicles of Tranquility" please ?
  10. Hello Wilks, If that is not too much of a hassle to you, I'm interested, please.
  11. You mean the Lexikon Library ? Yes it will, since it is my personal opus in DU: an ingame public place for tales and essays by many authors (Beta-Lexikon had 45 "books" and art/ document viewing galleries).
  12. And here we go. Lexikon will be back and this time, it will move. See you all beyond the veil.
  13. He asked for org conflicts "that happened during Beta"; Terran Union fizzled out in sept 2019. However, for a relatively full account of the affair, please look for "Too Large for Comfort: a History of Terran Union" and "What Happened to the Terran Union" at the Lexikon library (VR "Lexikon").
  14. Please share a link or hook me up on Discord (Peregrin#6074) to send a file, so that we may add them to the Lexikon archives (with your permission of course)
  15. Welcome back, CATS. Best wishes on Tranquility's future ! "Chronicles of Tranquility" from Dec. 2018 are no longer visible on the OZ website (site is down), any way to have them back somewhere ?.
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