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  1. "Astral Scribe". I like it, it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it ? But I remain fond of the term "Librarian", for reasons... ... 40.000 reasons roughly. DICE Race was very nice but this needs your attention. Let's walk together.
  2. "History does not repeat itself: it stutters." ... I have a feeling Karl Marx would have a field day with Dual Universe.
  3. 3 years, time flies ! Interesting game of No-U going on right now on the Portal, let's keep our eyes on the ball while in other, non-disclosed dimensions, some people cut pieces into pieces with pieces. Fascinating.
  4. "Alpha 2: Dual Evolution" has come ! These are exciting times. Apart from DUHS and SpartanCast, however, most news/history/talkshows initiatives have gone silent. That leaves quite a few lamps to pick up in the night... Would you grab one and walk this Earth ?
  5. Impressive self-necro ! Would you consider doing weekly news again ?
  6. Truly excellent, thank you. @mods, could we have this pinned please ?
  7. https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions See "Rejected": No Rotors, Sliders, Pistons, Hinges or Rails.
  8. "Dual Evolution" soon. Still I walk.
  9. Bonjour Voltek, Et bienvenue à Venum Corp. Néanmoins, ce forum étant international, il est nécessaire de traduire toutes les présentations d'organisations en anglais (tous les posts, d'ailleurs, quitte à utiliser une application pour cela). Hello Voltek, And welcome to Venum Corp. This forum being international, however, it is necessary to translate any org presentation in english (any post, actually, even if through the use of an app).
  10. All KS supporter (should) have been already picked for Alpha access; if that's your case and you're still "Alpha: No", contact support.
  11. Yes. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/
  12. I suggest you open a dedicated Discord server. I'll be there. Let's talk.
  13. That feeling when I watch a cast about DU with high standing members of the community and they go "I wish someone would compile DU's historical events in some sort of released timeline" and I'm like:
  14. 3 months have passed so I snipped (I do not own a cat). Layout got messy, I have no idea why, I'll redo it but ugh.
  15. Many followed the affair - some a little too closely for their own good - but many did not, so I shed some candlelight on the recent conflict between Dark Star Imperium and The United Empire, and its regrettable consequences. Please keep in mind that this topic is 1. a bit partial, because no-one is truly "neutral", and 2. abridged, because I kept superfluous and/ or unknown parts out. Now we can all archive this, stop wasting NQ's time and carry on as better people.
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