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  1. Dual Universe Sleepers

    When entering the sandbox, one should make sandbags, not sandcastles. (I'll be in my corner, mumbling grumpily to myself about the NDA if you need me.)
  2. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Good to see that so many of you keep daydreaming. Mostly origami tigers and funfair balloons, yes, but some are working the bag.
  3. Dual Universe Sleepers

    So, there it is.
  4. Dual Universe Sleepers

    It would seem Ark Central is federating talents somehow. It would also seem Novawrimo is leaking them, somehow ? I'll consider doing soon another snippy-snipped version of my recent records.
  5. Dual Universe Sleepers

    "Into the dark..." "... Alix is dreaming."
  6. Dual Universe Sleepers

    The Paris Meeting was nice, thanks again to Novaquark for the opportunity to learn and talk even more about Dual Universe. BOO and ODY have kick-ass T-shirts.
  7. Dual Universe Sleepers

    REDACTED LOGS ! Open Range ! Organic ! Gluten-Free ! Fairly Accurate ! (may contain traces of NDA) ... This hurt a bit. Writing will go on under the mantle until next update, in a month or two, hopefully when NDA is lifted.
  8. Dual Universe Sleepers

    DUFM and Ark Central are definitely initiatives to be followed. They have beautiful logos.
  9. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Still here, writing everyday, only under the rug. It's dusty there.
  10. Dual Universe Sleepers

    I've been considering posting up a NDA-Compatible chronology of last month or so, but on top of slashing off half of its original content, it would feel like walking on eggs. Eggs set on a minefield. Question is: do I feel lucky ? Well, do I... punk ?
  11. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Their name ? CSyn changed sooo many things those last months, I say we can see Aeonian as a whole new entity. This page is now an archive, anyway: I won't be updating anything in it anymore; I might transfer that content to another of the community content supports that are cropping up as we speak, to serve as basis for fresh updated work.
  12. Dual Universe Sleepers

    And now for a little PSA, because I've seen too much of "this" lately: "Please remember: we didn't pay for anything. We didn't buy anything. We gave. We gave so that NQ may, someday, give us back."
  13. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Well thank you, good Sir ! I've been working on de-uglifying my little site a tad, yes. The page you're referring to is an archive now: I will not be adding to it or correcting it anymore, since I'm focusing on daily recordings.
  14. Dual Universe Sleepers

    This NDA is harsh on everybody, content creators and general helpers alike, but considering the borderline criminally stupid mentions we see here and there, from professionals no less, that vise needs to be kept tight. For now.
  15. Dual Universe Sleepers

    Yes. THIS. Thank you NQ.