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  1. What can I say ? I like the way things are going now, it makes me more (prudently) confident in DU's future; the fact that it took the removal of their key visionary figure still brings a slight smile to my face. Kurock wrote a piece, TicTaq Jim made a... a thing. Come see both.
  2. The Lodestar vs Legion bisbilles add some more ink & paper to Lexikon. These proud space fighters add fluff. They're fluffers. Fluffers are the lesser-known, out-of-screen, hard-working, little hands of the industry. Witness them as they add consistence to the towering ensemble. Now, come read.
  3. I came to realize I am more of a NPC in Dual Universe; so "stay a while and listen !", I guess ? DUSleepers has been put to... well, to sleep for good and I mourn the loss of my entry position within the community back in 2016. More texts will be added soon to the Grand Bazaar's library, at Briggenti's request. Go check the place, it has an amphitheater !
  4. AC splitting and Legion forming has brought a bit a fresh ink into Lexikon's pages, come read about it. Want to share ? Need a copy ? Let me know.
  5. After 5 years of dutiful service, DUSleepers will go down in a couple of months, mostly because I don't see why a beginner low-storage .fr domain package should quadruple in yearly cost over this time. Like, no. We'll find another way. Two new books in the library since last time, both in français though. Enjoy the Hoo-la-las.
  6. Nishtar a quitté l'équipe il y a plusieurs mois, vers janvier ou février. Nyzaltar, le lead CM, est franco.
  7. Abilton seems to really really like Lexikon, and I thank him again for all his support. Work is ongoing over here: gardening the books, trimming the shelves... I am trying a new format of marquee scrolling for the oldest archives; only the newest texts are exposed on the click-on-screen consoles. Still looking for stories, articles, chronologies, essays to add to my, to our collection.
  8. Dear Novaquark, If only you had a solid playerbase. If only you had a functionning beta game with a budding economy and a satisfyingly-growing game loop. Then you could afford to act with such corporate arrogance and casual disregard for the community that has been supporting you for almost 6 years. But as the guys who pledged us "total transparency" back in 2016 and are painfully toiling today on a stumbling prototype supposed to deserve our business, you can't chalk it all up to us being unruly peasants that do not need to know of their lords' decisions and I bet your investors get no such "rules are rules" or "let-them-know-in-due-time" contempt in the board room. Still... I have faith something good may yet emerge from all your hard work and feel JC taking the back seat in favor of a businessman could prove beneficial in the end. I just wish you wouldnt' be... like this. Live or die, it all makes for a nice story anyway. See you in Lexikon, I need to rewrite the "Vision Challenged"'s ending now.
  9. I've written a new piece, available for reading at Lexikon's central library on the first floor. It's called "Jean-Christophe Baillie: A Vision Challenged". You'll find there what it says on the cover: it's more focused on the man than the game or the business, and it's not designed as a "shock-piece" but as a (hopefully informed) personal view; comments are welcome Also, reminder that dusleepers is still kinda a thing, I use it as a "sample" of what you'll find ingame at Lexikon.
  10. Unfortunately, The Coach left the game some time ago. If you're looking for game lore & history, may I recommend: - The Lore Bible: https://standards.nis.do/lore-bible - Dual Universe Historical Society: https://discord.gg/sPPmZZ5BE4 - The Serious Spaceship Drama DU Almanac: http://spaceshipdrama.com/ - ... and my own humble abode, the Lexikon Library (ingame VR "Lexikon", sample website https://dusleepers.fr/index.html)
  11. Well, how about "None of the above", for starters ? I have a relatively "roleplay" activity in DU and as such, I have no inclination towards any of the egotistical figures above and do not feel I have to in order to be "RP". (Plus my personal inclination would not go to "Leaders in Roleplay", it would go to "Roleplay in Leaders")
  12. Would you say - as I think, seen from the outside - that BOO has the perfect balance of "IDGAF" and "Let's DU IT" ?
  13. If you ever find time, visit the Grand Bazaar, built by Briggenti; it's not done yet but highly promising and if you'd tolerate me blowing my own bugle here, I'd say the Lexikon library outpost adds a nice touch to the whole affair. Thank you to Shayne who sold me one of his statues for the Agalma garden.
  14. I feel people saying "hah you leave because of Discord" just do not understand how much Moco invested himself into making the largest community-then-official server a fluid and collegial option of communication for the whole playerbase of Dual Universe, of communication with themselves and with NQ. Yama started it, but Moco made it go on despite the tremendous conditions and stakes, and some opportunities he created were not given the chance to blossom. As a Discord mod and a Novean, I understand his decision but I'll miss him.
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