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  1. I have updated the "Chronology" page with the latest, January to April, notable events. I am also putting an end to the "Logs", my daily notes, keeping them to myself from now on, both in preparation of the Lexikon project and because I feel they are redundant with initiatives such as DUHS (you'll find me there anyway) or content producers advertising themselves (lately: NMC, Coach Willy and Spaaaced, among others). I'll be using the "Archives" section to post some more elaborated writings in the future.
  2. This for the Novark, from CM Nyzaltar himself. As for the star seen in the sky, i'm no specialist either but it seems that neutron stars are very small and essentially emit X-rays, not visible to the eye, so it would appear more as a faint black-on-black distorsion than a menacing ball of fire.
  3. Nice work, Coach. Just nitpicking on the video: - Earth Survivors are the "Noveans" - The Novark isn't the first Arkship to leave Earth, it's actually the 17th - The neutron star isn't "clearly visible" from Earth by 2500, as it takes powerful telescopes to get a high-res image; however, these images go viral and foster widespread panic Looking forward to your next videos !
  4. Thank you for the link. I wish you the best, news/ history initiatives are always welcome.
  5. Still there, still almost good. Lexikon is shaping up, in plans, writings and test modules at least. I am also starting to fill my phonebook: do your org have among their ranks a "lore master", an archivist, a historian with the designated job of keeping trace of all events, internal and external ? If so, I'd like to maintain regular contact with this person, please let me know.
  6. Alpha 3 is proving to be a... complex affair, but results are here, cue Station Building Contest. Covid is hurting the world right now but fortunately, it spared Novaquark and Dual Universe, at least in the short term, and their work is ongoing; in the meantime, I snipped 3 months away from the logs and completed the archived chronology accordingly. Whatever happens, we all share a history. Stay safe everyone.
  7. Kornelius ' "Dual Universe Beginner's Guide" ?
  8. As the name implies, Dual Universe Sleepers is a temporary initiative: it will cease, or at least change, when we awake, i.e. according to NQ's current lore, at Release. I'll keep making daily notes for my own use but will then switch to my "real" original project: collecting and recording knowledge and history through an ingame library with ingame readable "books" (programming boards with screens and buttons, most probably), open to public use in a safe area. Details are still in the works but there will be books, as many of them as possible, from different writers and in several languages.
  9. Looking back at the community and the way its members came, went and changed is a weird hobby. Looking back at Novaquark and the way they changed along their own game is even weirder. Alpha 3 is underway. Possible side effects: it may rock your world.
  10. "Astral Scribe". I like it, it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it ? But I remain fond of the term "Librarian", for reasons... ... 40.000 reasons roughly. DICE Race was very nice but this needs your attention. Let's walk together.
  11. "History does not repeat itself: it stutters." ... I have a feeling Karl Marx would have a field day with Dual Universe.
  12. 3 years, time flies ! Interesting game of No-U going on right now on the Portal, let's keep our eyes on the ball while in other, non-disclosed dimensions, some people cut pieces into pieces with pieces. Fascinating.
  13. "Alpha 2: Dual Evolution" has come ! These are exciting times. Apart from DUHS and SpartanCast, however, most news/history/talkshows initiatives have gone silent. That leaves quite a few lamps to pick up in the night... Would you grab one and walk this Earth ?
  14. Impressive self-necro ! Would you consider doing weekly news again ?
  15. Truly excellent, thank you. @mods, could we have this pinned please ?
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