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  1. I don't feel like the stories are missing anything. For the setting and overall story ark everything fits together perfectly. Most importantly the scenario gives very realistic motives/explanations to the already existing DU-Lore. In my opinion NQ should consider making these stories an official part of the lore. It would give the universe of DU a lot more meaning/depth. It would make the game a lot more immersive by having a more drawn out background story than the one we currently have. Also @Ben Fargo: you seem to be quite involved in current real world AI research problems, esp
  2. Another great story! Looks like you are going for an actual multi part series for this. Can’t wait for the next one!^^ The way the interaction with AI is depicted reminds me of the movie Her. Seems you will even be going for the same type of ending… :'( Well, I really can’t wait to have my personal AI assistant in rl! Let’s see how that will work out…
  3. That DevBlog is a great expansion to the existing save-zone system. I was never really happy with the Arkship-only-system. Considering the recent posts, I’d like to add that safe zones should ALLWAYS be rare…. Otherwise it would just take away the need to cooperate with others! It should be up to the players to build yourself a safe place, and NQ shouldn’t spoil us too much with safe zones. But besides that those MSAs will really be a crucial incentive to spread the playerbase outwards to other planets. They could act as seed for a civilization center around them;
  4. It seems all discussions converge to the same old topics over and over again. Well that probably just shows how controversial the opinions here are. Regarding automated building I don’t actually think that’s an issue worth arguing too much about. NQ already confirmed that there will be factory units, and the benefits of that have already been discussed in other topics on this forum. However they will of course be limited(e.g. less efficient, slower) compared to manual building, so conventional builders won’t lose their jobs. Adding a system to auto construct capital
  5. “No, I found her program on old archives and brought her online. She’s done more to develop the New Hope and its drive systems than I have.” Best Quote of this story, in my opinion!! Of course those incredible technological breakthroughs would've never be achieved by mere humans, there had to be some sort of AI involved! xD This would also explain why humans on the Arkships forgot how all the advanced technology works. It was technically not even developed by them in the first place… This story is really great; however it could be even better if you would
  6. Yep. this just kills the actuall discussion, as always... I'm really sad this is the way it works on this forum. (EDIT: this was a respons to this post...) @0something0 A short comment on your initial thoughts: It's not at all contradictory to limit automation!! I think NQ would want to give us as much freedom in DU as possible, including automation! However they are essentially forced to limit certain aspects of it for gameplay reasons. The core gameloop is based on competition, and you wouldn't want to play a game that just feels unfair(pay2win). It
  7. The thing is automated turrets would be able to get spammed on a huge ship, and be basically make one invincible = Pay to Win I don’t see a problem with the “big guns” scenario, because NQ can limit how big those guns will be, so they won't really be "unfair". Also as others have said before realism should not be a reason to support automation. The top1 priority for NQ should be to design this universe so it is fun to play for everyone. All other aspects of this game e.g. the Lore, are only designed in order to support features which are actually “fun”. That said IMO
  8. Agreed. Scarcity of ressources should actually be a feature, if everything is regenerating there would be no reason to fight for the best spots! And when when one spot is no longer valueble it would give the perfect incentive to move to another planet, or solar-system! Ok, I’m not saying we should ever be able to run out of basic resources like iron… but even in Minecraft you never have scarcity of iron. It’s sth. you can collect along the way without thinking much about it. But what you really care about in MC are the diamonds, which can actually become very hard to find in a crow
  9. discordauth:g5GMFb5fhsLFBzgkSMP6eKQyJMI1GYn1lXe88Attisg=

  10. While I support the intention of lowering the expectations for actual content of the game, I think we should still try to have fun in the pre-alpha events. Of course NQ does these events mainly to get feedback to find problems with the game, which we as the community should definitely report. But even in this current state there are so many things you can do / build in the game. I don’t like how so many posts basically tell people to stay away as if DU would be practically unplayable at the moment! I was actually playing an earlier version of DU at Gamescom last month, an
  11. This is really a well thought out and structured idea to simplify recruitment on the forum. However I doubt that it’s going to see much usage, due to the fact that only a small fraction of players actually register to the forum. The few people who post on the forum especially to get themselves recruited mostly don’t read much other topics beforehand, or want to do a more free introduction of themselves. So even if the post is pinned, it might be ignored by newcomers. However I agree that the current organization recruitment system might is very limited, and a centralized job b
  12. The thing about mass production is that it should not give you an unfair advantage over new players… players that want to “craft all the little parts” can do so, and still be able to compete against ships from the production line. Using a factory unit should help you save time to build a ship, but it should also be more costly. So the factory should have high maintenance costs. Also the higher the core-unit-level the more expensive the factory unit… Being able to produce smaller elements with “sub-blueprints” would also be a neat idea. Then you would have to manage the logist
  13. Exactly that! I was a bit worried that what we saw at Gamescom would be the "design" they would go for pre-alpha release... but the new stuff has a much more "polished" feel to it! I wonder why they didn't show us that build at Gamescom... probably they just finished it a few days ago! xD Also that autonomous drone is amazing! ...to make it follow someone around is neat, but I wonder if you could program a fully fledged autopilot using that new radar unit shown in the end. (e.g. navigating to a certain waypoint using collision avoidance) Ok, they said automation will be v
  14. Actually it could really help us if NQ would provide some mechanics for that... To my understanding the goal of creating a cryptocurrency for DU would be that you can program it to have certain properties, so that the currency is useful in DU. NQ would not need to actually provide dedicated cryptocurrency system. An API to get some relevant ingame values would be enough... With that players could program their own currencies externaly to generate coins based on values from this API where the value is tethered to the amount of Quanta an org has, or iron, or DACs, or any other va
  15. @RightBigToe unfortunately construct shadows are limited to a few 100 meters, and will probably not be visible from orbit. But if I remember correctly at Gamescom planetoids do obscure the sunlight on a global scale. I think I actually saw an eclipse where the moon of Alioth was shaded by the planet while the sun passed behind Alioth! However since all planetoids are static, eclipses should happen at exactly the same time every day! It would be actually a very unique and pretty feature to have on a planet. xD
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