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  1. supermega

    Inside Novaquark, a Dual Universe Podcast

    Please, keeping doing these.
  2. supermega

    Podcasts! (BIG thank you NQ!)

    I agree
  3. supermega

    Pharmaceutical Industry and the benefits from it!

    @Kregon_Tempestus I like and agree with this idea. I made a post a while ago about how plants/ flora could be a great addition to the the game. Plants could be a great source of building material (bio polymers), and Medicine/ Buffs like you've shown here. So, I +1 this idea. That would be great for the player economy because its a consumable resource, and also for the overall game. Also, did you do all the artwork? or is that stuff you found online? its a great visual example.
  4. supermega

    What can we build?

    @dylanwhiley well I would say yes. Items like weapons, furniture, and appliances will be craftable Items, and you can use them in anything you build. If you look at the many videos you can see all kinds of things like tables, chairs, beds, nightstand, even bathrooms amenities like toilets and showers. Those type of things are just decorative elements, the weapons being functional elements. We don't even know what all the building items available are yet in the final release. An Novaquark will continue to add more after release as the game grows. https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Element @dylanwhiley
  5. @Lime It will be on you're youtube channel? I'm definitely going to try and tune in.
  6. supermega

    This Could Revolutionize Dual Universe !!!! MUST SEE

    @Commander.Valkryie You many not be aware of this, but Novaquark has already developed their own custom patented server technology. Its been in development for years, and is the foundation on which Dual Universe is built on. Also, I think Novaquark's server technology may be more advanced, as SpatialOS just looks like standard Cloud base servers, rebranded in a pretty package to make it easier to market. Also, Global climate has already been confirmed for the game, its on the Trello to do list. https://trello.com/c/w8ndh8NU/45-different-global-climates-on-planets
  7. supermega

    Tringular windows

    @Kyle Reckers This is a feature on the Trello list, I've seen it suggested before but other players as well. I would also like to see windows/glass of all shapes and sizes, like Geronimo suggested too. Link: https://trello.com/c/0ohEtjR3/106-triangle-glasses-elements
  8. supermega

    Bounty / Commission / Quest board

    @Sybily The game mechanics will create an environment where emergent game play can happen. Players will naturally create enforcement mechanisms for themselves, and behavior that governs how the community of players will play the game. This is literally already happening in the community with various Orgs and players, and the games mechanics are designed in a way to help players facilitate this without forcing anything on to player community. All the stuff you've been saying isn't emergent game play at all, what you've been describing is just pure unhinged chaos. cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/ noun behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.
  9. supermega

    Bounty / Commission / Quest board

    @Sybily There is nothing stopping players from doing things that way if they want. Some player nations like the Terrain Union have already drafted up detailed municipal documents regarding how Codes of conduct, business deals, laws and enforcement, and other things will be handle in there nation. So if that's what you want to do, then go for it.
  10. supermega

    Bounty / Commission / Quest board

    @Odendis @SGCam @Sybily So, this has been discussed before a few times. Basically there will be a contract system. The way it will work is a player can create contracts for missions, there will be different types like Transport goods from A to B, Bounty to kill X player, stuff like that. So when you create the contract you set the amount to be paid, the game locks this amount in a escrow until the contract if filled or cancel. Then you can put the contract out for other players to see if they want to take the job, I believe there will even be a section in the market unit for missions as well. Or a separate element just for Contracts. Anyway, when a player accepts the contract, and completes the mission, the money/payment would be delivered to them. So the basic idea of how this will work it like this. Example: you create a contract because you need someone to transport 2000 km3 of Iron Ore from planet Alioth, and deliver it to a specific location on the moon, you offer to pay 5000 quanta. The money is placed in escrow, and the Iron Ore is held in a storage unit by the game, attached to a local market unit. A space trucker player comes along and checks the markets looking for work, they see you're contract and accept it. The Space Trucker is then given access to the 2000 km3 Iron Ore in a storage unit so they can take it from the market unit, and load it into their ship or hovercraft. They then take the Ore to the specific location on the moon and deliver the ore using the market unit on the moon. The game confirms that the 2000 km3 of Iron Ore has been deposited, then the 5000 quanta is released from escrow and into the Space Truckers account. That's the current idea Novaquark is going for. This type of system is very flexible and can be used to do almost any type of mission contract. Quote about the Contracts System from 2016 kickstarter AMA event, keep in mind that the game has grown a lot sense then: source: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php/topic/10110-kickstarter-ama-event-second-part/ sorry, I can't find more recent info to quote.
  11. supermega


    Exact quote from J.C. Ballie "For Alioth which is 65km in radius, you can gather a team of 1000 players, working 8 hours a day nonstop weekend included, and it would take you 19 years to get 1% of the planet" Source: Nation Fusion Youtube - J.C. Ballie Interview timestap: 33:44 Also he mentions it would take 5 hours to dig to the core of the planet. Its also been calculated by players, and confirmed by Novaquark it would take a little over 10 hours real time, to run around the entire planet. An Alioth had over 50,000 territories that could be claimed. Oh, an all of that was before Novaquark announced they made the planet Allioth 4 times bigger. Source: Alioth size change. So if you consider that tiny, then more power to you buddy lol. I'm sure they will put you're name in the Alioth book of world records when you complete that tiny 40 hour run around Alioth.
  12. supermega

    NPC crews for space utilization & immersion.

    I'm sorry to say, but NPC's will not be a thing in this game. You must keep in mind, JC and Novaquark from the beginning have expressed that the end goal of the game they are attempting to create is to be a true MMO. Meaning thousands of real people, interacting with each other, on a single shard open sandbox universe. So, NPCs even as background props would go against that idea. The intention is to have meaningful gameplay so that not only will you need a crew of real human players, but they would have a good meaningful reason to actually be crew on you're ship, and interact with the overall game. If you had a ship so big that the bridge crew was 15 players, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are a few examples. 1. Maintenance/repair - when a battle breaks out, you will need players to repair holes in the ship using voxels. An when systems get damaged like engines, shields, power systems, etc... you will need players to run to those areas and use scrap material to do repairs and bring those systems back online. 2. Pilots - If you're ship is a carrier with Squadrons of fighters in the hangar bay. Well you going to need a crew of human pilots onboard the ship waiting to rush into battle at a moments notice. 4. Extra crew - You will also need extra people to do some of the grunt work during battle, like people to refuel and resupply ships that land in the hangar, otherwise the pilot will have to get out the fighter/ship and run to get supplies and do it themselves. Also, have people who can make runs to the cargo hold to get supplies for other crews who are to busy to do it, will also be useful and sometimes needed. 3. Turret Gunners - There are no automated weapon systems. So if you're ship has 100 cannons, then you'll need 100 players to fire, one for each cannon. 5. Security - Having security can't be under stated. You'll need someone patrolling the corridors of this big ship. Not only during battle to fight back against possible boarding, but also against spies who may have stowed away on the ship with plans to commit sabotage. As well as protect you're resurrection nodes because they will be a valuable target. 6. Bridge crew - An this doesn't include the bridge crew, and/or many commanders who will be over seeing tactical data and giving orders to the lower crew departments and teams via discord voice chat, or something similar. because the captain won't be able to manage a crew that big on there own. So, my point is you won't need NPC's standing around pretending to do stuff for immersion. Because you will have tons of real players running around doing real meaningful things aboard you're ship. Thats called emergent gameplay, and its the kind of game that Novaquark are creating.
  13. @Aaron Cain You can place voxels from any material in you're inventory. The video was just one example, but he's done it before in other videos. From what I understand Placing voxels is different from Building constructs, but both are possible in game.
  14. @Aaron Cain I thought you could already place voxels without a core unit.
  15. supermega

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    This is a hard list to make. I think there will be many amazing locations being built as the game continues to grow after release. I could think of more, but here are some of the ones I feel would be notable as the 7 wonders, at least until something new is created lol. 1. Aloith City - In the sanctuary zone around the Arkship, will be a site to behold, with great monuments of Novaquarkian deities. A Metropolis of alliances with the most active Orgs. 2. Ring Station - A Ring station in orbit that spans the entire circumference of planet Aloith, visible from the surface and home to tens of thousands of players. 3. The Cluster - A roaming city ship, I foresee it probably ending up resembling the "city of a thousand planets", and will end up a major economic and recreational hotspot. 4. StarGate 01 - Will be hub of civilization for players who seek to settle at a new star, and a battleground for Pirates, and aggressive Org Nations who see it as a strategic checkpoint. 5. Neon City - There will be many cyberpunk cities, but only one will be the most Massive, with unique Iconic architecture, and the best entertainment, like Racing under neon city lights. 6. Moon Station - As big as a moon, but a man made station built by players. Can only speculate why such a thing would be built at all, but it will definitely be a wonder to see. 7. Dyson Sphere - This is a crazy idea, but even if it is never fully completed, the massive structure would be something that has to be seen to be believed.