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  1. discordauth:3GGkuZHPExF4M2x2gm9RUo0htjxGRYBCe9RDT4WXeL4=
  2. Yes you can, wings only make a ship more fuel efficient when flying in atmosphere. You don't need wings to make a ship fly.
  3. @captainpanama I share you're sentiments, but I think Novaquark is headed in a good direction. The current tools, and builds we've see are already really good. Keep in mind that they are still developing and refining the voxel tools. Like the ability to edit the control points of voxel shapes is on the Trello todo list. Trello: Voxel Control Points I also did a thread on ways Novaquark could expand on their current tools: Voxel Shapes
  4. Wouldn't the mission system Novaquark plans to create cover courier missions? It could work similar to the Market Units. There could be a Mission Kiosk where players can take courier missions. When a player accepts the courier job, they are given access to take a storage container, that they can put in their inventory or ship. Only players with RDMS access can see the contents or open that storage container. Payment for the mission is in escrow, so once the package is deposited into the destination Kiosk, the player can collect the funds. There will always be some risk, but that's apart of the game.
  5. Disclaimer: All ideas are based on the publicly available info, not under NDA. Hello, so one of my biggest concerns with the voxel building tools so far, is the lack of support for curved shapes. I really think it would be sad to see an amazing game like this, filled with only Minecraft Box spaceships. Because curved shapes are so impossible to make. So here are a few basic additions I think could really improve on the current voxel building system. I know, more advanced voxel editing are planned like being able to edit control points, and a Voxel Element Library for more complex shapes. But, there are other, more simple things I think that can be done to get curved shapes into the game sooner rather then later. So, the basic idea is to make curved voxel shapes easily available so players would be encouraged to build none box shaped ships and constructs. I did some artwork to help illustrate my ideas. Please feel free to discuss and give feedback on this thread in the comments. Ok, So lets dive right into it. These pictures are examples of designs that can be made with these shapes. Starting Primitives So, there are several shapes to begin with when using the voxel deploy tool. Here are some important primitives I suggest should be added as voxel brush shapes. Those shapes are Oblate Sphere, Prolate Sphere, Cone, Torus, Elbow Joint. Why these shapes? The reason I chose these shapes is because they are nearly impossible to make with with the current tools. An even with advanced editing options, they would still be difficult to get right. So it seems like a no-brainer to have these shapes as starting primitives for the voxel brush. It would make it much easier to start creating curved shaped constructs, and encourage more creative designs. This picture is of the voxel shapes I think should be added to the voxel brush tool. Voxel Shape Options So the next thing is an a expansion on the voxel shapes, by adding parameters before/after the shapes is deployed. For example, having an option like size, and diameter of the TORUS shape before/after you deploy it, or option to set how extreme the elongation is on the SPHERE or CONE before/after you deploy it, and even maybe set the angle of the Elbow joint. So, the way I imagine it would work is, when you select a starting primitive shape, shortcuts like arrow keys, numbers keys are used to set the value of the shape options, then you can deploy it as normal. Also, having an option box that would stay on screen as long as you're using that shape could work too, so that you can continue to change options and deploy new shapes. This pictures give an example of what changing the options would look like on each shape. Bevel, Fillet, sharpen edge tool So, we currently have a tool that allows builder to smooth edges, but to expand on that idea, I think we should also have the option to Bevel, Fillet, or sharpen edges as needs. The issue is that most times the smooth tool does not give the desired result, or maybe you only want to bevel an edge but not smooth it, or maybe you want some edges with a fillet and some edges sharpen. I imagine it working exactly like the current smooth edge tool, except you would be able to Bevel an edge, Fillet an edge, or Sharpen an edge. This pictures below illustrates how the tool would effect the edge. This is the current smooth tool. Additional Ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scale Axes I think this is a simple, but vary important option that needs to be available. Basically we have the option to scale the size of voxel primitives, but we should also have the option to scale voxel primitives on a specific axis (X, Y, Z). This I think would definitely add greater control to create the desired shapes, as well as enhance the freedom of creativity. Hollow Primitives So, this thought came to me last minute, but I think its something that shouldn't be overlooked. The ability to start with hollow voxel primitives. Either a voxel brush option to deploy hollow voxels, or solid, and set the wall thickness, or have hollow voxel shapes as a standard starting shape to choose from. I know that there is an option to cut out voxels using primitives shapes, but the main issue is that cutting out voxels gives a very ugly looking result, most times the edges don't look right at all, or you need a hard edge but the cut out has a rounded edge with a messy texture. Also, hollow primitive shapes would improve the speed, and ease of use when building constructs. Especially when working with curved shapes. Trying to hollow out a curved shape would be a nightmare, so starting with a hollow shape would be great. Voxel Elements So my last suggestion is in regard to Voxel Elements. Novaquark mention in this DevBlog that will have a Library of detail, or complex voxel shapes that players could use in their constructs. They mentioned a spiral staircase as an example. Well, here are a few shapes that I think should be included in that database of Voxel Elements. Pictures of suggested Voxel Elements to add to the Voxel Library. I know that a voxel point cloud editing system is in development, list on trello Here. That will really open up lots of possibilities for builders. But, in addition to that, having a variety of voxel brush shapes to start with is still needed to give builders alternative options, because sometimes doing things one way just may not work out how you need it to, so having other ways to create shapes is a big help. I think that covers the general ideas I had. My overall goal is to see more spaceships and constructs that aren't just limited to boxed shapes, and enable creative builders to really unleash their imagination. An I feel adding additional shapes to the Voxel Brush tool would be a good way to accomplish that goal. Please feel free to give feedback in the comments. Thanks for reading, see you in the next thread.
  6. @Kregon_Tempestus I like and agree with this idea. I made a post a while ago about how plants/ flora could be a great addition to the the game. Plants could be a great source of building material (bio polymers), and Medicine/ Buffs like you've shown here. So, I +1 this idea. That would be great for the player economy because its a consumable resource, and also for the overall game. Also, did you do all the artwork? or is that stuff you found online? its a great visual example.
  7. @dylanwhiley well I would say yes. Items like weapons, furniture, and appliances will be craftable Items, and you can use them in anything you build. If you look at the many videos you can see all kinds of things like tables, chairs, beds, nightstand, even bathrooms amenities like toilets and showers. Those type of things are just decorative elements, the weapons being functional elements. We don't even know what all the building items available are yet in the final release. An Novaquark will continue to add more after release as the game grows. https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Element @dylanwhiley
  8. @Lime It will be on you're youtube channel? I'm definitely going to try and tune in.
  9. @Commander.Valkryie You many not be aware of this, but Novaquark has already developed their own custom patented server technology. Its been in development for years, and is the foundation on which Dual Universe is built on. Also, I think Novaquark's server technology may be more advanced, as SpatialOS just looks like standard Cloud base servers, rebranded in a pretty package to make it easier to market. Also, Global climate has already been confirmed for the game, its on the Trello to do list. https://trello.com/c/w8ndh8NU/45-different-global-climates-on-planets
  10. @Kyle Reckers This is a feature on the Trello list, I've seen it suggested before but other players as well. I would also like to see windows/glass of all shapes and sizes, like Geronimo suggested too. Link: https://trello.com/c/0ohEtjR3/106-triangle-glasses-elements
  11. @Sybily The game mechanics will create an environment where emergent game play can happen. Players will naturally create enforcement mechanisms for themselves, and behavior that governs how the community of players will play the game. This is literally already happening in the community with various Orgs and players, and the games mechanics are designed in a way to help players facilitate this without forcing anything on to player community. All the stuff you've been saying isn't emergent game play at all, what you've been describing is just pure unhinged chaos. cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/ noun behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.
  12. @Sybily There is nothing stopping players from doing things that way if they want. Some player nations like the Terrain Union have already drafted up detailed municipal documents regarding how Codes of conduct, business deals, laws and enforcement, and other things will be handle in there nation. So if that's what you want to do, then go for it.
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