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    DU Memes

    Color is back, nice Also I made this today:
  2. Looks a lot like Bespin, I like this Also, the Citadel in HL2 looks really good (especially with its huge moving parts)
  3. I personally kinda like WA's logout: instant vanish iirc (may be better with a cooldown, basically you stand still for e.g. 30s and you're not invincible but you can still cancel logout in this time) but your ship only disappears after 3min (so you don't just logout to escape an attack), and only if nobody's interacting (walking/climbing/grappling) with it.
  4. Alluysl


    I know you can do it with the ship GUI but what about the hotbar? The inventory? That's not very important and far from necessary but it could be fun imo
  5. Alluysl

    RGB lights

    Why alpha, do you want transparent lights? xP
  6. Since Dual Universe is partially about building, what about giving us a tool to replay our building sessions to make cool timelapses like with the replay mod in MC? Another solution would be to let people use bots that they host themselves and that record from a certain point everything happening in one or more core units the bot has been given the "viewing access" to. This last solution could be also used for security cameras but might be used as an exploit (e.g. seeing through the ground like with an x-ray "hack")
  7. Alluysl


    So I was thinking, for people who want to customize their GUI or even textures (e.g. low-poly style), a resourcepack system like in MC would be nice. It might break the experience or be abused tho.
  8. Hi everybody, I'm Alluysl. I've been following the development of this game since 2 years now and I'm the founder of the Delta Force, a little org which is basically more than lethargic, and when I originally wrote this post was part of the Terran Union, the Allied Corporate States, the Phoenix Confederacy, the Concord Alliance and the Galactic Republic of Planets (we're opened to more alliances :))
  9. Alluysl

    RGB lights

    So if data links can carry non-binary information (which I think they can, for screens for example), why not having a light with three inputs for 8-bit values (integers between 0 and 255), one for red, one for green and one for blue? We could have the lighting changing depending on the situation, for example red if the base is attacked or green the day and blue the night (light detectors btw?)
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