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  1. So true. NPC formula is based off faulty design imo for Virtual Worlds. The population with MMO is players. All that brain power not being used otherwise... for free. It needs large profit. The current market pricing reflects: 1. Generic 2. Derivative results of current products. Hence Free. If the quality of the product is sufficient then sub will be effective. As with UO then EQ/WOW I think DU can be very profitable and sustainably so as an inception game for a genre.
  2. Sub is going to be the right pricing decision for this game. It's be a good game to play whatever the success rate. It's a different genre to most other space games: It's a Virtual World MMO. No Man's Sky in scale seems like a VW but it's just not got any interconnected systems at scale that I've ever seen in it's videos. It's like one large level 1 or something to use a comparison. There's never level 2-100 as it were... SC, has all the hallmarks of a failed software development project. I'd be careful with that one and if you're not refunded I doubt that money is ever coming out of that now esp. given the change of TOS. This leads to pre-purchase of DU: I would not bother personally until they at the earliest hit alpha and even then it is likely better to wait further. Side-note: It's odd that NMS and SC warrant longer sentences the first 2 which are accurate. I guess that's a product of untangling errors and misconceptions. In some cases then the conclusion is, it's better not to bother with information holding too low value given the lack of economy.
  3. Yes, I suspect there will be mega fall-out from that abomination (to put it extremely lightly). As to DU: Honesty is the way forward for people: I don't think pre-alpha is for most people. SO it is best to wait. I can afford to sink 60$ in up front as I don't play computer games much these days and this title as a Virtual World MMO is of especial interest. But that money is the minimum and the maximum I would shell out before the game launches and only for exceptional reasons as above. In fact, I intend to try to learn LUA and use DU as a place to motivate myself, so we will see if I can get my returns on that 60$ via this activity or not in the next 12 months. If you spend money: Have a plan. No plan means often you waste your money completely.
  4. I enjoy the whole Space Tourism thing: "So come to Mars... for the memory of a lifetime!" I think something as simple as that to begin with is going to be very fun given the scale of the game world in DU being created and compared to other MMOs.
  5. Yeah I've come to a similar conclusion as well. Given the delay from the initial dates, and the ambition of the project, it does seem very likely that another year or more is needed as this Summer rolls onwards closer to it's end (almost August now). That said, I'm ok waiting, the project here is special in the MMO genre that tbh it's almost singularly the only one of any interest I have seen on the horizon.
  6. granular details and mechanisms = No. This game is a MMO Scale afterall. macro economic commodities to say fuel functional development constructs (eg more food and more diverse food) = Yes/Possibly if there's time and if it adds more diverse trade and activities for economic simulation systems.
  7. Well, if you think about it, we've already "solved" faster-than-light communication ... so a dyson sphere, pfff!! Child's play. It's all about thinking outside the universe, afterall.
  8. 1. Investment in Financial Investment for some kind of dividend in monetary ROI. 2. Personal spending money investment in a purchase eg clothes, gym membership or game sub. They're different and perhaps the dual (hohoho) use of the word investment is the issue with the communication. I agree with what you said, if I put my spending money into something up front like a theatre ticket I want ALL the info on how good it will be for that princely sum before spending it to book seats.
  9. Generally it's better to develop rule-sets when the underlying mechanisms are actually working and hence the rules are made ORGANICALLY with what players actually do or do not do. If not a problem then no problem. If a problem then a solution AFTER the problem has manifest. Ideally the solution is organic, player-driven and hence it's the players that create the rule-set against what else players are doing. If there's some kind of deeper underlying problem with the mechanic: Fly large slabs of voxels anywhere an d dump them to grief players then that's more of a fundamental mechanic flaw that needs correcting than a problem per se with gameplay.
  10. AI is a very interesting feature for any game and can be fun. But as you point out above: Just use players for the same function with much more dynamic result of combat for example. In your example, the space whale (lol though there's a sci-fi book with that in it I think) is not so much an engaging combat entity as a type of market resource for players to harvest for example given DU's core feature of a virtual economy. Meanwhile the dog can eat pedigree chum and players of DU can feast on the banquet the devs ARE cooking.
  11. Agree, a complete waste of time feature. DU will have so much interactive game space from it's fundamental systems interacting. The idea that micro-features need to keep being developed at the end of other features (developing infinite twigs for tiny branches or thin trunks of feature trees) is for the fairies at this stage of development. I find a lot of conversations start like this with MMOs: "Oh look how nutritious the label describes pedigree chum! If only it was made for humans to consume, though." LOL.
  12. I'm just going to enjoy being a grunt. I like the fun of a crew of a BIG ship that can take down a lot of other ships due to size, crew number and ship power hence. At it's best it will feel like being on a winning team in a tight match but obviously space, ships and chewing lots of gum! There will likely be amazing builders, traders and some sith-lord like people who manipulate everything from the economy to orgs etc, they'll be the empire builders and destroyers - not simple grunts.
  13. My visions is perhaps extreme, but 1v1 dogfights is like taking a water pistol against a nuclear submarine: The water pistol is a 1 person affair: The water piston could even be made by one person. The Sub a couple of hundred crew affair with all the R&D tech behind that too...
  14. I disagree, tactics = closer to moment to moment aka visceral reaction stimulation (skill). Strategy = closer to planning, designing, context of making the various decisions in an encounter and executing a strategy over a longer period of time, maybe involving numerous defeats and deaths but ultimately "winning the war". How much "tactics" we get out of combat in DU, I see this as "nice to have" but far from essential: It's a BIG UNIVERSE = a numbers game ultimately.
  15. You are better off waiting until NQ determine the NDA is to be lifted then it is obvious:- 1. Technically it is ready 2. You can determine directly the game play quality for you. Don't make the same mistake you've already made with SC. On that subject have you looked into a refund. You could then always repurchase with no significant loss and absolute risk removal on that money, that way, and even reinvest it into DU anyway. /suggestion.
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