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  1. Yah but there will be modules and such that will be man made that will mess that up
  2. The one issue with this, even if it was setup, is feasibility/economics. Why should a capital and labor intensive mode of transport exist if it covers a massive amount of land and is tied to only one planet?
  3. Kinda like buying or selling positions used to be done in the Catholic Church.
  4. "Okay, I am selling to Bob11239zt51" *Types* 'Bob11239zt53' "Done!" *enters* Random Bob: Huh, I now control an org. Sweet.
  5. This is an interesting idea. However, execution would be hard. How does the game determine which shareholder is in the right? Where are these stocks sold? How are they made, can they be stolen? Does that meant someone can steal control over a corp just by killing someone? etc.
  6. I understand the current system that is proposed would be setup and run by the game, not by a free market. Although I realize this is normal, and all games have some way of adding money into the game through non player activities (missions, etc.), I was wondering if anyone thought that a free market system, based overwhelmingly on economic decisions of the citizens not NPCs, would be a better idea than a centralized system which could favor certain businesses over others. Thank you
  7. Caesares


    A central government does not have to manage just the economy. For examples of this, see Ecuador, Panama, Hong Kong (Pegged to dollar). That is an incredibly libertarian view, although it IS interesting. However, another libertarian view is that the state should make an environment to promote opportunity and capitalism. This involves security forces, regulations, a (in a libertarian case VERY) minor bureaucracy, etc. Truth be told, corporations have plenty of reasons to not serve their subjects. If the company is involved in trade and an individual is beating them in a meritocratic way, they have all the incentive to forcefully shut down their business. Why? Becase otherwise they go bankrupt. However, I do think corporate states would be pretty cool, even if they were limited in their size.
  8. Interesting. Do you think that agriculture will really be implemented in the game? Or that it will become an important industry? Kinda cool to see a new take on things
  9. This seems like a cool idea, and I get the benefits of zoning for certain areas. However, I also think that this is hard to implement, and realistically we are probably just going to be looking at a kind of universal system for claiming land, using it, etc. Hopefully though, some of your ideas can be implemented. I especially like the idea about trade centers, as the idea of trade and potentially free trade zones (if they are even necessary) could exist.
  10. Honestly this makes a lot of sense. The game is in early stages, and people have to make impressions. The best way to do this easily and repeatedly is through a bio that is open to everyone.
  11. Hopefully this is how it works out, maybe through some kind of device that allows you to combine the two constructs so as to avoid some serious issues that could result from combat-involved joining or merging.
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