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  1. This story, it's..... very deep. Great storytelling! Nice to see you're still writing btw!
  2. Good job you guys! You've come a long way since the early days of sketches and proposals! Best luck!
  3. Hehe. This new design ad recalls this old story of ours: "I felt like I’d been slammed with a planet. A timely alarm warned me that I was about to be."
  4. Congrats and best wishes to all the Alpha players of the HTX keeping the team on the Wings of Freedom And to the shiniest new horns of the org, Here's luck!
  5. Head down to Novark Agora. I also once asked this Question under the topic Meeting the Aliens. Long and short is that NQ said no Aliens and a small chance of animals.
  6. How would you suggest ownership be established? Territorial Units? And would first contact count for anything, especially among exploratory orgs? Moreover, would holding a system grant increasing advantages over time like EVE's Sovereignty system on starbases? It would most likely make it's way to the more prized or reviled features of the game if it's done well or not, so...
  7. ALL PRE-ALPHAS. What is the view like for you guys? Any flora or fauna? Red Grass, Blue bark or the plain old weeds.[Not that kind of weed!]
  8. That's why there's the option of primitive. And who's to say one didn't evolve 13000 years ago if we could?
  9. If I understand you correctly you don't mind alien daisies and dogs, but no intelligent life right? But could elaborate on what you mean by "THAT can tell us something about our own originating planet first of all."?
  10. My apologies, I was quite new at the time. Thank you for settling the issue @Zamarus Quite true Lethys, I was ( at the time of writing this ) honestly hoping for a PVE to fight to test the combat system without looking for a willing partner . Let's hope that NQ would implement a system for training in alpha
  11. I smack you off the hill and drop my magnificent watchpost on top. I hoist my flag as well. I am King of the Hill
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