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  1. I vote Anopheles should pay for server upkeep and developer salaries... 😛
  2. Ripper

    Single Shard MMO

    And that's the jist of the conversation. Being able to hide away in some remote place, where the odds are very small (not impossible) that anyone would find you. I have to say, I get where you're coming from. The size of the Alioth system will be big enough for that. It's hard to comprehend the vast distances we're talking about. A star system is HUGE! I wouldn't be surprised if you could be a hermit on Alioth.
  3. Ripper

    Single Shard MMO

    So, in addition to allowing "empty space" between star systems, NQ is responsible for populating LIGHT YEARS worth of "interesting things" between each star system? As a developer, I would do the opposite. You want to fly into empty space? OK... Have at it. Here's the coordinate system. BTW. We will gladly take your DAC while you stare at an empty screen. In a year or two, you might think about turning your ship around. Its a LONG trip back to Alioth. You don't want limits on the game. Fine.. But don't whine to us, when your expectations don't match with reality. Reality.. Take a look at the billions of stars in the night sky. Alpha Centari is the closest at 4 light years, but the vast majority are MUCH farther away. But you decide to fly to Alpha Centauri... Now, let's break E=MC^2, so that its possible to exceed the speed of light. It's over 4 light years to Alpha Centauri.Which means a trip traveling at: 1C will take over 4 years 2C 2 years 4C 1 year 40C about a month 1200C about 24 hours... of staring at a black screen... to get to the closest possible star.... using a drive that is 1200 times faster than the laws of physics allow.... with BILLIONS of kilometers between you and the closest player. Even if they were making the same trip to Alpha Centauri, because at these distances, being off by 1 radian will separate you by billions of kilometers... Which you wouldn't know where they are, because of the vastness of space... So, there would be absolutely ZERO possibility of player interaction...
  4. Ripper

    Single Shard MMO

    It takes 4 hours for light to get from the Sun to Pluto. So, If the system is approximately the size of our solar system, FTL drives will be needed to get to the outer planets... 4 hours of watching your computer screen is really boring. Unless the FTL drives are orders of magnitude larger, you wouldn't make it very far to the next star system, without doing something else in frustration. My guess is, the only feasible transportation outside of the system is via jump gates. From a technical perspective..... 64bit Ints can model every square cm of our solar system, but you wouldn't be able to have a coordinate system for an entire galaxy. So, there's another reason to have jump gates. Each star system could be modeled on the X, Y, Z plane with 3 Int64_t variables. It also doesn't make sense to model empty space between star systems. It's a waste, even if it is easily doable. I think "seamless" is a bit of exaggeration. The jump gates will be the ONLY real way to reach another star system. From a gaming perspective... This also allows NQ to limit growth and keep the player base close enough to create conflict. The jump gates will create a bottleneck which will create an opportunity for conflict.
  5. discordauth:4JGgc9JGGDqggguyCdyHM11vMUQDVR2Rc8eoQzKqNfw=

  6. From what I've seen in the build videos, the core establishes the build grid. So, the way I see it, if you destroy the core, you destroy everything in it. Then NQ could do a limited random drop of parts of the blueprint. If you want the entire ship, you would need to hack the core and take ownership. Then you would be able to salvage all of the elements and voxels. Maybe a high enough level hacker would also be able to hack the core to also provide the LUA scripts. So, a very high level hacker could steal the ship with all the LUA scripts attached.
  7. Ripper

    FPS Combat?

    A hybrid "reticle lock", where you have to aim at a player to keep the lock has been proposed. This would simulate FPS and Starfighter mechanics without the FPS overhead.
  8. Ripper

    Flightmode with HOTAS-Support

    Provide digital and analog inputs in the control unit that can be mapped to the HOTAS. Let the players program it from there.
  9. Ripper

    Floating pieces?

    I believe JC has stated in combat, if pieces were disconnected from the main construct due to an explosion, they would continue to fly with the construct because they were part of the build matrix. I would think this would carry over to building the ship itself. If you built a ship with thrusters on the wings, and then deleted some of the voxels of the wings, the thrusters would continue to hover in place.
  10. Ripper

    Newest DevDiary

    If they can get 1000 alpha testers in one world, building and flying ships from one planet to another, they will absolutely KILL Star Citizen. Can't wait
  11. Ripper

    Ship Shield Mechanics

    I'm a fan of the bubble generator. Different sized generators for different sized bubbles. And overlapping bubbles. I don't have a problem with that, as long as they create enough of a power drain as to require a huge mass of a power plant. A good ship builder will maximize the tools he's given.
  12. Ripper

    LAG free battles

    My understanding is there are two main reasons for lag. 1. Graphics rendering of everything on screen. 2. User bandwidth bottleneck, for transmitting data. I'm not a graphics guy, and I couldn't say how NQ plans to keep rendering under control. However, NQ has indicated that player positional coordinates will be updated on the game client by proximity to the player. This will allow for larger battles. I would ALSO recommend to NQ that if they are already prioritizing players by proximity, then they could also set the highest priority to players who have damaged you, or you have damaged in the past 30 seconds. Possibly prioritizing the player that is also in your cross hairs. A second aspect of network bandwidth that concerns me is all of the uniquely created models. If players are cranking out thousands of models a day, then those models will need to be downloaded to each client PC. We know we don't have to download the models until we get within range of them, but consider flying into a new city on a planet you haven't visited recently. There would be a HUGE amount of models that need to be updated. I can't speak for the file size of each model, but I would guess it could impact performance. We will just have to wait and see.
  13. Sorry, Your initial post made some assumptions that suggested you thought market bots had a FINITE amount of resources to work with. This isn't the case. I do agree with you that there should probably needs to be a mechanism to regenerate resources that are depleted from high traffic areas. I like the asteroid idea.
  14. At this point, the only "bots" confirmed in the game are "Market Bots". This will allow NovaQuark to control the economy by adjusting the supply of materials. They can sell materials to increase the supply of that material in the market, thereby lowering the price due to supply and demand. They can also purchase materials in order to decrease the supply and thereby increase the price. The bots don't have to mine or stockpile materials. They have an infinite supply of each. Novaquark just has to set a price range for each material, and the bots will handle the rest. If the price of a material exceeds NQ's limits, the bots will adjust the price and supply as needed. Otherwise, if the price is within NQ's range, all transactions would be performed by players, and the price will fluctuate based upon player demand.
  15. Ripper

    April 2017 DevDiary

    Nothing official, but my guess is, if you blow the core you blow the build grid and RDMS ownership. So most likely the entire construct is lost in a spectacular explosion with a voxel/element loot drop from the list of vowels and elements that comprised the construct.