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  1. Since my last question wasn't exactly the best i figured I should get back to basics. Getting to know this beloved community and its patrons. So here's a question for all the community members: What attracted you to Dual Universe, what inspired you to become about of this fabulous growing community, and lastly what do you hope to accomplish in this community. Any sort of in game goals you have? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. I see your point but i dont think that most training for this game is worth being kept a secret, because chances are most people could be thinking the same thing. Besides at this stage all training ideas are pretty much theories and...well ideas. Since no one really knows 100 percent what to expect.
  3. Hello my lovely DU players! I know it's been a while since i last posted a question for you guys, but i'm back now with a new question! Since the lovely devs have come out with their road map and we now have a rough idea of when to expect the pvp alpha test, i wanted to ask our awesome current and future organization leaders and our other community friends this: How do you plan to train your army for in game wars and conflicts? A similar game like Space Engineers or Eve? Or maybe you want to wait until the pvp alpha comes out to train there. What about our other community members? What ideas for troop training do you have? What are some flaws in current training techniques you've noticed? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows someone might have a great idea or two.
  4. Ok so new poll for those people who like to participate in them. This ones pretty self explanatory. How would you prefer to play the game? With a large organization and its Military might backing you up? Perhaps you prefer a small group of reliable friends. Or maybe you wanna go it alone. Let us know in the poll Above and let us know why in the comments!
  5. Or it could be a devious plot to find out what kind of base most people will try to use so I can figure the best ways of breaking in and completing my objective. Or it could be me just trying to get to know the people ill be playing with and the community being built around DU. Buuut i guess we will never know. But i will be doing a new Poll every month
  6. So, my first poll was quite a success in my opinion. It seems a majority of the people who voted (at the time of this post) preferred a starship as their preferred base location. So, this is a new poll for people who love to fly/drive around and live on the move. For this poll I want you to vote for which ship/vehicle you think would be your main mode of transportation, and I don't mean just situational transportation. What do you think you'd be running around the most in? A fighter for all you loners out there? A corvette class ship for those who want a small crew? Or perhaps you like to strike fear into the hearts of those around you and want to roam around in a large Flagship with a lot of crew and security. Or maybe you just want your feet planted firmly on the ground of Alioth, and want a more land based vehicle. Whatever you choose, just remember to take something into consideration: This is just a form of transportation, a way of getting you to point A to point B and back again, not a mobile base.
  7. I mean i suppose that's alright takes away an annoying tactic yes, but also some of the realism though thats probably not a priority to the devs. Such a shame i would've loved to see how big of a crater i could make for the hell of it.
  8. Personally, my ideal home would be a secure underground bunker. It just sounds so secure and the only way people would actually waste 2 hours trying to dig in to 'surprise' attack you is if they REALLY want you dead or if you're at war. Otherwise most people would probably see it as a waste of time digging for a base that might not even be there.
  9. Where would you want to make your home in Dual Universe? Would you like to live in some secret underground hideaway, or perhaps you prefer to be nomadic and have your home on a ship flying anywhere you please, or maybe you just want to live in a city surrounded by people and businesses? Let us know in the poll!
  10. If you were to crash that Space Station the Devs made into a planet somehow, how much damage do you think it would do?
  11. So i just got done reading some of the threads on the forums, about people wanting to do things like be entrapeneurs (i hope i spelled that right), create their own country, or even construct ships in order to make money. After reading these threads I'm both amazed and intimidated by the community being built around this game. So many people know what they are talking about and how best to start with their goals and I'm here, not even sure how to do any of this! Wow, like i said i am both amazed and intimidated, but who knows this could be a good learning experience for how industry, politics, and economics work. Can't wait to jump in and see what's what!
  12. Will Dual Universe have Security Cameras, like CCTV for when you want to keep an eye on your facility, ship, or city from one room? If not I think that would be a good idea. Also do you guys have any idea what the system requirements would be for a PC to run it? I really hope mines going to be good enough. Anyway the game is looking great so far and I can't wait for the final product! (I couldn't find any other threads that seemed like the place to put this little question of mine so i hope this is the right one.)
  13. So will you guys be adding anything in terms of CCTV cameras, so if someone wanted to add a security station in their facility, they could place cameras to watch over their facility from one room? Also, do you guys have an estimate on the system requirements yet? Great work on the game so far I can't wait to play!
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