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  1. No my man. Obviously empty. I am speaking of one free spawn of any 1 core Blueprint.
  2. I want a full wipe. But I want to keep most if not all of my talent points, AND every player that has played previously should be able to get one of their full ships handed out to them, so long as it is only one Core, be it XS or L. This way, at least not all our effort has gone to waste.
  3. Geh mal ingame in deine generellen Einstellungen. Falls du dort Voxel Logs aktiviert hast, kann es gut sein, das deine Logs so riesig werden. Einfach dekativieren, und Spiel neustarten. Die logs kannst du löschen.
  4. Offensive shape/look ? Am I gonna get banned for building flying space dicks now?
  5. You have to pay in three days? Impossible. Everyone got a 14 day Tax break at the beginning. All my Units said at the beginning, that Taxes are due in 14 days. Or does this not apply to newly placed Territory Units? Besides, you can claim these Tiles as a player, and then set them as HQ Tiles. Then they will not be abandoned when you run out of money.
  6. Perfect time to make every player that is left leave out of frustration, because all their work was for nothing.
  7. I scanned for 2-3 hours yesterday evening before going to bed. Guess what? Its all Bauxite (and a lil Quartz). And terrible rates around 300-400 too. Wheres all the other ore, especially the other T1's? Resources on tiles seem so rare now...
  8. What the majority of the playerbase on the forum thinks, is a strong Indicator for the entire rest of the playerbase. You cannot blame anyone for going against a silent majority, if they refuse to speak up. Yes, players who agree always have a reason to come here. As with literally every single update, there are people liking certain features, and not others. This also gets discussed on discord, which would not only be another indicator for them that this is being discussed, but it is also another place where NQ reads feedback. Same balance of opinions there, everytime I had lurked through it. You are right with that first sentence, I must have mixed your comment up with someone elses. People are always angry, no matter what NQ does. At this point, it is impossible for them to not get a mixed reaction, no matter what they do. And it, in parts, loops back to my second argument. And with the majority of players wanting it gone, well, that too, loops back to my first point. If the majority of Forum users are against it, that is a major Indicator for the Rest of the playerbase. If not? Then NQ cannot be faulted for speaking up, or listening to feedback. Only for changing their decision so late.
  9. Even the mere likes on the posts in this thread, approving of the removal of scans, show that more people that peruse these spicy threads agree with the removal of scans, then disagree. Besides, you first claimed that most people disagree with this change, so the burden of proof lies on with you. There were sufficient discussions about the removal of scans here on the Forum, and that it should be done. More players wanted them gone, and also brought better arguments, at least in NQ's Opinion (and mine obviously). If you suddenly stop partaking in the forum, aka don't voice your opinion on it, and other peoples opinions, that is a you problem.
  10. NQ did the one thing that we, as players, kept asking them to do. Listen to our Feedback and implement it. After the MAJORITY of players wanted them to remove old scans, they listened to our Feedback, and now you are complaining about them listening to the majority feedback of the community, and even lying that the majority did not want scans to have to be redone.
  11. DU Players be like: "NQ, communicate more!" Also DU Players: "NQ, shut the hell up."
  12. I'd prefer a third option too. Either, as said, a very low tax rate Or, Taxes only when a Persons subscription is inactive. Because, in the End, we DO need a way to clear out inactive tiles and player constructs.
  13. You can still perfectly build underground, nothings changed about that. You still own your Territories, you just gotta pay a little rent. You can still Terraform on large scales. You lose Independence? Not really. Read the change log and watch the Q&A before you type something that has already been answered/disproven.
  14. This isn't a Problem of Dual Universe or the genre mix, its a Problem with the Players themselves. Some want maximum challenge, like the PVPers, the others want all challenge removed, like certain people in this thread. These debates have spanned over many years, over all kinds of games. Besides, no, this mix of genres works well. Just look at other games that mix those two, like Space Engineers and Empyrion.
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