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  1. That would be even worse. In PVP, during a Fight, your elements will blow up. Multiple times. And you will need people to run around and do repairs, on bigger ships. You cannot bring an entire second version of your ship into combat, just to replace Elements that have been destroyed. 1 Life, or 3 as planned by NQ, will make PVP an absolutely unenjoyable Nightmare. If you want Durability so much, give the Elements many more Lifes, so they can actually last an entire Combat Encounter, and be replaced afterwards. And preferably then, be salvaged by the Proposed salvaging Industry by OP. A single life for Elements would be Nightmarish even outside of PVP. You entered a farout Planet, just burned in the atmosphere and destroyed a few adjustors. Don't have any with you? None beeing sold? Well, too bad, your screwed, go Force Respawn yourself and try to rescue your ship with another one, or spend Hours building up a Industry on that farout planet just to replace a few stupid parts. 1 or 3 or comparable low amounts of durability, or even durability at all, is detrimental to PVP, and as it is intended by you and Novaquark way too punishing for players. Ship crashes, too, are already punishing enough. Your ships Elements are completely wrecked, and you are in danger of losing your ship to someone coming to salvage it. In its current iteration, as described by NQ, it will also INCREASE the amount of trashy useless Elements you have lying around, because they are now useless with less than max durability, couldn't be reused without a element scrapping mechanic, and cant really be sold because nobody wants Elements that are about to be destroyed. Your argument for just more HP for Elements is not a good idea too, since it will just unecessarily drag out fights, waste more ammuntion making PVP even less of an incentive, and bring the HP of Elements to an unreasonable difference in comparison to Voxels. Might as well armor yourself with just Elements then. Either increasing lifes aka durability to much higher, like 20 lifes or more, with automated replacement(not manual), or completely removing it, AND the addition of scrapping elements into parts and scrap (with loss of course) is necessary. The way it is currently is planned, or how you suggest, is a detriment to the game.
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