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    anime, dreaming about future societies, working alot so maybe one day Ill have the cash for a longevity vaccine.
    Last watched. Aldnoah Zero, Gate, RWBY
    Some favorites: RWBY, Redline, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Nyrauko, Love Lab, Code Geass, Steins Gate, Black Bullet, Gatchaman Crowds, Eden of the East, Hitsugi no Chaika, Girls und Panzer, and many more
    My favorite characters have been Neopolitan, Nonon, still searching for more tiny badasses.

    If you want to join Cinderfall were cool, were based, come chill with us. https://discord.gg/3FTHvj2
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  1. Hello friends of the community. Looking for more friends!! We would love to spend time with you~ If you want to be a loner and have some protection in our monitored areas, please at least come stop by and talk with us. If you are a small organisation looking for a mutual defense network to leverage many small orgs into a larger power, again please come have a talk with us just to discuss options and we can help give you information on various organisations. Of course, large groups are powers into their own, if you are interested in some of the benefits we provide but would like to remain your own authority thats not a problem. Syndication comes on many levels and we arent out to threaten your autonomy. the Syndicate provides many paths to cooperation and mutually beneficial progress you dont have anything to lose by coming and talking with us. Here is a link to the introductory area of our discord. https://discord.gg/fcz33G9 The cinderfall Syndicate is by and large a defensive entity and a non standard alliance. In short to provide ways for organisations and singular players to interact and cooperate yet still remain free to make their own decisions. we could use volunteers for the Joint Syndicate Defense Force, if protecting other players assets while they are offline, for the goodwill of our community, is something that interests you were here to discuss. Thank you, good luck out there gamers.
  2. Hello welcome, libraries of knowledge will be cool. I hope we can build all sorts of information repositories. Good luck Space Cowboy! err wait I mean, Welcome Levaritie the mighty and all powerful keeper of knowledge.
  3. Words that make me look smart. Expressions about my deep understanding of the game. Defensive statements about my views on liberty and freedom. Mockery of almost completely unrelated knowledge pertaining to dual universe. Exiting statement about Freedom and making Dual Universe great again!!!
  4. Hang in there friend, the world is bound to have more people looking for activities come beta. Right now its mostly just us die-hards on the forums and people that are desperate for a game like DU. When there is something tangible, or NQ goes on a media campaign those in search of organisations will increase. Blue Moon looks set for success in my eyes. :3
  5. Might I add to this that, I hypothesize that it creates a soft way for players to handle system sovereign without a hard enforced rule. Basically those who control the stargates to a system control the sovereignty. as well as deciding that systems security rating as it relates to their organisations reputation systems. Although it would still be nice to have some kind of way to get a color coded map. As well as a means for giving more or less reputation or standings gains based on system location. For instance, If CSYN outlined a system as 1.0 security, relevant to csyn members, and we decide to mark it as such. We decide what level of security gains or losses for actions, in that kind of solar system marked with that security rating we have set it as. Alternatively unmarked, or systems marked 0 would be treated as lawless and we might have it set so that no standings or reputation systems are in effect in these said areas. Specific and relevant only to the org CSYN. Maybe a element like the communications satellite some sort of system broadcast satellite or something. Its useful so we could make a gradient of reputation ranging from the lawless to more controlled sections based on the scale that player organisations decide. Space is a big and in this world - infinitely generating place. I feel this is useful for defining spacial areas according to how the organisations decide. It keeps the game free of solar system wide safe zones, a zone is only as safe as you can make it and sovereignty isnt defined by a big station but by the players capacity to manage their space. If an org marks territories are level 10 aka 1.0 security and cant actually defend it, then its their own fault and people will learn to not respect that organisations claims about systems. I feel its all self regulating, people would just disable the maps from orgs which dont mark things properly, or even potentially leave them or whatever. Edit: How players use the tools is up to them. The standings are relevant only to each org. And yes some organisations might actually want to create contracts for all different sorts of people, ones you like or even dont like. Its more complicated than a loyalty point currency. Yes difficult transport missions will be done by trusted people, having the tools to decide who meets the qualifications is important. It allows for a guild to take in players and give them missions, youll never route every spy before they commit an action, naturally. but once someone crosses the soft laws that an org sets up thats when player management can kick in and oust the people who dont play by that communities guidelines. Theres bound to be many different communities in this game and a more interesting system for reputations and contracts amongst other things would spice the universe up. Simply having hard drawn borders where nobody engages with anyone else, except in the act of killing and being sworn enemies. Resulting in being a toxic community isnt all that enticing.
  6. Indeed there are limitations to this, it was just a request for the option for on duty and off duty. the total implications are in the follow up organisation specific created standings and reputations created in a dynamic way. The on duty mode and off duty mode are just a piece of the tools, but im limited by the forum rules of one idea per post. As always, sharp on the possibilities you all are, keep up the good work with those brain tools.
  7. Allowing a means for players to create and interpret data from a standings system with their own definitions of what gives or takes standings points. Allowing player orgs to decide what gives or takes standings with their respective entity. Perhaps you have it set so that attacking a ship with a specific standing or lower, a point decided by the legate authority of that org, gives a positive standings increase. Conversely setting it to attacking a friendly might decrease or do nothing. although perhaps they have it set so that even attacking allies gives a standings increase. Perhaps completing missions through their terminals, donating money or resources, going on a patrol run for their armed forces, and so forth as is possible to define with in game tools. Allowing the org to decide on a per organisational level what increases or decreases standings in relation to that organisation would allow the organisations to specifically define themselves. Allowing the orgs to define their parameter and the level of gains or decreases. for instance -1000 to +1000 with +1 2 or 3 gains or losses or a more familiar -10 to +10 with .01 .02 .03 gains and losses as described by individually tagged actions. In conjunction to standings a reputation system which runs independent from standings so that orgs could further interpret peoples data with an equally expansive table to define what increases or decreases reputation based on player actions as decided by that organisation. For instance you might have +100 standings but -100 reputation, achievable if the org hands out positive standings for stealing goods, but negative reputation for the act. The org by means of the hierarchy of power and application of tags to said roles of power in the hierarchy can cutoff a players usage of certain stargates, yet not acknowledge them as a red kill on sight enemy. Perhaps you could allow further creation or desruction of these standings / reputations to allow for players to interpret many different types of behaviors or actions. This would allow organisations to create automatic means for players to complete tasks missions or activity and gain access to other areas that players have created. such as harder missions, access to specific stargates, or so forth. In fact this kind of application would let players by their own powers create and apply the sense of security ratings to systems, by means of requiring specific standings or reputation levels to use a certain stargate. Thank you reader.
  8. Hello, for organisations It would be nice if the legates could create an option for players to either engage their affiliation with an organisation into ON-Duty mode or OFF-Duty mode. Something similar to how faction loyalty in star wars galaxies worked. In this idea, players could switch to ON duty, and be recognized as a participating member of an organization. Including any reputation they have or other benefits or downsides. In OFF duty mode players would no longer be represented by that organisation. They would become recognized by their personal reputation. When switching from on duty to off duty it could take ten to fifteen minutes for the effect to take place in order to prevent rapid abuse or switching between modes. Organisations can decide how this will affect them or their certain roles with additional tags and parameters. It would be nice that for player made ranks we have a sufficiently powerful tool or range of options for deciding how different types of things affect each rank. Possibly and org would decide that ranks higher up ones or even all ranks would require that players be in on duty mode all the time. Have to pay to go from on to off duty. Of course these are more things that can be achieved by applying certain tag's or conditions to ranks .. maybe I'm not entirely sure how the system is setup... Thank you reader.
  9. The problem is how will they be useful. Cooking recipes for buffs or something, sure. But people will only eat so much food. The price of crops will plummet day one from over supply and little demand. You could make the recipes crazy like, 500 potatoes = 1 thing of french fries. Even if you take a wild approach like that there isn't much demand. It is not as if we will have NPC's that need to eat regularly and keep a baseline price. Growing crops would end up being only for your own amusement and bring minimal overall value. Not that the act of planting seeds and waiting for the finished crop isn't entertaining in some kind of low risk achievement thing. The act of farming just doesn't bring a whole lot to the game of building your own ships and destroying them. I would imagine by this time that synthetic meats are produce-able. the need for grain would go down further if we don't have to funnel it into livestock. Also, it might just be possible to synthesize whatever food from energy.
  10. These sorts of tags were how i thought it would be all along, giving us players the chance to create emergent game play. the thing taking it directly from eve you said. that kills the dream of players crafting the world.
  11. Greetings, welcome to Dual Universe. We also look forward to you being in the community, thanks for joining!
  12. 99 bars of chocolate on the shelf, 99 bars of chocolate! pick one up pass it around, 98 bars bars of chocolate~ Oh.. hello friends, here in Cinderfall Syndicate were all about a shift in the paradigm of gaming. Lets make a community that embraces common themes of friendliness, fair competitive practices, and actually enjoys the content of the game. We don't need to make the same mistakes so many communities before us have, CSYN isn't so much an org, nor alliance, nor coalition, signing up is to join a community and a way of cooperating with others in that community. Lets work together to see this game be a 1,000,000+ subs game and not a 30,000 elitist niche game . So where was I? 55 Choc-o-lat bars on the shelf. 55 choc-o-lat baaarrrs. Eat it all myself and then pass out, Choc-o-lat, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!!!
  13. Purge the non believers !! A soft kitten or puppy for every man woman and child! -Political promises- -Inflated Ego's- -Impossible objectives to accomplish- Come, come, make dual universe greater than it never was, better than the yesterday of tomorrow.
  14. Or you know, you could read what Cinderfall is about. And learn that were more than an org, more than your standard old organisation led by a cult of personality. If you want the game to be more than the lowest common denominator, check us out, come talk with us. We are effectively establishing a method for all the orderly nations which sign on to this type of playstyle, to decide what the "normal" rules of engagement are. Some things require laws some don't. Well I'll be more than happy to talk with you about it further if you would like.
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