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  1. Wilks Checkov

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Hate to be a ball buster... but for those who do not know... Its official - https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/ccp-games-pearl-abyss-sale-eve-online-1202936322/ It has been sold, in a way it makes me glad I retired when it went F2P as I wont be around to see its degradation and eventual ruination. I would not be surprised to see wide spread changes coming soon.
  2. Wilks Checkov

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Its funny at least to think that the majority of people give away more personal information on things like Facebook and Twitter than this bot collects. Come on, this bot uses publicly available data, there is literally NO argument to be had that they are getting any private information with the bot. If you do not believe those facts, look at the source code it, as long as you can read and understand the coding, you can see that there is nothing malicious. Anything publicly available is free game to scrapers and data gatherers anyway. What is the difference between a bot gathering the data automatically and a user 'googling' the same information on you. The only difference is one is automated and does not require a human presence, and the other does. Its not that big of a deal, hence there is no reason to make one out of it.
  3. Wilks Checkov

    Hello, my name is ShaylixLinx

    Good to have you on-board.
  4. Wilks Checkov

    Void League

    . . . Again?
  5. As far as I know they are not giving out any more ATV keys, the giveaways for those all occurred before the pre-alpha even opened. With it open now I highly doubt they will do another run of new ATV members. However, as I am only human, I could be totally wrong. Until someone corrects me otherwise we will just have to wait and see. . .
  6. Wilks Checkov

    Dual Universe Exile Mod?

    This is not Rust. . . More of a sandbox MMO with political mechanics more akin to those of EvE Online. If you do not want to have people take your stuff, make friends. While you are offline if they are online, then they can take care of the snoops, or even notify you that something is going down. As to protecting your constructs - eventually basic AI defensive turrets will be implemented; "probably in the construct v construct / pvp patch." Until then there is very little to worry about.
  7. Wilks Checkov

    Contractual Corporate Peace Accords {CCPA}

    In some ways this is still applicable and in others it is not. If revision is required it will be done.
  8. Wilks Checkov

    Whats Your Orgs Projects

    Okay, I am not sure if this is just me or if others feel this way, but why would an organization want everyone to know what they are working on? Don't get me wrong, it could just be me being a little paranoid when seeing a post like this, but it does have merit.
  9. Wilks Checkov

    NovaWrimo 2017 Contest: Rules to participate

    Hard to think a whole year has passed already since the last time. By chance do you take a submission more than 7500 words... wrote something for the last one but never turned it in. Kind of turned into a small novel rather than a short story.
  10. All I can say is keep up the good work, fun watching it evolve.
  11. Wilks Checkov

    Debate 10: Weapons modules

    This idea came to me while I was eating a waffle downtown, so I figured I would post it as one of my debate threads and see how it goes, and what develops from it. Debate 10: Weapons Modules This mainly stems from one of my previous debates as well as a few other current topics, specifically one about multi block weapons. While having multi block build-able weapons would be nice they are rather intensive to design and set up for the developers. "Correct me if I am wrong" Hand Based Tools & Weapons This started me thinking along the line of weapons modules, in this instance lets think about a standard pistol. The standard pistol is the base model that is produced en mass by your local market seller. However the pistol is modular, meaning you can replace the barrel, receiver, magazine, grip, ect. For instance if you wanted a full auto pistol you would switch the receiver module out with one that is full auto, or even one that is burst fire. While the pistol may look the same, "modules do not necessarily have to modify the appearance of a weapon" it does effect how the weapon performs, essentially making it a more specialized tool. Then if you wanted to turn that smg into something more accurate you could add a scope or a different grip module to it. The same applies to your standard rifle, you can modify its modules to turn it into a more specialized tool. For instance adding a longer barrel could increase your accuracy and range, and combined with a scope you would have a proper sniper rifle. Ship Based Tools & Weapons Along the same line of hand based equipment, your ship based equipment could follow the same line of thought. Everything could have slots for customization, everything from reactors, batteries, engines, ect. A great example would be that of a reactor, lets say for this example the reactor at hand has 4 slots available for customization, without those slots used the reactor will only produce a base x amount of power. Then you add in a fuel efficiency module into the reactor, meaning it uses less fuel to produce the base value x amount of power. Then you add in a generating efficiency module into the reactor, that boosts its base x production of power per cycle. So instead of producing 100% of power it produces 105%. There could be many other types of modules developed to add special features to your general items, and customize them to fit your exact needs. Ship turrets function in the same way, they have a set number of slots you can customize. Lets say for this instance the turret is a standard railgun, and has 5 slots available for customization. The first module added gives it a boost towards cycle fire rate, so instead of a base value of 100 fire rate its 105. You could make all 5 slots have cycle fire rate mods, or you could add in other special options. Module 2 and module 3 in this instance are capacitor boosters, which increase the amount of power the weapon can use to fire the railgun, increasing the speed of the projectile meaning instead of 100 its 110 damage. Then for modules 4 and 5, they are tracking computers. These tracking computers increase your turning rate on your turret. Meaning you can compensate and track your enemy faster. so instead of 100 it would be 110 boosted tracking rate. Economy Having modules would also open up a whole new industry that players could focus into in producing modules for ships and weapons. And different quality modules would effect the stat that the specific module boosts. Anyway - If you have any constructive criticism or support to add to the topic feel free to comment below. Feel free to expand on the idea to your whim. Just keep it nice and clean - no flames
  12. Wilks Checkov


    I know with the setup we have with our structure at the current moment this would make defining memberships far easier. As well as open up other possibilities for other types of communities to develop. I am also fairly sure I can speak for several other groups that would love to have this, but with how NQ are focusing on the game at the moment, it will likely be a while until any such rdms features are added to the community site.
  13. Wilks Checkov

    When does the NDA restrictions get lifted?

    All I can and will say is have patience, if and when they decide to lift the NDA they will notify us. - Until then I am the only one who can enjoy my screenshots.
  14. Wilks Checkov

    Crowdfunding-Playing the game

    All I can and will say is patience, it will come.
  15. Wilks Checkov

    A Massive Project

    Since late 2016 we have had a similar project in mind, have designs and concepts done, just finding the right people to work with on it is the only difficulty...