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  2. tristan

    H E L L O

  3. I don't know but I think quite some right now? Maybe it's going to be higher or lower when they do improve their technology
  4. tristan

    [fr]Hello, everybody

    Thanks @morticus
  5. tristan

    2 DAC questions (new to this)

    I think I remember you can earn dacs in some way.
  6. tristan

    [fr]Hello, everybody

    Welcome Morticus
  7. tristan

    Hello fellow Noveans

  8. I think it will be possible considering all the things you can do in the game right now. And why wouldn't they do so you can do it? It would be awesome.
  9. I think it would be hard to make this kind of pull But would be interesting to see if they did make it
  10. tristan

    Show your banner, emblem or the like

    This from my org Sector protectorate.
  11. tristan

    youtubers and their orgs

    yeah ok everyone thanks for the replies and no lethys and zed I do not mean that the orgs need some kind of protection I would never agree to that all I am saying is that it's a possibility
  12. So if the game becomes like a huge hit like World of warcraft and such then the youtubers will join and their orgs will grow so quickly that our hardworked orgs will be for nothing because those youtubers please say that NQ has something for this.
  13. So I know that the universe in dual Universe is infinte but how big can it get? Because I want to know just let me know if you have the answer
  14. tristan

    The February 28th Q&A with JC

    yeah one of my questions got on