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  1. saw your Avatar here and had to share: 


  2. Currently unhappy with the state of test times. I paid to help find game breaking issues before launch and I can not do this because of their scheduling being only while I'm at work for the next month. I don't like asking for time off to "Play" a game regardless of how much I paid to be here. So guess I'll be back next month and see if test times improve.

  3. discordauth:nvZ9o4g-qVaJ6tFO-iDRsldZ2AHUHLwNQ1KmsRoe-T8=

  4. There will always be players that have more than you. Either by Buying DAC's or just by being online longer and having more experience. I think of it kinda like that guy that pays to get through courses... Lots of stuff but no experience or wisdom to use it effectively.
  5. so what, I just wish I was playing, er.. testing the game today as a Alpha Team Vanguard
  6. Sigh... I'm stranded on a asteroid in SE. No Sim Speed to spare. I hope to be rescued on Sep 30!
  7. um... Are we there yet? cuz Space Engineers keeps breaking.
  8. Ruby Founder looking for a forever home, anyone?
  9. I have Facebooked,Tweeted and emailed this to everyone I know, How can we make sure the KickStarter makes it and what happens if it does not?
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