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  1. I'm always hitting CTRL-S after making changes all the time. be nice if this was a thing too.
  2. Why do you guys always have to be so sly? Can you not just come out and say that constructs will be or will not be removed? This kind of behavior is what's driving the original players away!
  3. anyone that uses the one month DAC for an alt must want this game to fail! I'm gonna give it away to anyone on my friends Discord that wants it. Just sucks that a wipe is coming afterward so new players will be salty like the rest of us!
  4. All this is great but the only thing I need to know is on what date will all constructs be wiped so I can plan accordingly. Also when that happens will ALIOTH be reset with a different seed?
  5. Waiting longer to announce the reset (wipe) or not it's not helping this game and only forcing people to not renew their subscriptions or leave the game for other games. Please just Lock all deciding NQ employees in a room and don't let them out till a decision is made on what gets reset and what stays!
  6. This will be enough cores to satisfy most people's needs. I still don't like the random delete part for org cores if someone removes support Most recently added cores would be better I think! it would also be better is if Org membership played a part in the total instead of just org slots.
  7. The system they had for Org cores was fine the problem was nested Orgs. They needed to remove that.
  8. The blog said nothing about reducing the move limit of a point! you will still be able to move a point 1.5 vx in any direction
  9. They could at least improved the hitbox so things sitting close to one another or barely clipped would still be OK! things are WAY too strict !
  10. Need a 3rd option. Affordable taxes! because we really do need a reasonable way to clear out long time inactive or game abandoned player Zones!
  11. you say that like it would really happen. Tiles are pay once now and scanning was in but no one just claimed all the megga nodes! so it wouldn't happen now.
  12. everything looks great. EXCEPT the taxes! 1m is way too much! should be only 100,000 a week with a max of 3 month prepay!
  13. While your in there coding this feature please provide better hitbox collision and feedback for objects while placing for both objects on the construct and the item being placed! Far too often there is some invisible area where it just will not place. The feedback could be on where the collision is taking place and a highlight part on the construct that is causing the collision.
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