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If you have less than 2 months in this game don't suggest anything


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I have read through about 40 topics from new players suggesting stupid mechanics that would literally set this game back further than it already is. Just because you are still on sanctuary with your first factory line does not mean you can suggest things when you have little to no understanding of how the game actually plays. I personally want this game to succeed and watching you noobs waste the time of NQ with useless ideas and discussion on these forums is counter productive.



1: Finalize the missions system that you ALREADY HAD ON THE PTS

2: Do some bugfixing for existing exploits that keep happening.

3: Fix the massive issues with constructs and PVP

4: Introduce Asteroids




These should be player and NPC created with the NPC missions being high risk high reward moving cargo from Ion to Feli or something to get people into PVP space and to generate money while not being neck deep in a hole.

Rework the voxels and weapons because whoever did the math on those needs to go back through high-school math class again.



Easy way to get people into PVP space to get some of the higher Tier ore that has vanished from most of the planets and entices orgs to do more fleet actions.



This game is in a very sad state and as a huge fan of it I hate to see it die. I have been following it for 7 years now and to see the massive inconsistency in communication is a joke for a company charging a fee to play.


Starbase took a shot at NQ as an example of what not to do with their game. how about NQ learn from how Starbase is going about communication with their players and actually get stuff flowing that is worth a crap instead of saying "Hey you went 8 months without anything so expect the next 8 months to have about the same. Please don't cancel and enjoy the texture update that shaves 20fps off your average for no reason making half the community quit."


These last devblogs have been a prime example of them trying to play nice PR after having months of using the community as toilet paper.

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On one hand, i get where you're coming from...


But on the other...NQ will benefit from understanding how the new player UX is broken. It's one of their bigger problems.


Yes, they need mid/end game. Yes, their update pace needs to greatly increase and 0.24 was a sad, sad thing. 


But there's still a big percent of players that pay for a sub and don't play for more than a day. There's little point in mid/end game content if people churn in a few hours! 


NQ does need the perspective of noobs, too. 


NQ's devs are professionals (don't laugh, I mean this is their job). They are adults. They are fully capable of taking responsibility for their own dev decisions and understanding the context of feedback. 


No player feedback should ever be taken at face value, anyway. 


There's still no indication that NQ's actual dev team so much as glances at feedback, anyway...so i wouldn't be too worried about them getting distracted because of some random new player suggestion...no time is being wasted because there's no time being invested in reviewing feedback...

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4 hours ago, Snipey said:

I have read through about 40 topics from new players suggesting stupid mechanics that would literally set this game back further than it already is. Just because you are still on sanctuary with your first factory line does not mean you can suggest things when you have little to no understanding of how the game actually plays.


Everyone here has paid to be in this game one way or another and they have the right to offer feedback, post suggestions and join in on ANY conversation they like.  It is simply not your place to tell them otherwise.

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Even suggesting that new players should stay quiet is absurd IMO. As I see it _ESPECIALLY_ new players should speak up as they have a new perspective on the game and how it plays and are more likely to point out shortfalls that more tenured players who will assume understanding and knowledge too often miss or step over.



In all honestly it is a lot of the more tenured players who make the silly suggestions because they wear their personal preference glasses and seem to not actually read and understand the information NQ gives us, even when that information is minimal and often vague and between the lines.


Yes, it would be good to have the mission system active but it is not hard to deduct from what NQ is telling us that they have bigger fish to fry right now and until these issue get resolved they can't fix some of the issues and push new features in a reliable way. That is IMO rather clear from what they are saying even when the actual words are vague and laced with marketing/PR spins. Try reading between the lines and maybe try and accept that some of us here do have the ability to read and interpret the garbled messages NQ is sending out, at least to some degree.



It amazes me that on discussion thread about NQ posts outlining their struggle and mistakes, several just go and rehash their wish list completely ignoring the context of what NQ is saying. The company is in trouble, they are working on but have not completed their efforts to find a way out and until they do, screaming "BUT.. BUT MA PEEVEEPEE" and the mission system will not have any effect, if not an adverse one. 


NQ needs time to sort out their shit (excuse my French here but I'm trying to make a point).. let's focus on them doing that and allow time for that before you insert your personal pet peeves into the conversation as unless they do sort this out, there will not be a game to implement anything you are looking for.



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All opinions are welcome. As has been pointed out, sometimes a new player's vision or the early game play, or understanding of the game in general, etc. There are always lots of angles :)  So, while I appreciate the sentiment to what you are saying, it doesn't help us design any better to only look at one segment of player. 

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As a new player, I am enjoying the schematics and have built up a lot of them. The sancturary is what helped pay for a lot of the ones I have. Tuts too.

Once I realized about the free shuttle between alioth and sanctuary moon, I knew what I wanted to do in this game, which is factory building, one of my fave things to do in this game. Others like PVP, so I don't mind the grind to make the ships that PVPers want to use.


With that said...  Along the way, I found some things that didn't quite make sense or didn't work out right, so I submitted ideas, problems and suggestions to help out the game overall. And has been well recieved by the NQ staff. That is the whole point of ALPHA / BETA access, to find things to report to the devs about.

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What an arrogant post, new players may very well have foolish requests, no more or less than more established players with a clear agenda, equally they may have valuable insights into the new player experience which we have long since forgotten; they've invested time in it let them post what they want, it is up to NQ to decide what is useful and what is lunacy, if they can't even do that then this isn't THE problem.

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Sorry - if you pay your money you have the right to voice your opinion.

Also - move people into PvP space? So, you want targets? That wont last long - what you think folks who run missions want to be shot up by a bunch of griefers? I think there are plenty of examples of that not working littering the dead MMO space.

Missions are there for folks to earn some money when they are either bored of mining or don't like to mine. Not to provide targets. Sigh.

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You are mixing stuff.

Everyone has the right to give their opinion, informed or uninformed, in this forum.

Even if they haven't played a single second of the game yet.

It's up to the readers to READ and THINK about what they are reading.
It's up to us, to counterargument if we have a different opinion.


That's how free speech works.

How would you feel if i said that non alpha players should not give their opinion?
Or someone even older (in the project) than me said that only pre-alpha ppl should have an opinion?

But more importantly, the new player's opinion is very valuable.
It gives a 1st hand view about how the game is "currently" to a newcomer.
It gives us a good record of the misconceptions that new players have..

And even more importantly, Any new player can go and make a trash YouTube video to give their opinion, undisputed and unmoderated.....
Don't we prefer that he gives his opinion here? Where we can counterargument?

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With out a constant stream of new players, a game like this won’t survive.


So we gotta listen to what they experience. We want them to stick around.


Sure, it’s not helpful if there comment is “I’ve plastered for a week, but I can’t afford a golden L core battle ship. My factory can’t make everything. This ship I designed sucks and it should be fantastic”


BUT... we still have to listen to what they say.


Maybe we need a PvP arena where you can have a leader board for XS (and every other size) cores, where the prize money on average for an average player will be more than their losses. So they can experience PvP.


A new factory will never compete with somebody who has seven months of talents invested in theirs. But maybe a mission could be take these components to this area and set up a fuel station for us. Or maybe deliver us 100 Uncommon Component(s) from a factory you own.


Their first ship build is not going to be good, but give them something to work from. Mission make a ship from the components in this container and fly the ship to location xx for sale.


we got to give the new players game, and listen to their problems so they become long term players 



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I think some valid points have been made across the board here, however this thread is revolving more about rights to speak. We are an open forum and all are welcome, but let's keep it constructive please. No attacks.  I don't feel like this thread is going to recover, so I am going to lock it.  

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