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  1. Lol The results here are no way close to what we experienced, nice touch speeding up the video to make it seem a little laggier.
  2. Pardon my probably sensible suggestion, you could load each and every asteroid with ore in a large asteroid field. And as usual, make the higher tier ones more rare, and let us have ore scanners on ships. (i know its insane please don't shoot me). Is it insane to think that there could be an asteroid field with thousands of asteroids? we render planets for crying out loud.
  3. Don't be ridiculous, that's far too interesting
  4. So asteroids will be spawned in space by NQ. To find them you need to sus out clues, probably do some cypher puzzle, and then after a certain time the location is announced by NQ. Why does NQ need to personally handle this? Is this really emergent gameplay? It'll basically just be like the last event, only with asteroids and in pvp space. Whether or not you need to solve a puzzle for this it'll still be only available to the the most powerful org. If it's done one asteroid at a time, it'll be a complete shitshow. I myself imagined the implementation of asteroids to be some sort of massive asteroid field in space, an actual geographical location, or locations. Right now there's absolutely nothing in space, and no reason to explore or travel. If there were large asteroid fields, they could be used as for instance, "planets in space", with areas within it likely to be claimed for strategic purposes and such. Really just feels like a recycled NQ strategy. Failed attempt at populating space.
  5. You forget that an L core build zone is 8x the size of an M core build zone. That's a lot more armour than two M ships combined. Weapons double as they scale up each size, they don't scale by x8. This whole 2 M should be able to kill an L 'just because" is awfully bland. There are no cookie cutters here, every ship is different.
  6. Before we begin, this is with PVP in mind. As we have it now, we've got Newtonian physics, with a speed scale of 0 - 30,000 kmh an hour. with 30,000 kmh being simulated as "Lightspeed". It's not difficult to get a ship up to speed fast, in fact most ships, combat or not are capable of reaching 30,000 kmh rather quickly. And if you consider 30,000kmh to be "Lightspeed", it seems to be over exaggeratingly fast. Specifically during combat, you've got all these ships traveling at sometimes wildly different speeds and directions, it's one big awkward lightspeed joust, with weapon ranges reaching a stupidly long distance. Now with the upcoming energy management, I expect there to be some power limits to just how fast ships will be able to go anymore, IE no more bricks with 40 XL engines. With that in place, I believe that the awkward jousting will get even worse, with less power and ability to adjust. Have seen a lot of negative feedback on this system since beta launch, "You don't even see your target" etc. At high speeds, ships are janky and desync as hell when they're near each other, as many people have witnessed. From close range jousting at high speeds, to frustrated people trying to get close to an unmanned ship while it travels at near max speed on its own. What I'm bringing forward is an idea to bring engagements and standard travel/operations to a low speed, and introduce a new form of assisted drive for high speed travel. For instance, a mid sized ship would have a maximum speed of lets say, 2000 km/h in space. These values would be determined by the characteristics of a ship, especially weight. This will very much allow NQ to deal with closer combat ranges and far less high speed desync. Now this wouldn't be eliminating the possibility of reaching speeds like 30k again, just that it's a separate function. Alongside the warp drive, a smaller more efficient drive is introduced to help manage a ship reach much higher speeds for long distance travel, can also be determined by ship characteristics. This type of drive may also be affected by warp interdiction, which then again brings engagements closer together. I know this may be "immersion breaking" or a big turn off for some, I get it's a cool realistic space game and all but, there are just some things that don't work well with it at all, like combat. Referring to DU's combat trailer that came out a while ago, that kind of gameplay is completely impossible in DU as it is now. There's a good reason why a lot of space games put limits on ship speeds. I think this is a pretty drastic change if it'll ever be considered. So how do you feel about it?
  7. They should lead with what you can't do instead of what you can do, would have more to talk about
  8. Haha sure if it was some other cargo ship. It’s very well armoured, won’t be braking for nobody ?
  9. It hits 1G at about 70KT of unaltered mass. reads on the report as approx 52 KT with talents
  10. Large core Armoured Super-Freighter will be up for sale soon within the next week! ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== Purpose-built space only Armoured Freighter, with a strong focus on secure transport. Tired of berating greifers in discord? Aboard the Eye of Apathy, oppression becomes but a mere bugsplat on the windscreen. If you think you wouldn't need an armoured freighter, you probably wouldn't need your cargo. Specialising in high value transport, among other creative uses. Lightly equipped with 4 L railguns for any necessary minor deterrence. Visit the craft yourself, at APATHY VR. Dry Weight: 10 KT Forward Thrust: 612 MN Brake Force: 510 MN S sized rear dock for atmo shuttles/haulers Cargo Capacity: 15,360 KL Containers: 80 / 8 hubs All elements have maximum placement talents Containers and fuel containers all have -25% mass reduction. Coming to the market soon™!
  11. They don't deserve the hard punishment of playing Dual Universe
  12. If your ticket into DU is PVP, it's a hard skip for now. Wait until the pvp overhaul, or just prep for it. Solo battleships won't be a thing.
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