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  1. They should lead with what you can't do instead of what you can do, would have more to talk about
  2. Haha sure if it was some other cargo ship. It’s very well armoured, won’t be braking for nobody 😁
  3. It hits 1G at about 70KT of unaltered mass. reads on the report as approx 52 KT with talents
  4. Large core Armoured Super-Freighter will be up for sale soon within the next week! ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== Purpose-built space only Armoured Freighter, with a strong focus on secure transport. Tired of berating greifers in discord? Aboard the Eye of Apathy, oppression becomes but a mere bugsplat on the windscreen. If you think you would
  5. They don't deserve the hard punishment of playing Dual Universe
  6. If your ticket into DU is PVP, it's a hard skip for now. Wait until the pvp overhaul, or just prep for it. Solo battleships won't be a thing.
  7. Goodness gracious, you really think someone's going to put another 50 million into this pancake?
  8. Loooong shot, which is why i'm so against a wipe in the near future, DU is still broken and a buggy as shit grind simulator, I wouldn't want a repeat of the current DU experience.
  9. NQ please retweet my blockade 🤣
  10. Did they backtrack this fix? I went past the release notes, the the fire rate talent being fixed isn't there anymore.
  11. If weapons had actual projectiles without autoaim, hit and miss probabilities would be a lot nicer. Unfortunately with this autoaim hitscan RNG, an L weapon will eventually hit an XS ship, has a pretty decent chance anyway already. IMO, xs ships should not be able to be hit with L weapons. The fact that L ships can be used as fighters is just a symptom of NQ's awfully shallow combat system too. If NQ are smart, they won't keep expanding on their current combat system, as they did with .23.
  12. Bit of an identity crisis. Core sizes have no distinguished purposes other than, this one is bigger than that, and then that one is bigger than this.
  13. Yep, pvp just doesn't work, and its forced their hand. Compared to missions and tree addons, Territory Warfare and space pvp overhaul seems like a monumental task.
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