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  1. Lol The results here are no way close to what we experienced, nice touch speeding up the video to make it seem a little laggier.
  2. Pardon my probably sensible suggestion, you could load each and every asteroid with ore in a large asteroid field. And as usual, make the higher tier ones more rare, and let us have ore scanners on ships. (i know its insane please don't shoot me). Is it insane to think that there could be an asteroid field with thousands of asteroids? we render planets for crying out loud.
  3. Don't be ridiculous, that's far too interesting
  4. So asteroids will be spawned in space by NQ. To find them you need to sus out clues, probably do some cypher puzzle, and then after a certain time the location is announced by NQ. Why does NQ need to personally handle this? Is this really emergent gameplay? It'll basically just be like the last event, only with asteroids and in pvp space. Whether or not you need to solve a puzzle for this it'll still be only available to the the most powerful org. If it's done one asteroid at a time, it'll be a complete shitshow. I myself imagined the implementation of asteroids to be some so
  5. You forget that an L core build zone is 8x the size of an M core build zone. That's a lot more armour than two M ships combined. Weapons double as they scale up each size, they don't scale by x8. This whole 2 M should be able to kill an L 'just because" is awfully bland. There are no cookie cutters here, every ship is different.
  6. Before we begin, this is with PVP in mind. As we have it now, we've got Newtonian physics, with a speed scale of 0 - 30,000 kmh an hour. with 30,000 kmh being simulated as "Lightspeed". It's not difficult to get a ship up to speed fast, in fact most ships, combat or not are capable of reaching 30,000 kmh rather quickly. And if you consider 30,000kmh to be "Lightspeed", it seems to be over exaggeratingly fast. Specifically during combat, you've got all these ships traveling at sometimes wildly different speeds and directions, it's one big awkward lightspeed joust, with weapon ranges
  7. They should lead with what you can't do instead of what you can do, would have more to talk about
  8. Haha sure if it was some other cargo ship. It’s very well armoured, won’t be braking for nobody 😁
  9. It hits 1G at about 70KT of unaltered mass. reads on the report as approx 52 KT with talents
  10. Large core Armoured Super-Freighter will be up for sale soon within the next week! ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== Purpose-built space only Armoured Freighter, with a strong focus on secure transport. Tired of berating greifers in discord? Aboard the Eye of Apathy, oppression becomes but a mere bugsplat on the windscreen. If you think you would
  11. They don't deserve the hard punishment of playing Dual Universe
  12. If your ticket into DU is PVP, it's a hard skip for now. Wait until the pvp overhaul, or just prep for it. Solo battleships won't be a thing.
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