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  1. Ok.. for starters... this is not how ingame lua works at all... I just briefly described what lua is capable of, and it is nowhere near the cyberpunk all-seeing-eye apocalypse some people think this is. You cannot embed code onto a player. There is no way to use lua to alter permissions and policies. A lot of people have these kinds of trackers on their ships, factories, territories, etc. All it does is tracks when a player entered and left. That's all it can do. Nothing to worry about. Everyone can do it. Everyone can do it on mass like this org that places trackers on markets. Literally nothing to worry about, you're being spied upon all the time anyway, just play the game.
  2. Lol omg... None of this matters literally. None. No one has a secret XXXL Rail gun hidden away. A person writing the script can hide that programming board widget so you will never see it. You won't know if a script is running at all, but if you are sure there's a pb somewhere nearby, your technique will still work But.. Literally, you can't embed code unto other people.. What the hell is this? Yes the code on the pb runs on your client but only in game files, nothing can be planted on your computer this way. Common. People are nuts in this game sometimes... NO this is not how it works, and has nothing to do with these trackers. If you the player searches for a product on the market, your log file will store all of the market information, INCLUDING the names of the people who put up orders on the market. You can then parse through the logs and extract the information you need. It has nothing to do with these trackers. And no other player has access to these log files besides you. If I have a tracker script on my ship and you enter and leave, am I also violating your information if I then sell it? Seriously? This is like 101 lua code right here, if you think these trackers are spying on you, you're in for a big surprise. Every big org has scrapers, everyone knows where everyone is, who they are affiliated with, etc. A quick search through this forum will show you a page where people have graphed out scraped information for convenience to the public.
  3. Lol omg... None of this matters literally. None. No one has a secret XXXL Rail gun hidden away. A person writing the script can hide that programming board widget so you will never see it. But.. Literally, you can't embed code unto other people.. What the hell is this? Yes the code on the pb runs on your client but only in game files, nothing can be planted on your computer this way. All this script can do is track player id / name / timestamp. THAT IS IT. This is no different from what countless people do when they install player entrance tracking on their own ships. People are nuts in this game sometimes.
  4. U what?? Idk where you get your numbers from... but uh.. .Boo and Sneaky Snake's group were outnumbered a bit, plus Atom had more ships in reserve that they couldn't use due to low numbers... all orgs are experiencing low numbers so ... people have to do what they have to do. Atom did a good job anyway, we all had a good time pew-pewing each other, something you missed out on because you decided to be against everybody
  5. ATTENTION ALL SHAREHOLDERS ============================ Effective immediately, all Talemai shares now belong to The Lord Lobster Inc. Group. Effective immediately, taxes and fees have been adjusted to reflect the following: 1) Sales Tax = 14.2 % 2) Ore Extraction per KL = 150 L to be dropped off at customs 3) Marriage Dowry = 25% quanta equivalent of dowry value 4) Breeding Tax = 10% incubator maintenance cost per breeding cycle 5) Deployment of Territory Unit = 10% cost of deployment 6) Territory Scanner = all scanners are now rented by the state at a rate of 1500 quanta per scan 7) Atmospheric Thrust = 30% of fuel cost per hour 8. Building Permit = 100 quanta per cubed meter 9) Promotion to Superlegate = 700,000 quanta IMPERATIVES, to be executed at the earliest opportunity, immediately: 1) Destroy new emperor of Empire, the usurper must die a thousand deaths 2) Anderson, if seen, must be trapped in a borg cube and immediately brought to The Court of the Prophet 3) If Sybily is spotted, every Talemai resident and contractor must immediately give Sybily 2 small adjusters IF ANYONE is seen violating fees or breaking THE IMPERATIVES, they will be stripped of their nanosuit, dragged across Talemai's snow desert, then spaced, their trajectory aimed at Sanc Moon. Furthermore , their children and the children of their children shall be shot on sight. Praise the Lord Lobster Peace be Upon Him, Shit Below Him
  6. This is really cool that you did this but also bonkers, sad, and frustrating... game should have voxel editing tools that work well already...
  7. Notice that it is Naunet saying this... and while this is Naunet's job, I have never seen anyone at NQ say things like this... granted I haven't looked at all of the history of these forums but... you get the point..
  8. Not really true. Try landing at 10 fps. You'll see the difference quick. DU is built on Unigene engine, and to quote JC himself, "nothing works out of the box for us". So yes, performance is very important. Setting up industry in a lag fest just makes me want to play something else. Piloting in low fps is a disaster. The fact that so much resources are taken up just in the starting zone with almost no players around Is a telling sign there is something really wrong with game performance, not the least of which is they have failed to decouple cpu and gpu processes.
  9. Annnnnd failed. Schematics are just delays, nothing more, and frankly, an absurd idea. Another result of a case where JC thinks we're playing his game wrong. I also get the feeling that both he and some members of this community seem to think they can change human nature. They won't. People will just move on. There's a fundamental problem here that JC seems to think he can fix by going against human nature itself. Good luck with that I guess. Someone already said it here in a different way but... specialization was already happening pre .23 patch. People were getting into their groves... scripting, building, making ships, doing logistics, etc. Because these were the paths the game offered. Further stratifying this into specific industry with a forced mechanic is ridiculous because it's inorganic. Here you have a massive game with so much potential, and you're constantly hit with absurd limits. All this so that people interface with markets? Big orgs won't do that. Small players probably will. The attempt to force people into a certain game pattern backfired. Fundamentally we're dealing with humans, not robots... a basic understanding of human nature is in order. More content should be the focus. More avenues. More gameplay patterns. What NQ did was take the existing pathways and split them into pieces... into tiny little pieces...
  10. Lol... imagine paying a sub fee for an MMO where you specialize in screws. Seriously? I know of no player that wants to specialize in screws. Frankly I know of no player that wants to specialize in any singular thing with exclusion of specialization in other areas. I do a whole bunch of everything and I prefer that. So do a lot of other players. Because sandbox. All of these limits will have a lot of ramifications, one of which would be: really shitty looking ships. They already are. Most people create flying cigars and that's it. Everyone is back in the mines looking for ore. In an MMO, the way you engage players is... add more content. NQ's version of this idea is: uh.... we don't have new content, lets stretch out the old content by an obscene amount so people can play for the same content but 200-300 times slower. Yay, more content! I suspect t4-t5 ores will be completely gone before asteroid mining becomes a thing, people are scanning over 200 tiles a day, a one man job. Some planets have already been mostly, if not completely scanned out. Let me guess, NQ will realize that this is a problem and limit players to 1 scan per day, or a scan fee in the millions. Yay, more content! NQ could have increased industry into agriculture to provide more avenues for revenue sources... making fuels out of agricultural farming for example... making honeycomb... etc... No. No. This is not the way. The way is to gut industry to schematics, schematics that cannot be created nor copied nor used for multiple lines... I forgot this game is sci-fi... Yay, more content! And on and on and on... If they waste their resources on a creative mode / pvp arena, I will demand a mining arena. Can't be any less stupid than whatever they're trying to help by adding in these modes. And.. mmos are never fair. Never. People are delusional if they think a wipe will give everyone a level playing field. That's just not how the world works, especially not in games.
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