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  1. Coherent UI has databinding... But I doubt they'll go there... currently the html is redrawn every frame / tick, that is of course costly if there's a lot of it. Databinding allows the html dom to stay in memory and only redraw values that change. That's one of Coherent UI's powerful features that isn't being used. Of course you'll get bad performance redrawing the whole DOM all the time.
  2. Could have used MyBB, ph2B, etc.. those are free and open source and offer plenty of options that are better than this....
  3. You must realize that NQ sank more than 20 million into the project. How in the world will this cost be recuperated? This is debt... just financial, not even talking about technical debt. NQ didn't even make 60K in 2020, meanwhile Eve made $28 million for the first half of 2020.... something is really really wrong here. Technically DU is still an alpha prototype with only the voxel system working reasonably well, even that is still far from feature complete.... so a comparison with Eve isn't very justifiable, but I still make it for the sake of comparison of the analogue from which D
  4. Fifteen minutes on youtube also shows the state of the world and leads to the conclusion that termination is a preferable outcome. That's not an argument for anything. NQ is advertising that which does not exist.
  5. nope.... Lua is slow depending on what you're doing and how you're doing it (although it isn't exactly a language you want to compare to C for example )... Couple of examples: the json parser NQ is using is really slow, there are much better alternatives. While loops are generally slow in Lua, so everyone who is using while loops in, say, coroutines, will suffer performance loss. For loops that are ipairs or pairs are significantly slower than numeric loops, etc. Lua has some.. lets just say, holes, but if you know what you're doing it can be just as good as any other language for whatever you
  6. that's what's up.... NQ using a violin to butter toast. Take a look.... It's called Data Binding C++ triggering JavaScript, Javascript triggered C++ (heehee) https://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp-gt/d9/d2b/binding__c_x_x.html AAAAND databinding! https://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp-gt/df/dfb/_h_t_m_l_data_binding.html So many options to improve performance by a lot... it is inconceivable that a game should refresh and send the whole DOM on every tick or frame... yet NQ did it. Every nail is stepped on.
  7. I'm just here waiting for another epic @Eternal post.
  8. Imagine making a game and saying that... it's baffling considering the reason people play games in the first place.
  9. EVERYTHING Etenral posts you should do your best to pay attention to, he's not just blowing steam, this is the mind that will fix the game!
  10. yup.... ez ban bait. Generally speaking, fix the game mechanics. Written rules are going to be broken, there will never be enough case-by-case manpower in order to judge these things. Game mechanics should dictate what is feasible and what is not. Otherwise the devs are fighting their own sanbox because of broken mechanics to the point where the sandbox is not a sandbox anymore.
  11. This statement is an oxymoron... how do you play in a sandbox? However the hell you want! It's a sandbox
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