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  1. According to DU lore, Noveans don't breed
  2. Well... I actually agree with this... Not streamable. Not ergonomic. Most importantly, not fun.
  3. I love this man, please keep going you!!! Also how was your commute?
  4. It could be that they are not using gpu acceleration, but we also know that they are not using databinding, which means the whole DOM tree gets refreshed and stored in memory on every frame.... smh....
  5. "... HTML/CSS/Javascript is a group that forms a UI technology. For reasons beyond the scope of this topic we do not allow the use of Javascript inside the screen units. When you remove Javascript, the group effectively becomes a not so efficient vector image drawing technology which we have very little control over in terms of rendering. " - NQ Meanwhile Coherent ui: Coherent GT incorporates the proprietary Renoir graphics library and performs all rendering on the GPU. Renoir backends are provided for all major graphics APIs and multi-threaded rendering engines. Users can also customi
  6. This... although there are ways to offload the whole thing to the gpu, not really sure how they do it under the hood but you can do some powerful magic on a gpu... but there are plenty of reports of people maxing out their gpus with no one around and no constructs... and in space. Sounds like a lot more problems happening than just voxels getting in the way of better performance. The other issue is the shear amount of data being requested to load all those voxels in. SB also has these problems so they deal with it by staggering viewing distance. it's not working great at the moment but they're
  7. In both my examples of games you can achieve 500v500 I think... and Infinity Battlescape can do 1000v1000 I believe.. it's been a while so I may be wrong on exact numbers. Nonetheless both of the games I talked about achieve "massive" battles with projectile based, fps combat. I do think NQ is in for a ride with their voxel system though, the lack of optimization is staggering in pvp with all the crazy voxel update requests and such. It's a huge problem. Like @XKentX said, even lock and fire 5v5 right now is impossible in DU, and what's worse is when it starts lagging it also affects players f
  8. It's a game where people do stuff, just keep this in mind.
  9. I know what you mean and I don't ignore it, I simply don't want to add caveat after caveat, too much rambling on) Yes that is the mmo standard. Time is the ultimate pace halting mechanic in mmos. I did say that the "it's about the car, not the player" approach favors players who have been playing longer. For sure that is NQ's reason for not having fps combat. That doesn't mean it is not doable. Starbase will have fps combat mechanics for both ships and robots despite the mmo nature of their game. I know of at least 1 indie space combat project that has some amazing netco
  10. It's a double edged sword though. Because tbe problem you'll have with focusing on "the car rather than the driver" is balance. Once you get into the business of balancing you have to commit to balancing everywhere... basically being an overbearing mother that constantly gets into the way of kids playing in a sandbox. And doing that is frustrating for both players and developers. More so for developers because now they have to balance everything. The devs basically create a sandbox mmo and then nurf the sandbox into the ground by fighting the emergent mechanics of a sandbox to absurdium.
  11. The way that most space dogfighting game make combat fun is one or more of these things, but usually a combination of: low max speed cap (say 1000km/h for DU) This is necessary to force combat into close quarters as well as held deal with netcode issues better if it's aim / projectile based fps combat warp drives with variable speeds that can warp wherever you point your ship. weapon projectile distance caps to again force close quarter combat g-forces and loss of consciousness due to g-forces moving blood... this adds limits to maneuverability and forces th
  12. I'm playing it on an ultrawide screen, experience is fine. I did see NQ reduced font sizes for hud widgets in the newest patch and it's tiny.
  13. Back when Eve was being developed gaming was very different in terms of players and especially gaming industry. People were happy to play any shitty mmo. Now? ... there are many analogs of voxel builders being developed today, there are huge mmos being developed and or are already in ea or beta, it's a different world. You need to do much, much more than a mining and voxel building simulator in order to attract enough concurrent players to recuperate costs. And by more I don't necessary mean more mechanics, I mean quality.
  14. How about make every aphelia market market 15 and introduce player markets before any other mechanic...
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