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  1. As it, it is nothing but a badly designed mining game, and the market required for even selling mined ores is broke with the construct and lua spam. NQ's solution to this was to add more platforms at market which only increased the market construct spam. The game is split into those that want a solution and those that want to keep all their market constructs, so they can just sit in their building all day and play the buy-sell game. If you bring up the subject in game then you just get flamed thats its all about your shity computer, that in fact only is using 35% cpu, 61% gpu and 53% ram. Had enough of this. When sub expires then thats the end for me and fam here.
  2. Personally the only performance issue i have is going to markets. Huge lag in many markets due to the construct spam. FPS ????? OMG! nm !
  3. 100% Thats how its done professionaly. I see no evidence of that here with NQ. I maybe wrong and if so they need to be more open and transparant along with showing their customers they are listening and taking into consideration whats discussed in the forums.
  4. We cant call votes for others, they either vote or they dont. 2 in my org did not vote, but dont want pvp. Cant accomodate every opinion in a poll. Its pretty simple option 1 yes pvp, option 2 no pvp no matter how its implemented and whatever mechanics. So its really a black and white vote, yes pvp or no pvp.
  5. How about a harvester construct (machine you drive) to harvest surface ores ?
  6. As title says, please put in an ore respawning mechanisim, sure you may "wish" (though not nesessarily) to do a daily restart of server. And no it wont kill the economy. Eve-Online does daily respawn or ores, and economy works fine.
  7. @Mods Please lock this poll. Thank You NQ.
  8. Dissapointing the numbers who voted being only 39, hardly representative of the player base. 69.23% want pvp, so if that is reflective of the playerbase then NQ must cater for it. 30.77% do not want pvp in any form, this is a large ammount that no business could ignore and their desire must be catered for also. Conclusion, imo more safezones and outside of this pvp as it is now, but its lacking, and needs to be worked on.
  9. Thats the thing with polls, they dont accomodate all the ins and outs. Which would make the poll so fragmented. Its just for a general feel. Judging by current votes, the vast majority of voters wish for pvp, even under the current game mechanics. Lets see what the final results are after 7 days, but atm the pvp'rs have it in the bag. Use Your vote and make Your voice heard.
  10. easy one in a poll you want pvp or not?
  11. For real "FUN" pvp dump the entire game and rewrite it. Not going to work with Newtonian physics.
  12. Just to add, pvp under Newtonian physics that this uses, is boring as hell, unless everyone involved is slowboating, and the only way they could implement this is keep speeds below 2500kph and no flying to planets only warp. If someone else can think of a way, id be very glad to hear it. Sure you could just sit there waiting for a ship to come by at a field and shoot it, but if ship is going fast, forget about it, you would never even catch up to it, omg theres just too many reasons why pvp under newtonian physics would not work or be FUN.
  13. I really hate Your idea of clues and then you announcing where the asteroids will be, no offence but were yall smoking grass when you (NQ) came up with that idea? Asteroids fields should have Tier 1 resources in safezone, others in pew pew area's, they should be constant but can be mined out and respawned at a set time everyday, just like eveonline. Someone (noobs) have to practice, before they venture off into pvp areas, or its just a dead duck shoot. I want the pvp but i dont want to drive away all the new players and those that are to join D.U. in future. if everywhere is pvp then youll just have long time players in space and new guys planet bound. As for the sentiment "get out of here if you dont join an organisation" Jesus. Ok here,i used to be in a very sucessfull large null sec alliance in eveonline, we were running fleets all day everyday, always someone capable to lead a fleet on. I loved it, now i could not be in an alliance like that, i dont have the time, i have to work and i have a family (wife and kids) so if the game goes the way of F.O. your not in alliance then im out of game, and youll drive a lot of other players away, why cant you be inclusive FFS ? Drive people out and then you leave in future, POS who only cares about themselves having fun. Fortunatly my experience is the vast VAST majority of people here are decent HUMAN BEINGS. Rant over, oh shit ive not been here 2 months, im not supposed to speak....
  14. 4 carshes since this morning, all at different places doing different things. ive had occasional (once in 3 days) before but since patch... its to point im not going to log back in till theres a patch to fix the patch that was to fix the preevious patch that fixed the patch before that... omg its starting to sound like eve in early days.
  15. Many thanks for the full detailed information.
  16. How do i add a 2nd character to my account so i can train 2 characters at the same time? Or do i have to create a 2nd account with a new email, and can the game even run 2 accounts on same machine? Is there a limit on logins?
  17. Expectations, Nothing. Game has issues, tat need sorting out 1st so they retain their player base before they try to add new stuff to attract a lot more people, or they will lose them and may never get the majority of them back, siumilar happened to NMS, but they managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat. I hope NQ do too, really! The game could be fantastic i guess its down to bad comercial decisions of prioritisation. Like i said, IMO fix the current issues 1st, and fast. Really many of the issues should have beenn realised and dealt with before the game was ever released in any version, which do not bode well, it questions the competence of the project leaders and the executive decisions.
  18. Yep, Yep & Yep. Cant afford a proper scanner lol and yeah i need to go a lot further out to hoefully find something. 150k daily is being spent on schematics, ive dug out my scantuary spot, cant find the deeper ores if there are even and on the starter moon? and almost mined out all the surface ores, now theres a grind lol
  19. Yeah i like the game, im only hand scanning atm no way i can afford a proper scanner atm. Your right, i have been scanning relativly close to markets. As for outter planets, they a bit to far for me atm till i can afford a warp drive. *its all about the money lol) With not being able to find ores as is, and the cost of schematics if i want to try to produce stuff to earn the money for scanners ec, well its a struggle. Struggle is fine its just disheartening that all i find are empty holes everywhere. Ive even tried the moons around madis, seems there is an infestation of ore eating giant sand worms on them. I would not mind setting up on an empty zone if the ores would respawn, but i dont see the point of moving from sanctuary now, theres no reason to leave if players cant get ores as they all been mined out. To sub or not to sub? Well when i get hit with issues like this i kinda throw the toys outta the pram only to cry to mama to pick them back up for me. So im not stoping sub, just p***** about the issue, Maybe mama will give me an ice-cream soon and ill forget all about it.
  20. Im looking to get off starter moon, but everywhere i look and scan is all mined out. Will subsurface ores respawn and how long will it take? I asked in game and was told they never do. Seriously guys if thats the case, regretably im out of the game, permenently or at least until devs either stop ppl mining off territory and reset all ore deposits, or put respawn mechanisim into the game. Can someone please clarify the situation to me before i put (waste) any more time here.
  21. so when we dont play (go offline) all skill training and production halts? nah, ill pay sub and keep my stuff going thx. if game do change to pay to play then bye bye for sure.
  22. oh man, seriously! Im a new player, and had some knockdowns from the game, including a ship blowing up due to rendering issues at market place and loosing evenything i was carrying. Still that said, i like this game. I hope devs can grow the company, sustain and increase revenue to employ more programmers, artists ect to improve the game and experience for the players. I did say i would not re-sub when i was miffed about things, but i will continue with my subscription. Good Luck NQ
  23. here is the culprit of what killed me when it did not render. FFS man how can anyone do this? Its whole design it to cover the landing area to kill players, and/or put them out of the game.
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