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  1. That's why I'm just focused on building a base on Haven - property tax free - and having fun flying the ship I designed at the end of beta specifically to be able to get flying with nothing but a source of T1 and a nanopack. I did build a fuel factory and a general workshop to make things I can't nanocraft. Maybe I'll get back to bigger ships when the markets are healthier, but I don't expect to ever claim any taxable land. That was a PITA in beta and I'm just avoiding it now.
  2. Is snapping a BP to a construct a real thing now? I can get lined up within two voxels using the visual preview, but I can't actually line it up perfectly. What am I missing? What's the trick? If I could move the BP preview one voxel at a time, I could get pretty close (although not as close I as can get aligning empty cores), but the smallest step seem to be two voxels.
  3. Demolishing: In build mode you can pick up voxels and elements using their respective deploy tools (2 and 1 by default) and holding alt when you click. Pro tip: Left Alt + LMB gives you a second action on most tools. With a few exceptions, the second action is to undo whatever the tool normally does.
  4. Every hex on Sanc has better ore rates than my hex on Haven unless they nerfed it since beta. Yeah, Haven looks better, but I could live with that for adequate ore rates. When there was a way to make money, sure, I wanted to get off Sanc and do it; but I'm not seeing that now.
  5. Do Alpha players get the two weeks? I don't see anything about it under my products.
  6. You can't nanocraft gases directly. Two of the T1 ores have hydrogen as a side product. Carbon and Aluminum iirc. You can also directly make gases in the recycler.
  7. Pretty sure all the good tiles on Sanc are gone now and those of us who didn't get our STU didn't have a chance to compete.
  8. I had to relog to get it to work. I wasn't even getting to the place where I could set the market.
  9. FTUE: Good. It covers enough but is short enough to not get boring. Not too hand-holdy. Stability: Good. Performance: Good. I don't like the voice over in the intro - just not very good acting. I don't feel it at all. And I never liked Aphelia's voice lol, but as an annoying, condescending b---, the acting is good. Are the markets not working? No way to find anything on the buy/sell UI.
  10. If an org would be ready to take and hold alien cores on day 1... they probably need to get a job and move out of mom's basement. So, no big deal.
  11. I did the markee dragron thing after verifying that it's officially endorsed by NQ. They email you a code and you put it in under my products on the DU website. All worked smoothly in about 10 minutes and the DU website acknowledges my sub time. Go ahead and do it. (Or DU it)
  12. "should be"... very dangerous words with NQ, lol. I have 7 DACs, but I bought a 3 month sub. I don't mind giving them some more money for launch and it gives them a few months to work out how DAC will work. Given their track record, they may need it.
  13. Because that would be par for the course and I'm not getting a clear answer on the DAC question, I just did the markeedragon thing for 3 months at the beta rate. That should get me in as soon as the servers are up (and I can DL the patch) and give NQ 3 months to explain how to use the DAC to continue the sub.
  14. I don't think the nanocrafter ever actually ran offline... or ran at all. It's just a timer. If the input material is available and the time expires the product is stored in the container.
  15. Looks like I missed the window to buy a sub before the game releases. That really sucks. I guess there's no chance of getting a good tile again this time
  16. There are players in Star Citizen who use that game's VOIP extensively. I'm not sure why it's successful there. I still wouldn't want NQ wasting their significantly more limited dev resources on it.
  17. Will we be able to apply DAC to game time before the server opens to be ready to go as soon as it's up? And how?
  18. That would be a waste of resources. People will use discord and that doesn't tie up dev resources.
  19. Oh, so it is under the avatar. I know what a silver founder is (Silver level at the kickstarter). I don't know what a contributor is, but maybe you do.
  20. Do you want to know what level you backed at or what the perks of that level are? Your profile should show you your backer level. You used to be able to see the perks on the kickstarter page, but perk info doesn't seem to be there any more.
  21. Well said. I emotionally checked out of DU in July, but both looking forward to finally starting up for real and worried that it will suck now. I guess we'll see in five days. This time, I'll be focused on getting my own stuff going rather than trying to support a quick start for an org, so maybe it will be more fun than the start of beta (which seriously sucked).
  22. I definitely wouldn't bet on DU lasting more than a month after release lol. Do we have to pay cash to get in the door before using DAC? And will the DAC be credited before it goes live?
  23. There won't be a market for BPs until people get back on their feet. It doesn't matter if builders have BPs ready to go.
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