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  1. The MU minigame isn't much fun. (sarcasm) Fortunately it's gated by timed what ever they're called points. (/sarcasm). I'd rather be mining.
  2. We need a terrain reversion tool. Terrain reversion tool definition: a tool that would remove any terraforming changes in the area covered by the brush. It seems like this would be easy to do since terraforming is extra data applied over the proc gen. It would be useful to the players, since it would allow undoing a mistake. Also useful if you take over a territory and don't like what a previous occupant did there. AND... beneficial to NQ/DU since every undone terraforming change is less lag at render time. When we were digging thousands of tunnels, this would have been less beneficial, i.e., no one is going to spend an hour undigging a tunnel that's mostly underground. But now, this might help the game a little.
  3. Where's the fun? More of a slog than the old mining simulator.
  4. I have to say Demeter pretty much sucks so far. After spending eight hours scanning I found one hex that only sucks badly and a bunch of hexes that suck horribly. I grabbed the one that sucks badly, cause I don't have any reason to think I'll find anything better. If the ore market doesn't collapse it might pay it's own taxes. Fun on a scale of 1 to 10: -5 (that's minus 5). The calibration minigame isn't as much fun as hand mining... by a long shot. My friend found a hex that could produce 60kl coal per week... under optimal conditions... and said "not bad". (That does suck less than anything I found). He used to mine 600kl in a couple of hours. Slow production 100 fold and what happens? Economic collapse. Not optimistic.
  5. In addition to NQ's stated reasons, I suspect if you stacked the lag of physics calculations onto the lag of industry, it would kill performance. There's probably a workaround for that (like not running the industry while the ship is moving), but not worth it given the game design reasons for avoiding it.
  6. Sounds like you want a WWII dogfighting game. There are plenty of them.
  7. Combat was more fun before shields. First, let me say when I want to avoid combat, shields are great. Most of the time the shield gives me time to escape without taking any damage. But with shields, what is the meta? Solo L core or dual-boxed dual seat L core for more weapons. The meta sacrifices shield-down survivability in exchange for single player piloting/gunning and better acceleration. What did we have before shields? You had to have armor which put a limit on both acceleration and minimizing cross section. You also had to have repair crew on board, so even if you're using a single pilot/gunner, combat was still multi-crew. Whether piloting, gunning, or running around trying to keep the ship from blowing up, the team play was just more fun than what we have now. I suppose fleet play is also team play, but so far, I don't feel it the same way. I don't particularly want shield removed from the game because most of the time I want to avoid combat, but I do want combat to be fun when I do want to do it. Thoughts?
  8. I would do a vertical tail sitter landing on Ion. Yeah, that planet is a PITA.
  9. They said in the vlog that it would be several days between maintenance on mining units. They may have the period shortened for testing in the PTS.
  10. As long as every tile produces enough to pay the tax, I don't think there's a long term problem although it will kill PVP if no one can afford to field a combat ship. It will certainly kill territory combat if only players with the best tiles can afford to field combat units. Combat will be reduced to strong players bullying weak players for no gain... oh wait... that's what it is now lol. My short term worry is this: Will I have enough left after paying tile taxes to buy mining units after several weeks of waiting for mining units to make it to the market?
  11. Good piloting will solve your brake problem. You actually only need airbrakes because we don't have wheels. Even so, you only need brakes to kill the last few kph and even that can be done by cutting the hovers in a pinch. Practice! You don't have to be that extreme. I've been building with plenty of braking with the brakes on the outside and unobstructed since alpha. Sure, I can't parachute from the edge of space, but I have braking that can only be described as easy mode on most of my ships. I will miss the Khonsu (prototype) someone bought for me a long time ago which will no longer have any braking at all in atmo. But it will make a nice ramp decoration.
  12. Of course this is a move to slow players down which has a number of benefits for NQ. They're mixed benefits for us too. That said, I completely agree with the OP. NQ, don't slow us down so much that it stops being fun!
  13. Why do you think this? I think people will warp to a planet, scan, set up a base with a mining unit and either recover the ore by warp or put up missions for haulers to move the ore to where they need it. Most people will stay out of the PVP zone except for the pro-haulers and whatever you call the players who attack unarmed ships (they're certainly not PVPers).
  14. There is one there, but I don't know if it's public. I expect there will be a public one when construction is complete. I did find out that not all the cores are deployed yet, but most are. Actual building lags behind core deployment of course, but it's pretty big already.
  15. Vertex tool looks great. Complexity limits worries me a little, but I rarely use reactors so I'm probably OK.
  16. The Empire's station (under construction) is 184 L cores. I don't know if all the cores are deployed yet.
  17. I'd rather not mess with redoing talents, but at least it's not everything. I would be perfectly happy with keeping the mining talents and just queuing the mining unit talents. I don't expect to be able to get any mining units quickly anyway... there's time for the queue to run.
  18. I'm hoping that too. Just getting it on the table so they know someone cares about that.
  19. It would be nice if we could get planet positions and sizes too. Like a function that returns data about the most influential planet/moon atm (by gravity). Yeah, I have a script that has those hard coded too, but that's gonna be f-ing useless when the next system comes in.
  20. It's a lot cheaper in C and already being calculated there. Small differences matter when you're doing it every frame.
  21. Don't take anything you can't afford to lose into PVP zone. You will eventually get ganked unless you're flying with a fleet of dedicated war ships. That said, unplanned PVP encounters are rare, especially if you stay out of the pipe. It happens more often at asteroids, but still it's only around 10% of the time. (One successful trip to an asteroid will probably pay for replacement of your ship), Warp is an exception for now. During warp you're safe and the planetary end points of warp are safe. That will change eventually. If you don't have T5 armor, a large shield, exotic lasers, and level 5 talents, you are not equipped to win open PVP. Better to keep your ship cheap so it's easily replaceable and save your PVP ships for training with friends until you can get the above equipment... and easily afford to replace it.
  22. Completely agree!!! I wish I'd known we had quaternions. I use those all the time in Second Life scripting. Much better than Euler vectors even if harder to interpret visually. Please keep them. And document them better lol. JC said a long time ago that we would eventually get access to orbital parameters, which I know the game engine has because you need them to draw the trajectory line. Will we get these? I'd rather not calculate them in Lua - we don't need more sources of lag.
  23. It's actually useful, but there's too much of it. An it really shouldn't happen if docking is allowed but you haven't hit the "dock" button yet.
  24. I said that in general chat in game and got a lot of push back from the PVPers. They certainly thought there were non-PVP (or at least non-combat) uses for the exploit. It does give a slight advantage for moving stuff in atmo, but that's pretty minor. I'm not sure what other non-combat advantage they had in mind. The advantage in combat is that the ship can have higher acceleration without incurring a cross-section cost. Target cross-section affects hit probability.
  25. I have a weird problem with the remote control element. I can activate it and everything looks OK, but I can't adjust the throttle with either scroll wheel or R/T. Also alt-R doesn't toggle Cruise Control, although I can switch it by clicking on the UI. There's no script error reported. I've tried this with both the pilot (flying) autoconfig and with my usual custom script (which works on both hover seats and command seats. Has anyone else seen this? Is there something I might be doing wrong? Is my account just messed up?
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