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  1. You will have access to that info once you have NDA clearance
  2. Its quite easy to take stuff from unarmed ppl. I will have fun hunting you down
  3. So did i. The pizza at the restaurant was good but i had to come back and vacuum the house. PS: <<End Transmission 20200127:14:54:97>>
  4. ep1 ep2 ep3 https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/index.htm https://www.lua.org/pil/1.html But take into account that while Lua is a very simplified language. It is still a programming language (actually a scripting language). Programming is hard, specially if you want to make good programs. Ppl spend years in collage learning how to program. With expert teachers teaching them the best practices. It will not be easy for you to reach that level of good programming just with 3 manuals and stackoverflow.
  5. Ppl have a passion for nukes! But matter antimatter reations are much more powerfull. And maybe we could have a black hole gun that would remove entire systems from game. Now think of an impact of an entire system being destroyed with a single shot. That would be a valid tactic. For sure would kill the enemy. But at what cost? What would happen to the 10000 players living in that system? Rage quit? What would happen to the planets and its resources? For what? So 1 single guy would have some fun for 10 secs? How great the game would be with this in? Nukes and other WMDs would not take down an entire system but would still create allot of colateral damage and would be the fun of 1 over the sadness of 100. So i agree that DU should not have any WMD.
  6. I would like you to give me a glass of wate, please. Can you please give me a glass or water? Can i have a glass of water please? Basically you use "can you" our "i would like" and add "please" . Simple recipe.
  7. I would say any modern internet connection has enough mb/s to support any game. Ping is not a issue. But as all games i (strongly) advise a low packet loss connection. So i would stay away from home wireless and 3g,4g in a low covered /saturated zone.
  8. discordauth:HltnzbX5MVDvG1lW1qdawsVqB-ayiAM842jGUMUcURQ=

  9. Hi, Im Joao Cordeiro from Portugal and im a cloud architect. I know Lua and have made some scripts in the game From the Depths Im liking this game so far and I hope for a huge lua API so i can script lots of things. Thank you discordauth:HltnzbX5MVDvG1lW1qdawsVqB-ayiAM842jGUMUcURQ=
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