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  1. A little off topic. But, by far, the best "we dont have a clue" moment from NQ was a youtube AMA when JC was dreaming about the possibility of stealth bases underground and how hard it would be to find them and in the next question some one asks how hard is it to find them when you can only make a base in your owned territory and those can be seen in the planet map. That was the time when JCs face went from "dreaming" to "no F clue" in less then 10 secs.
  2. I am against the pain of grinding. And i am in favor of most mining being done AFK. But this does not mean i like the idea of removing one entire feature from the game. I think ppl willing to mine should be able to mind, just like Empyrion. You can set autominers but you can also dig a hole and go mine. Empyrion also provides the solution for the growing world voxel problem. From time to time the tunnels dug by players close up. But while writing this reply, something occurred to me. What if NQ's problem isn't just the database size but also the database traffic? What if they found out they can reduce the database speed(and cost) if players dont keep sending voxel change updates?
  3. I think most ppl have terra forming-> dig tool in max. It is now useless. So yes, full reset.
  4. "A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs." Do we have a complete feature set? Maybe we should not even call this Beta. But being a MMO, this is bound to have new features every patch, even after release. The question is more about the state of each feature. Are all the options, menus, mechanics of each feature, complete? If yes then that specific feature is in beta stage. So I could swing both ways on this being alpha or beta. The bottom point is, either alpha or beta, Bugs are expected. And database resets are also expected.
  5. Can you tell me a game that did not wipe before release? That beta stuff was kept?
  6. Then why do we even have to mine? Why dont they give us admin tools and we build their "player-based" content? Thats the BS you tell your self to justify that a wipe should not happen. But the reality is that we are here for a beta test. When things break during beta, the developer has to fix. If the current player data(aka quanta and assets) is broken because of bugs (and its exploits) it has to be fixed. The only reason they promised not to wipe was to make all the alpha players to warn their friends with: "This is it! If you dont buy your subscription now you will be years behind current players"
  7. I believe and allways have believed that a game should release with a full wipe. But NQ promised players that their beta stuff would count for release...... NQ was wrong in letting the money of the new subscriptions be more important than the fairness of a buggy beta game. The effects of 4 ppl exploiting the game do not only affect those 4 ppl. Their ammunition suppliers got richer because they sold the ammo at an higher price to the exploiters, their factions used their factories mounted with exploit money, their alies were defended by ships mounted with exploit money. Their competition was destroyed because they could not compete with an exploiter. How about those other 100 exploits? How about all those ships with staked engines? How about those players that did not use that exploit? How about the tutorial exploits? It is naive to think only 4 ppl were affected.... If we are to make a wipe to correct the impact of ppl using exploits there is only one alternative. A full wipe. Having said this, every wipe has to have a reason. This patch only requires the planet terrain to be wiped. And in my opinion, there is no point on doing a full wipe now. Bugs still exist. Exploits still exist. New features will bring new bugs and exploits. A full wipe should only happen if there is a technical requirment or at release.
  8. Why wipe everything except constructs? There is no technical requirement to wipe those other things, just the world voxels. So the reason to wipe something else is to make a gameplay reset, maybe for players to have a fresh start with this new set or rules. So why would NQ leave constructs out of a full wipe meant for a fresh start? It looks to me that you have tailored this wipe you proposed to your specific needs.
  9. Probably not, because they went with a new spherical grid. I assume this will fix altitude related issues when scanning.
  10. What changed in this 2 years that made this unpredictable? Could they see how much players were digging 2 years ago and calculate the what 24 months of that delta would create in the database?
  11. So, what could they not predict? The amount of ore they placed? The amount of ore each player mined? By how much did they fail to calculate? PS: "Servers don't always scale linearly" What? When did the server scale? They could have calculated this 2 years ago... the world was the same as it is and players were mining like crazy like they are now.
  12. LOL So they could not calculate an average if meters of digging per ore node? And then calculate the amount of changed voxels per meter? And then multiply by the number of nodes in the game?
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