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  1. Its 5 dolars. You can watch youtubers playing it. You can give us your specs for us to confirm if its playable. But you wont play for free. If you dont have 5 bucks to try, how will you have 5 bucks to pay if you like it?
  2. Pulsars can be placed where ever you want on what ever direction you want just like AGG itself. Do not need to be on the outside.
  3. Buy more beta keys, so NQ can hire more core programmers to fix performance issues. (having 32 or more ram also helps. Going away from the starter areas also helps)
  4. I think the 3 inner planets should remain pvp free. But we definitely need atmo pvp on the other planets. (but please NQ warn us about the changes before those happen, and I mean US, all players, not just a few favorite players) I think that any radar should have a bigger range than any weapon. I think that weapons should not have an optimal range equal to max range. Weapon range should be big but with a near 0% CTH at max range. And yea, damage could be a little lower.
  5. b) no. AGG are limited by core size: Xs and S cores cant use AGGs. M core uses S AGG. L core uses M AGG. L AGG is a useless item because nothing uses it. The AGG is a big item (around the volume of 2L containers for the S) The AGG needs pulsars linked to it to work. The S AGG can work with between 4 and 6 pulsars. a) AGGs have 2 values the altitude set by the player and the current AGG altitude. If the player changes the altitude, the AGG will SLOWLY change its internal altitude to it (5m/s) AGG has a minimal alt of 1000m and i have tested at least 10km of max(can probably do more) if the ship is close to the AGG altitude (like 100m) the AGG will create a force to move the ship to the AGG altitude. This force will counter any mass the ship has and can raise any ship and any cargo. The AGG takes a few seconds to generate this force. So if the ship is droping to fast(50km/h) there is a good chance the AGG will not do its job and the ship falls. Im a summary: An AGG can hold your ship at an alt without spending fuel, independent of its mass and its cargo. The AGG can make your ship raise altitude, even reach space, but very very slow(5m/s) Using regular engines horizontally will efectivly move the ship maintaining altitude.
  6. Anti-gravity generator. Its a endgame "hover engine" that works above 1000m and does not need fuel.
  7. False alarm. Apparently i was too close to a market and some dude 2km away was continuing my ship's physics... (just not my AGG....)
  8. No I'm not. I'm saying Griefing is allowed. But I also said is against my moral values. The lobbying I'm referring to making Safe zones smaller so griefing can happen much closer to the spawn. Also, the one that wants to enable other forms of PVP like mechanisms steal sanctuary territory. This would make griefing deeper. But allowed. I will continue to suggest new rules and boundaries to NQ to restrict griefing.
  9. yes. I was simply replying to the op, countering that "bad PvPers" were not pirates but griefers. I never said they were breaking the rules.
  10. According to the rules, griefing is allowed on the PVP zones. Yes But makes you a "bad PvPer" that every one hates.
  11. Good to know that there is no other definition.... No you should not be banned. But you should be despised by the community. In the same way you should not go to jail if you sue an orphanage for a 10 day delay in payment. But you should be despised by the community. The law (in the orphanage) and the rules(in DU) are with you. But the morality of the situation is not.
  12. Me and the entire internet disagree. Im still waiting for that URL that you "could" link to me with a "most common definition"
  13. Griefing is not the 1st kill. Griefing is when you make sure that player will never be able to play the game. Is when you decide to camp his broken core, because you know he will come back to check what is left and you kill him again. And you do this 10 times. You are not gaining a strategic advantage there. You are just feeding your needs with that player's desperation and grief.. I am against that. And I'm not trying to convince you its right or wrong. But it is a definition that me and a good amount of players agrees as being a red line. One we don't cross. One that empties servers. One that classifies, in our values, a bad person and a bad PvPer.
  14. 1 - You still have not provided me with 1 single URL that supports your claim that griefing does not apply to MMOs 2 - The definition of griefing is killing a player again and again and again making sure he feels miserable. Not to kill him 1 time. Who is now the 'but you obviously only care about yourself and what you think is "right". ' ?? I'm just replaying to the op saying what (In my opinion) is a "bad PvPear" not trying to change obvious definitions.
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