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  1. I agree with you, but, some of the players complained about the lack of depth into industry and industry talents. Saying that everyone could do everything without any commitment. This is a reaction to that complaining. The result is bad, but we can say they "shit" on the playerbase when it was a result of hearing to it.
  2. I dont think this is intended. Just a side effect from the overload of work.
  3. If you start from the button and go up, you can clear those easly. That button is a very light "nice to have" Because if NQ was to implement that, then the following would also be implemented: Clear all buy and sell orders on market. Clear all RDMS policies, tags, rules and actors Clear all friends on contact list. Clear all lua code on a unit. Clear all chat on chat window. Clear all bookmarks. And there are some, more important, "clear all" to implement. Like clear all voxels and elements of a construct.
  4. Are you trying to get points with @[BOO] Sylva? Thinking of applying to them? It was "your", without a Y.. Gonna fix it
  5. Little of topic, but why? Only issue I have against Epic is the lack of Linux support. (not that it would matter with DU)
  6. Yea. But you kind of do. In a indirect way. What PPL say on this forum and how they say it, counts for being accepted on your group. Edit: for got a "Y". on "your"
  7. Yea, lets stay on the topic. What do you think about adding DU to steam or epic?
  8. Steam is good for: Make a game known. Provide a download and update platform. Adding "friends", steam overlay, achievements to games. DU has all of those(except overlay). Changing those to steam would increase development costs instead of cutting those by using a known API. Steam is bad for: Sharing a huge % of profit. Enforcing a business model. Reviews on buggy games.
  9. Then what would not be ok in your opinion? Would direct links to "Starbase's apply here for early access" be ok?
  10. Maybe. I guess. If it's that, 1 less negative point.
  11. Exactly the same you have to give me this response.
  12. Please, PM me about who was the post referencing. And do you think it was acceptable to register an account on the competition's forum and call anyone of the community "annoying lurkers" on the 1st post? Sure this topic was about how DU community feels about NQs mistakes But comparing the DU to another game, a special one protected by no public alpha/beta can be an unfair promotion of the other game. Just gave you that warning. Not because I love warnings nor because I wanna make you all sad about the warning. But because promoting a game that will have its early access in less than a month can be very damaging for the continuation of subscriptions and DU. Can I report this to NQ? Sure, moderation will be done next week, when the damage is done. Do I have the right to warn you guys: Yes. Do I have the right to react to LauriFB: Yes.
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