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  1. Look, its all about perspective. 1st the game is in beta. This by it self should nullifying most if not all of your complaints. 2nd. computer programs have different areas of code. An incomplete game(or simply badly coded) can have a avarage run below 40% and later have a spike and even crash because of exhausted resources. So talking about avarage values is useless. To understand what is happening you would need to make graphic with 100ms precision. 3rd. When ppl reply to you suggesting you to buy more ram or better cpu, they are not calling you pc
  2. Thats a very simplistic way of putting what happened into words. There were 2 fronts in this battle. The industrialists that wanted everything to be player only traded, under the flag of "player driven economy, facing me and 2 other ppl. And then, there was the unrealistic commonality of T4 ans T5 ores at the beginning of beta. We all agreed(even the ones gaining advantage) that there was a problem. Many fixes could have been implemented: The world could have been reseted with a much lower distribution of rare ore. Bot buy orders cou
  3. Not saying they are. Just saying that every NQ's failure or success, someone said "do it" and someone said "dont do it". This creates an 100% probability of an "i told you so"
  4. Current tutorials provide a good source of exploitable income... All of that was reported to NQ back in September. But are still availabe to players. We have also seen the exploiting ore buy orders on sanctuary moon that capture new player's tutorial sell orders. Tutorials should happen in a sandbox mode without any connection to real DU universe. Players should have the tutorial on login menu, instead of logging in to the shard.
  5. I never said 32gb was a requirement. But with memory leaks all over the place, the memory usage will slowly increase. From my m8s experience, players with 16 or less were having crashes in a 3 hours interval. While ppl with 32 or more were were able to play for 5 hours and usually had to restart the game duo to performance issues instead of crashing. Of couse that several other factors are involved in here. Other crap installed in your computer, like streaming, anti-virus, having 9999 tabs opened in Chrome... Gameplay style. Traveling to
  6. I would say that 16gb is dangerously near the limit. All ppl i know saw a big improvement in stability in upgrading to 32GB. Having a NVME ssd is also a good upgrade if you dont have it already.
  7. But that is to be expected. Since for every suggestion, someone else gave a counter suggestion.
  8. Look, im not saying that it does not happen. But its not frequent. But the alternative is ppl using fetch to place ships in orbit or get ships from orbit. Or have NQ do some spaghetti code to decide when fetch ia allowed or not, and then have 1 new topic every week with some dude not understanding how fetch works. If occurrences are low, just ask a GM to help you when it happens. If you found the trigger of the bug, report it to NQ and try not to trigger it(if there is a cave below your base, move your base or dont land on your base)
  9. I fully agree with you. I sugest that there is a menu, when placing a core, where you choose out of 3 forms: 1 - cube - current cube with 100%x100%x100% 2 - square box with 140%x140%x50% (usefull for winged planes) 3- pole with 200%x70%x70%
  10. I never had a de-sync making me fall from a ship. I did fall many times from ships for being careless. I had this happened because of 4 issues: 1 - player forgot to buy a respawn node 2 - respawn node was not activated 3 - respawn node got destroyed in crash 4 - server had some heavy maintenance and respawn nodes were reseted. The only thing that is actually NQ fault is the 4th. Every thing else was the player's responsibility. Also, as was already stated, NQ will respond to any uncommon bugs. And if this occurrences become fre
  11. Can you provide an example of a legit bug that left a player stranded more than 4km away from his ship?
  12. I feel like fetch is an unbugging tool. What this means is: "if your construct cannot be recovered in any other way, fetch" "any other way" also includes paying some dude to give you a ride to your ship.
  13. Too many new players fetching xs cores with L containers from dig sites to markets...
  14. To give you a free pice of land where you can park your stuff without any fear of rule change or new mechanics.
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