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  1. This is not just a presentation of the new org but also a complaint about several issues players experience
  2. Nope, I think you are envy of the attention AC is getting even at its downfall.
  3. You are not representative of what ppl care or not. You can only talk for your self and your 2 or 3 minions. But even that fails. Because if you truly did not care, you would not be replying to this thread. To me its pure envy.
  4. Im saying they have a digital database. If they use it or not, is their problem. But they certainly can use it and gather the data i pointed out. So, Yes, they do have a way to know the difference.
  5. BS. they have logs of where ppl were at logout and when combat started. They can figure out if a spy was used to track a ship or if he entered the ship after pvp started.
  6. This answer is not for you jokers, but for new players that might actualy not know who AC is. When beta started there were several minor and major orgs around. Some wanted to colonize some planet, others wanted to make elements, others to mine, others to design ships, others to enslave noobs into forced labor, etc. But at that time, PVP was a huge pile of bugs that NQ called "code" So, non PVP oriented orgs were very unsure on how to do PVP, why do it, and most important, the consequences of PVP. Most of those orgs were founded by alpha or pre
  7. No its not. If you see a "abandoned" construct you can walk all over it and explore it, it being a base or a ship. But you cant stay there, by hidding or logging out. This means that you should not "EXPLOIT" this mechanic to cause harm to that player and his ship. You cannot use your logged out avatar to track a ship going into the pvp zone. You cannot use your inventory mass to cause mass issues to that player. In the end its quite simple to understand: if your action is going to cause damages to that player, you can be banned....
  8. There are areas levels of wipe. 1 - Terrain+ore 2 - Constructs+container contents+territories 3 - Quanta+Orgs+missions 4 - Talents In my opinion the current ore model is unsustainable. We cant expect ppl to spawn on planets full of holes and have a good game experience. So i would say that wipe 1 (terrain and ore) is 100% garantied. With so many bugs and exploits, it would be fair to do a full quanta and construct wipe to make every one star from zero. Not even leaving "magic" blueprints. But i would also agree with a full
  9. .............................................. Dude................. You know what NQ is talking about.... If you use the boarding mechanism to board a ship without authorization = exploit If you use your L railgun to make a 10 by 10 hole in a ship and EVA in = not exploit
  10. To tell you guys the truth i would really like to try this new added stuff (asteroids, auto-miners, missions) but i have a problem.... My NVME ssd has 250GB. And having DU + DU PTS installed + cache.... It would add up to 80-100GB. And i have allot of games to play besides DU. So if i get a new ssd and after this current things are upgraded to regular server, i will probably play it again.
  11. Hi dude, what happened to you? (missing since November) Everything ok in RL?
  12. I don't have any doubts about this.... There were several threads before beta asking for NQ o halt beta. Some related to PVP mechanics being in pre alpha stage, with none working prof of concept code. Others stating the still visible "pending operations" issue. Others like me stating the hundreds of unsolved bugs and the image that youtube videos would give to DU. Some ppl I know tried to help with the bad image that was certain to happen, by creating videos, trying to explain fun stuff to noobs and move the attention from the issues. But the issues were visible, reported, in the hund
  13. After a timer ends. So the guy that finds it will have a head start to mine or sell the info.
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