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  1. Sure every one knows what 5% is, in a single level. But how about level 2? Do we add 10% to the level 0? Or do we add 5% to level 1? Let me give you examples. lets say 4000 base: Level 1 = 4000 + 200 = 4200. (Up to here, no doubt.) Level 2 = 4000 + 200 + 200 = 4400 ? Or Level 2 = Level1 + 5%Level1= 4200 + 210 = 4410? 4th grade mathematics says its 4000 + 10% of 4000. But game logic says you gain 5% per level, and its a assumed its 5% on top of the previous level. When your boss tells you that you will get a 5% raise, he is not talking 5% relative to your 1st paycheck on the company he is talking about about 5% increase relative to your current value. Do you see the issue? Do you see how your "EXACTLY" is just a product of you not paying proper atention on what i said?
  2. I already implied the solution. But I will say it directly: This problem is not caused by the ownership of markets or by the lack of rules. This is caused by a technology decision by NQ and will not change in the near future. This situation can happen in any territory. Regardless of being a market. Here are some examples: Some guy claims the territory right next to you and places 10000 constructs there. You have no way of preventing it. Some guy claims a territory right next to you and simply goes AFK while stuff accumulates there. You get your own market, but some faction does not like it. Instead of just blowing it off, they just make it laggy and warn you that any action against their constructs will be an act of war. Some big faction just spams your territory with constructs, faster than you can delete/transport them. The solution is in game laws. Major factions have to agree on punishment to law infractors: Direct hostility. Trade sanctions. Denial of PVP protection This is a player driven civilization. This is what you wanted.
  3. So many good ideas were scraped because of "player driven economy" This is just a side effect. When PPL say that "laws" should be made by players and enforced by players, then those same people need to understand that no faction, holding any kind of power, that has any interest to enforce this kind of "law". Some could say that such faction has no way to enforce that law as it is on a pvp free zone, But it's just a lie. IF BOO said: "we will make your ships a priority target if you don't remove all those adds" then those adds would quickly be removed. You guys wanted all deregulated, all in the hands of the players. Now, don't complain to the admins, fix the issues as players.
  4. Look, at some point, container range(and other talents) was calculated in the way I expressed. Maybe they changed it. What I'm saying is that "+5%" notation is simply bad and can lead to a lot of miss interpretation. You can see some of this bad interpretation here in this forum. One clear example is that 75%... So lets say they did it in your way: 100% + 5%*level. This leads to 1.25 or 125% But the inverse of 125%, 1/1.25 is not 0.75 or 75%..... it is 80%. 125% of 4000 is 5000 80% of 5000 is 4000 75% of 5000 is 3750 So doing the reverse operation we get: Minned_with_out_talent = quantity_scanned * 0.8 This is the problem with that +X% notation. PPL tend to think that they can do -X% to reverse it. They fail to understand that it is a multiplication and not a sum. 125% of a quantity is not the inverse of 75% of that quantity. So I urge all (NQ inclusive) to stop using "+5%" and start using "105%" ! That way ppl will understand it's a multiplication and not a sum.
  5. I have no idea if it was nerfed or not. I gave up on this game 3 months ago. I was just explaining the correct way to calculate the bonus.
  6. I get you, but the notation +5% is flawed and can create this type of miss interpretation "+5%" is translated to "100%+5%" = 105% = 1.05 as in X=Y*1.05 The miss interpretation is that level 3 would equal to +5%+5%+5% = 15% but this is not correct. Because the correct interpretation is level 3 equal to 1.05*1.05*1.05 = 1.157625 or in your notation +15.7625 % This change makes ppl believe that NQ does not know how to make basic math with 5+5+5 ending up at 15.7625 while the reality is that ppl don't understand how the calculation was done.
  7. In math there is no such thing as "+ 5% ore extracted". Because in math 5%=5/100 = 0.05. So if we were to exacly put +5% ore extracted we would have 4000l + 0.05l bonus = 4000.05l In math you got PostSkillAmount=PreSkillAmmount * 1.05^LevelOfSkill 4000 * 1.05^5 = 4000 * 1.276... = 5105.12625 In general NQ applies +X skills and +Y% skills as: PostSkillAmount = [ PreSkillAmmount + ( XLevel * Xbonus ) ] * ( 1 + YBonus/100 ) ^ YLevel
  8. PVP. But not this anarchy PVP. Also, what PVE? Would it have NPC ships? If yes and those NPCs could be challenging smart, i would not mind trying some PVE. Basicaly, im making a point that you cannot frame the never ending debate around PVP fairness and sustainability by asking this simple question. Complicated issues have complicated solutions. Thinking other wise is either beinh naive or manipulative.
  9. There are several diferences between dayz and DU: Dayz is 100% a griefing game. No one will play it thinking its minecraft or fair. Neither it has 5 other pilars beside pvp. You can get to full gear in less then 10 hours of gameplay and acceptable gear in 2 hours. Dayz has several servers and with a max capacity below 100 players. Dayz players can chose if they want to encounter other players by changing to another server. It is realistically impossible for a org/clan to hunt one single man with a group of 30 guys Dayz players can procede with care and avoid fights with larger groups by properly scouting the area. Dayz players can easly run away from an engagement with the enemy. It is fairly easy to start a new life in dayz just by spawning on a new location or even change server. Unmoded dayz does not inform you the identity of your enemy, making anonymous attacks possible. A fresh spawn can kill a fully geared player.
  10. If only ppl could click on my profile and read what I wrote and see how you are BSing as usual.
  11. I just stopped to say "I told you so". Several months ago I warned against PVPers that get their joy from the misery of others. I warned about the lack of mechanics to protect new players or lone players and small orgs. I told you guys about how it was very unrealistic to create a civilization with game addicted persons. I told you would how pvp would be very asymmetric. I told you how the game would end up only having PVPers and lose a player base. At that time, most of you engaged me, some in a very harsh manner. Now I see some of those some guys defending the points I was defending. In my opinion, now, it's too late... So I am just sitting here eating popcorn. Have fun.
  12. If we define the EVE audience as a mass, yes, DU is a game that is intended and required to appeal to that mass. Both economically but also to fulfill the "civilization building game" objective. The average programmer in the US is paid $65k yearly. Assuming 10% taxes and $50k and a $10 per month per subscription we get: 55000 /10 /12 = 458.33 This means that for each low paid programmer DU will need to have 460 paying uses, not even counting IT infrastructure costs. In the end, if this game falls below 5000-10000 players the project is dead. 5000-10000 players is "appealing to the 'masses'"
  13. The lack of a sociologist that understands what drive players to play monthly based subscription games. The entire company is run with a programmer/engineer mid set. Ppl that like math, that like true or false choices. But there are professionals that study what attracts people to videos, games, movies, theme parks, adventures. Those ppl can easily point out the difference between a working program and an appealing app. Between realism and pain. Between freedom and anarchy. More stuff of course but this is the main issue.
  14. I'm going to grade changes that would make this game a success by difficulty of implementation: Easy [Lack of RP] Direct in-game Voip -> being able to say "hi" to someone you see in the game, either to know their intentions or simply RP is 100% necessary. Idle icon on top of players. So we can know when someone is AFK and not waste our time trying to be friendly... (related to the above) [Mining too boring] Bring back economy stabilizers adding all element item buy orders and sell orders, making possible someone to make a ton of quanta if they take the risk to mine it. Also be able to buy elements that players don't make available on that market if they don't mind the price. This is realy important to reduce the amount of boring mining everyone has to do. It's a joy to find a T5 node and mine it, it's a pain to mine 100 T1 nodes........ [Travel too boring] Make surrogates fully capable again. Players should have fast travel. Even a 10 minute run is too boring and other games have fast travel for that. 3 hours in DU.... Cargo is a job (like mining), if someone likes to spend their afternoon seeing stars go by and watching the radar for enemies, it's their profession. But other players, that just need to go someplace, without any valuable item on them, need to be able to do it instantly and free of charge and risk. [Crafting too boring] Stop complicating crafting and adding huge crafting times to every step. Sure the game needs a good amount of items to make the economy variate but "good amount" is not equal to infinite. It does not need to be realistic. Make it as simple as possible but variated. Look at factorio for example. Something like an element not needing more than 4 ingredients and making an element never needing more than 5 jumps between raw ore to element: Raw ore -> pure -> alloy simple part -> complicated part -> element (example of a complicated t5 element). Moderate Make a profession system of quests where if someone enters the freighter quest line, they will be asked to transport stuff from planet to planet, mining will require them to deliver X amount of Y ore, crafting will require them to craft Z element. Add Npcs, simple ones, just an avatar running around nothing too smart. Allow them to talk (via text) and interact with quests. Add security zones with different levels where PPL will be allowed to do more hostile actions with less consequence. Allow Creative mode on a "simulator" sandbox, so PPL can create without having the materials. Add random events, like "an asteroid rich in T5 has entered the system and will exit the system in 10 days"; "Some asteroid rich in T4 disintegrated on Ion atmosphere, this area of Ion's surface is now full of its chunks"; "Ark ship's main Natron storage just reacted with a volatile gas, Base prices of Natron on Alioth inflated by 10" Hard Add NPC Constructs: Police, army, scientists, pirates, etc. Link them to quests, events, security zones, etc. Add NPC Combat avatars working as teams. Implement a Faction rating system based on quest to the point the player can call for a military ship to support him on an engage. Final notes: 1 - I have not been playing the game for months, I apologize if some of these suggestions are already implemented. 2 - Painful realism is only fun the 1st time. After that it becomes chronic pain. (much like RL) 3 - For all those who may disagree with one or more points: I don't care about you. Really, To me this game is already dead. And its dead thanks to some of your opinions. I only replied because NQ asked what could be done, and I'm not gonna hide and not answer. So I really did not write this text for you neither I will come rushing to reply to you. What ever you are going to say, "you win". GL NQ.
  15. How about you read the post again instead of saying BS above your player paygrade... Ppl can use multiple accounts at the same time as long as does not mess up the anti-cheat - > not on the same computer... PS: current players getting multiple subscriptions is probably a economical "must" at this point.
  16. Lots of ppl betting on that. But can designing pretty voxel ships be a lasting objective? What ever the answer is, its not my type of game. I like to feel rewarded emotionally when i make a good decision on a game. I dont feed on other ppl grief to get satisfaction.
  17. Lol. I wish this was like cyberpunk. Cyberpunk only failed on releasing the game full of stupid small bugs. But it is still a great game. I was lucky to get it for pc(the least buggy version) And yes i saw all sorts for bugs and crashes. Had to save every 30 secs to make sure a game bug would not roll me back 2 hours. And i was kind of disapointed with the damage system. But then i found out about hacks and it kind of compensated. That said, cyberpunk is a dramatic masterpiece. The city colors, the quests rich with story, the horror, the hope, the rage, the sadness, the joy. At the end of game i felt like i lost a close friend. (I definitely recommend ppl to play it for the story) What does DU have to compensate the bugs? Does it have story? Quests? Hope? Joy? Does it make us feel something besides boredom or grief?
  18. The devs imagined a world where transport was only required for cargo. Where a ship could be manned by who ever was online, regardless of their, in-game, location. Where ppl could escape griefers with a single click and play elsewhere. Where we could meet and play with our friends from second 1. They imagined something that allot of games have. (diablo, fallout, etc) They imagined something that would make players enjoy the funny parts of the game instead of spending several hours per day seeing a SU counter going down. But then some group of ppl, a very very small group, not representative of the general player population, gave the devs a bad review. Without any publicity consulting, just based on this "powerfull players" review, devs went back on what they imagined. The lack of spine was so huge that they even came up with a lie that they "always intended surrogate to only be used by streamers". Almost like we could not replay JC announcing the surrogate feature, on youtube, and saying what they intended it to be. From the many bad calls that NQ did over the years, this is the one i cannot forgive. Not the nerf of the feature but the lie.
  19. But why are you trying to create a set reset switch when we already have counters?
  20. I am assuming you want a xor gate to make a double switch door or something similar. Use a 2counter and replace switches with buttons. Use the impulses of buttons to change the counter status. Use or gates to aggregate buttons. Button->or->2C->door Button-> For a delayed door button->relay->delay->or->2C->door ->--------->
  21. If you reduce the self-awareness of players to goats, you are not expected to retaliate when they get slaughtered. Either we have the good sense to understand what is and is not acceptable as beta testers or we are treated and punished like children.
  22. Im assuming everyone is legally accepting the service terms. Meaning they have to be over aged.
  23. We are all adults here. NQ is not our mother and does not have to hide every "knife" away from us like we are 3 years old. I strongly belive that NQ only banned ppl that really abused the exploit. And probably even with previous record of exploits. Let thia be a warning so no one says "i did not think i would be banned" next time.
  24. We all have to take a step back. Many argue that NQ is taking allot of time to fix bugs and reply to tickets(this is a near fact IMO) But how does that justify the actions on the banned players? How does exploiting every bug they saw, creating database holes all over the place, help the developers have more time to fix stuff? Im all into experimenting and reporting bugs, thats our function as beta testers. But do it once and report it. Dont do it 1000 times...
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