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  1. Find the meganodes for me and then take a cut of my mining, just want a chill mining simulator for a bit. give me a shout i think i saw one saying 90/10 split
  2. What do you think i am referring to? I am referring to the fact they refused to take away schematics that were bought at prices caused by a bug which is clearly something they have said won't be tolerated, yet here we are. if you are talking about .23, i dont have an issue with it, i have an issue with inaction which is turning into a bit of a pattern regarding those who take advantage of errors, bugs, exploits.
  3. Apologies but the point is nothing of the sort. Many players love to use the excuse of 'it is a beta expect this', I loathe this because generally it has been used regarding things that would only be acceptable if there was a wipe pre release; in the case of your hour being lost, well that would be unfortunate but they absolutely should have done it (I would have felt this way even if i was online at the time i assure you) because these sort of mistakes are the butterflies that kill a sandbox later on down the line. Regardless of any of that I have already explained to
  4. The reduction of schematic costs and refund was actually easier, all they would have needed was all players who bought a certain item at any time; no need to worry about what happened to that item, all they had to do was refund x amount of quanta to that player. If they don't have additional meta data such as sell timestamp and then logging on trades they won't be able to sort the discussed issue so there is still a question of how extensive their auditing is.
  5. I have paid monthly for 3 accounts put a couple hundred into the game, would probably be more up for playing it if a wipe did happen despite losing close to a few billion in assets and quanta. I think i might be slightly bitter at losing the ships i have made in terms of the look but maybe they can allow blueprints to carry through, either way it's not like a wipe was always off the cards there was a caveat. At this point there will probably be some players quitting due to this and some carrying on, NQ just needs to roll the dice and pray it goes their way.
  6. Going to be blunt with you here, what you mean to say is not worth it for you personally. At the moment you are tunnelling on your ship; unfortunately your ship is going to mean nothing if things like this cause the economy to go down in flames. Secondly, letting it slide is essentially saying to everyone : 'if this happens again take full advantage', it will embolden people to take advantage of similar situations, not to mention the effect this one situation is going to have on those industry players who put months into say specialising in warp beacon production. It would be
  7. Earning quanta is easy, terribly boring though; i actually think removing those bots would open up more options. As it stands you go to a planet, mine (hopefully a mega node) and then transport it to the nearest market and sell to bots. I do this on outer planets because frankly allioth is too laggy for my liking and tbh i hate the idea of scanning the other two in the hope of finding a mega node; if they removed bots at least people could start offering to haul and we'd finally have an actual market. My fear is the damage is done, so much quanta entering th
  8. A little bit envious, it was Du and starbase i was looking at, looking forward to trying that one out when i get an invite. or rather if
  9. So much truth in this, the community creations are insane, hell they could have put competitions forward for market design etc
  10. Not for a second to I believe the CM team are at fault, they are a great bunch of peeps and if anything i say appears to be critical of the CM team (unless of course i do it explicitly) then I can assure you I don't believe they are at fault, actually I believe the CM team are a saving grace for NQ. If anything goes wrong within my team that I am responsible for then simply put the fault is my own, it doesn't matter if a junior member made the mistake or I made it, if I am responsible then I am responsible, that is why I hold the upper management of NQ responsible for these blunder
  11. Well, I haven't said a word regarding that incident but if it were up to me I wouldn't have done a thing with those players either, for the simple fact that it was beta and to be honest these sort of players probably make good testers even if they do cause a headache here and there. In my mind I would have put that on me and fixed it because at the end of the day it was my fuck up as a dev and i would have fixed it in my own time; might have politely asked players in question to in future simply make us aware. The better option might have been to just delete market 15 and re des
  12. If they have the necessary metadata, part of my little essay questioned whether they have. This is why this is so disturbing, it transcends the event itself and gives us an unsettling insight into what is and is not possible, obviously the decision making speaks for itself but that is damned disturbing too. This isn't a game issue, this is a company issue and that is worse in my opinion.
  13. Agreed this isn't the sort of reaction you might expect. I feel the need to point out that it isn't really an exploit as much as it was a straight up mistake made by NQ, to punish anyone who bought schematics would be bad, people aren't going to be honest in a game if they don't have complete faith that others will too, anyone who didn't take advantage of this when they could are saints but also just put themselves back months Most of them probably did so expecting it to be reversed, either way it is pretty bad, unless something is done i don't see myself resubscribing
  14. What follows is perhaps the most critical thing I have said regarding NQ, I don't think it is unfair though. Ok so my understanding is this: In an effort to fix a issue with pricing on a particular schematic someone managed to somehow set every bot order to about 1/100 of the price it should be selling at. Please let me know if I have missed something. Now, full disclosure, I wasn't able to gain from this, I wasn't online, I am telling you now I would have taken full advantage of it and anyone who is honest knows they would too. It might be fair for you to a
  15. Not to be unkind to NQ but if they didn't know this before 0.23 then there is something seriously wrong with NQ, hopefully this is a lesson learnt. I have thought at lentgth to why this patch came out, I believe it is out of panic, trying to retain a playerbase they believe are getting bored now that they hit 'end game' but like many have said, this game is not about an 'end game', a sandbox will always be at an end when the player has run out of creative ideas. SWG did something similar except they did it out of wanting to compete with the big guns (wow). They saw how much of a play
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