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  1. I had a scare once, but it is probably not even 10 percent unless the pilot is running it down the pipe......... Missions are ok, they are a one up on the RSI-inducing activity that was mining.
  2. Same issue, I have a 49 inch widescreen and it’s still a problem. dev 101: will this fashion feature affect function?
  3. Agree but they didn’t and I’m just saying that the ideas by op will cause other issues, the solution is elusive
  4. Then crash into a pile of nothing because the brakes won’t scale haha
  5. I think I addressed this as being the core issue to missions is that they need to be fun and engaging but as to how that is achieved - No idea
  6. Depends as to the context of how I became owner. If my financial survival is on the line I’m going to be cautious, otherwise..... - be totally transparent about the state of the game and the issues - be more communicative with the community - take no wipe policy off the table and make clear it is to be determined over the coming months of me checking the health of economy by employing an economist. - cry
  7. So I do agree mission system needs some iteration but I’m not sure all of your ideas are well thought out. The mission system within the safe zone is about right to be honest, will take most people 1 hour 15 minutes or so for 950k isn’t it or maybe 900k. I'm not sure it should be made any harder or made any more lucrative as the risk is negligible, perhaps a bad re-entry but that’s probably about it? as for the idea of being able to take more than one package, this is a big issue for safe zone as it would make quanta very easy to obtain. the non safe zone missions aren’t that bad, where are you getting 90 percent from? I’m sure if your out of the pipe the chances of you getting popped aren’t 90 percent. The 30k speed limit probably can’t be removed without causing performance issues, besides your speed is already theoretically limited to brake power. id say the issues here are: 1. The use of scripts to catch people (personally think it’s a good innovation) 2. Missiles are said to follow you for a long period of time if true maybe needs a look. 3. When you brake is when you’re probably most vulnerable because this gives ppvpers time to catch up though I’d argue you’d need to increase your braking power as a counter so you can brake later, it shouldn’t be impossible to slow from 30 to 0 within a planets safe zone if you have the right approach with the right talents and ship. you assert that papers make money, I doubt they make any money I expect they lose money. just because your ship is worth 20 mill doesn’t mean it is still worth 20 mill after it has been shot to all hell, especially when you take into account battle damage and ammo. if anything pvpers need more of an incentive to pvp and whilst no one likes getting blown up it’s necessary for the game to thrive. another point of contention is the use of alts to run missions. i have 10 alts and if I wanted I could load 10 missions on a ship and make bank, whether this should continue is up for discussion, my personal take is that some sort of limits need enforcing. all this being said I do think the missions need to somehow be fun or more engaging - how that is achieved is anyone’s guess. credit where credit is due though the missions equate to a game loop that enable a number of play styles so I think it is a net gain, I wouldn’t be opposed to them continuing with additional loops and parking this one for now. Only concern being is the inflation that alts will cause if that isn’t addressed
  8. Definitely not surprised regarding the OP's statement, why? Let's go back to 0.23 release when the **** really hit the fan in my opinion. So 0.23 saw the release of schematics and the reception to these changes were lukewarm at best. The issue was never really the schematics, the vast majority of players understood and even welcomed the addition of schematics as an IDEA. The implementation of the idea though was fedback as being awful, the first issue was with the prices of the schematics, in response NQ eventually lowered the prices of schematics but this was really just a bandaid, likewise the increase on the daily quanta bonus is a bandaid along with the bot buy orders. It was at this point the game forced mining on players not just to get materials to build things with but to essentially grind massive amounts of quanta for schematics - I have mined just over 1 billion quanta worth of ore whilst watching 3 series including SG1, ST: DS9 and SG:Atlantis (hint this mining sim is not fun or engaging). Prior to this players could get away with doing far less mining and could focus on building or coding but by making this change players must now exhaust their time doing something that just isn't fun at all. NQ reasoned that with the addition of the increased daily reward and the doubling of bot buy orders of ore this would provide players a way to progress in the short term. That isn't what has happened though is it? Instead 7 or so months later we are practically in the same situation as we were back then, what else has been done in that time? 1. bug fixes 2. performance improvements arguably this is it, from a feature perspective nothing of real value has been added at the time of writing this post. So what is my point? Simple really, whilst it may be true that 0.23 was a pretty awful thing to add before other play loops were added that isn't really the root issue here. The root issue is that NQ kept the game in this post .23 state for close to 3/4 of a year, you tell me if they should be surprised that people are fed up after being promised a space game and instead receiving a mining simulator. That's not even the sole big issue though, the other problem is that the communication attempts from NQ are just straight up bad (this is an understatement of epic proportions), we have no timeline, no idea on the state of the company at all (leaving many to speculate) or the future of the game in terms of whether it is going to die due to lack of funding, to add salt to the proverbial wound we get placations in the form of blogs giving us grandiose plans for how NQ has heard our feedback, or how they are going to refactor their processes etc etc in the form of blogs in various parts. All of it is just BS, no one wants talk anymore, action action action is what we want. Sooo for me the game is boring because: 1. it is a mining sim where you get to play a peasant for a good month or so. 2. the dev loop is unbearably slow, feels like NQ are still trying to ride the rapids of the waterfall rather than moving to a more agile method, I have found this generally happens because deployments are hard or the code isn't as malleable as it should be or a bit of both; this worries me. 3. no idea what the future of DU is so should I grind loads of quanta in the hope it is a success and it becomes fun, bascially allowing me to get a leg up; i expect many people who play relentelessly these days do so in the hope that they will be able to benefit when/if the game becomes fully featured. 4. at this point I don't trust NQ, would not surprise me if they perform a wipe. 5. communication is bad and roadmaps are not a thing so no reason to expect anything. 6. I have had enough of interacting with bots, the whole point of this game is to build the universe with players which isn't what is happening, whole swathes of player made content are removed from the game by allowing players to sell to bots, hauling isn't a thing (at least not to the level it should be), building on other planets isn't a thing because no one knows what the mechanics of TW will be. reduced down to 2 points it is boring because it involves too much mining (if it was SE like mining i would actually find it fun ish) in tunnels with a uninspriing hand tool and no gameplay even around mining and no changes to this in site.
  9. Whilst super cool I am reminded of SE and the clang that is generated by large mining contraptions, I expect the current way in which mining is done is a massive burden on performance. I would however like to see more progression in mining and for it to be a little more enjoyable, can't imagine how though.
  10. Any kind of gate in my mind should be a natural outcome of gameplay; what I mean by this is we aren't thinking about artificial limitations but instead thinking about the gameplay loop and how to make it engaging and fun - even thought provoking - which should naturally provide a limit to what players want to manage regarding industry. If a player has the chance to be known as the best screw maker for engines the galaxy has ever known they will choose that over being a jack of all trades master of none I would say; the day I can specialise in all manner of screws will be the day DUfix is born.
  11. Building ships - takes creativity, thought and advertisement, there is actually skill needed to do this Coding LUA - takes skill, requires you to learn something Hauling - requires continued effort and has an element of risk if you aren't simply hauling in safe zone. PvP - You risk an entire ship at the chance you can possibly salvage something from another, I would not call this a way to get rich Sculpting - takes creativity and effort, having a sculpture on show for donations isn't a guaranteed and steady stream of income compared to what I was talking about. Even if I took your statements at face value doesn't take away from the argument that production lacks depth and there should be some kind of effort required to keep a chain up and running....something more than sticking resources in a container every now and then.
  12. Pure tedium. Things should be scaled back not through grinds and other boring, repetitive things but through the the activity requiring time and knowledge to specialise. The issues I see are: it is so easy to build t2 + items: get the schematic, get the materials, stick some machines together on a grid and click some buttons......then forever more you can build that thing as long as you have the materials. In my mind schematics shouldn't be infinite run and there should be some kind of mechanic that allows for the creation of limited run t2/3 + schematics. This mechanic requires more thought that can be applied in a forum post but it needs to be something that isn't a grind but something both challenging, fun and requiring time such that no one person can simply do it for a large number of items. I would argue 0.23 was not bad in its own right, schematics as a whole were a good idea but their method of creation was extremely ill thought out and contributed to the feeling of a very grindy game as a whole, in reality grind can be exchanged for a time-consuming, effort-based challenge.
  13. Eve has: 1. PVE that will destroy ships pretty easily 2. Environments that will destroy ships (ghost sites, nebulas in some rooms iirc) 3. PVP that destroys ships daily At one point I remember seeing stats where 100s of thousands of ships were being destroyed a month maybe even millions in war times. DU has no such numbers to brag about. That said it probably won't matter but not for the reasons you suggest, I suspect any respawn will just end up going to bot orders currently so instead you will be seeing more quanta entering the economy which isn't necessarily great either. So let's say they do this, how? 1. respawn nodes as they were - well that won't go down well as you can imagine. 2. respawn randomly.......if they don't have the ability to do this then that's dev time. 3. respawn on unclaimed hexes and remove tunnels etc - see 2. It might be better to wait for asteroids given these choices. Important to know that you should still be able to find many types of ore, perhaps titanium ore will be hard to find but otherwise most stuff should be there?
  14. One of the reasons they probably did this was so that players, when designing ships, wouldn't end up creating ships that some player models couldn't get through........personally I think this is fine. The other reason though would be that the logical choice for height would be the absolute minimum you can be so you can create smaller interiors which weigh less though I would imagine this would be a really small (get it) advantage The other issue with this would be how would you change the avatars height....I doubt they factored in a mechanic to allow for customisation of your character post creation?
  15. I must be honest I never gave it much thought having not seen what it was like before but when you showed the pictures I would choose the dark....more realistic space in a heart beat. For what it's worth it has my vote.
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