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  1. When I pledged in the KS, I was expecting a fun building game with a completely unrealistic flight model that would turn into a griefing shit show as combat was added. I thought the game was worth supporting but didn't think I would actually play it much. The building is more challenging than I expected (that's a good thing.) The flight model is amazingly good and as a result, flying the ships is much more fun than, say, Second Life. While the combat model still needs a lot of work, combat is surprising good. There are griefers but they are fairly easy to avoid. When real
  2. Point 1 - nonsense. You can have a perfectly good player controlled world with a few PVE enemies. Point 2 - nonsense. We already have to be prepared for attacks by griefers and if any players ever take up piracy, them too. Point 3 - nonsense. We're already going to avoid player threats because the game is structured so that only dedicated war ships on L cores using at least advanced weapons have any chance in combat... NPCs won't change that dynamic. Point 4 - nonsense. Among other things, NPCs would probably be flying less than meta ships... various core si
  3. The game has ongoing costs (servers). A sub is a perfectly good way to pay for them. It's fair to the players. And in DU's case, the sub fee is very reasonable. A buy-once-play-forever model is necessarily either time limited or has to have some other - possibly less honest - funding scheme. Of course with $4 into SC, I'm not really concerned about possibly spending a grand on DU eventually.
  4. We have a speed limiter - c... which is set to 30000 kph in DU. Have you played this game OP? (c is the speed of light for the science-illiterate).
  5. Noobs sometimes have great ideas. Don't listen to the OP. Yeah, we long ago thought of and discarded 99% of what a noob can come up with, but that 1% may have eluded us (and NQ).
  6. NQ did mention at one point that we would get 3 characters on our account, but it's been years since I last heard anything about that. Still, it might happen. (I think we have to assume nothing JC promised is guaranteed any longer unless it was a stretch goal.)
  7. Just re-reading this blog and noticed this: The proposed changes will definitely solve the "problem" of screens being popular with the players.
  8. Doesn't work on org constructs. Even for the superlegate. It should be named a different F word.
  9. Does /unstuck work for anyone? It either crashes or hangs the game for me. (Bug report filed).
  10. No, lol. The scripts you see at the markets are players tracking who goes to that market - and probably more importantly, how many people are using that market. The scripts don't do much more than record your presence and stop. Some of them aren't coded very well and don't stop themselves - that's likely to lead to errors since it can hang the PB. But they can't mess with your computer. (And I doubt you could ever actually mine bitcoin in lua - it's not a language for computationally complex code). But mining - in game mining - probably is contributing to the lag. Most
  11. Does this bullshit change affect the system screen too? If not I'll just stop using screens, but if so, I'm gone. I don't think the new system can draw my ship UI without needing to move a huge amount of html (i.e. one drawRect per pixel.)
  12. I think you're thinking too small... the net tech is the main NQ product and its value is not limited to games. Sure, there may be no game dev buyer, that that's not the target customer. It's general purpose server meshing tech. It has a lot of possible applications.
  13. That's the whole point of having backers with no equity position - don't have to pay them back. I knew that's what I was signing up for and I'm OK with it. But if they're going to kill it, I wish they would stop wasting my time.
  14. Weird. I can't press the reaction button any more today. Never seen that. So I'll just say I agree with @FuriousPuppy 's thought above. Kill it or fix it and let us know which is the plan.
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