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  1. It's actually useful, but there's too much of it. An it really shouldn't happen if docking is allowed but you haven't hit the "dock" button yet.
  2. I said that in general chat in game and got a lot of push back from the PVPers. They certainly thought there were non-PVP (or at least non-combat) uses for the exploit. It does give a slight advantage for moving stuff in atmo, but that's pretty minor. I'm not sure what other non-combat advantage they had in mind. The advantage in combat is that the ship can have higher acceleration without incurring a cross-section cost. Target cross-section affects hit probability.
  3. I have a weird problem with the remote control element. I can activate it and everything looks OK, but I can't adjust the throttle with either scroll wheel or R/T. Also alt-R doesn't toggle Cruise Control, although I can switch it by clicking on the UI. There's no script error reported. I've tried this with both the pilot (flying) autoconfig and with my usual custom script (which works on both hover seats and command seats. Has anyone else seen this? Is there something I might be doing wrong? Is my account just messed up?
  4. Sure, but I don't call that FPS. If you're not aiming the weapon, it's not FPS.
  5. DU has desync baked into it's single shard tech. Consequently it will never have FPS combat. Other games with less ambitious server meshing (looking at Star Citizen to start with) will have much more satisfying AvA combat. (Admittedly, SC's server meshing will cost more than DU's life time budget.)
  6. Maybe they should implement it with a requirement that all the avatars in the combat area (i.e., the immediate area around the combat, not a defined unsafe zone) be on the same server. Then at least the networking desync wouldn't be such a problem. This would limit the size of the armies in a battle, but better than nothing.
  7. Money. Well, T5 can be a crap shoot, but I only go after a specific ore if I know there's a demand for it. As for asteroids, the high level ones are there for PVP. Go find it with a very well equipped combat ship and wait for the pirates. They have exotic weapons, so well equipped is key. The pirates are cowards and will run if you get their shields half down, so it's not really very exciting combat. And sure, have your buddies mining while you wait for the pirates. They can mine to their nanos and you can pick them up later.
  8. At the district markets, yes, but not at any other market. M16 on Ali for example has two space elevators in adjacent tiles. (One of them may only be an AGG platform). I would approve of requiring such towers to be removed - with fair quanta compensation or magic BPs to the owners of course.
  9. Only one year? You must have started with beta, lol.
  10. idk. That skeleton is about the only user construct at D6M that I thought added any value... but clearing the markets of junk is long overdue and I applaud the new rules. Dodging advertising that collectively blocks the entrance is exhausting and I really don't like little bird PBs spying on me. In a game where you can't automate a gun, you shouldn't be able to automate intel gathering either.
  11. Legion? Never heard of 'em. Do they even play DU?
  12. If there's one thing NQ opposes, it's sunlight, lol. Both in game and out.
  13. Lack of content From all appearances, upcoming content promised to suck. (And that's been born out as far as I can tell) I did install the updated game. Haven't bothered to log in yet. I might get there soonish.
  14. When I pledged in the KS, I was expecting a fun building game with a completely unrealistic flight model that would turn into a griefing shit show as combat was added. I thought the game was worth supporting but didn't think I would actually play it much. The building is more challenging than I expected (that's a good thing.) The flight model is amazingly good and as a result, flying the ships is much more fun than, say, Second Life. While the combat model still needs a lot of work, combat is surprising good. There are griefers but they are fairly easy to avoid. When real PVP combat happens, it's fun in spite of all the balance issues. I've done piloting, gunning, and repair during PVP and the piloting and repair jobs were fun - gunnery is a mix of confusing and boring. I hadn't actually considered the social aspect in my expectation, but that has developed nicely with some players... and I can ignore the ones I don't want to interact with.
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