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  1. That's an empty camp raid which is the essence of what so called PVPers think is game play. That's why open world PVP doesn't work.
  2. I was out in space today just laughing at all the ships named after a certain male body part. One name started Wittle - at least he's honest. Boys, I can see your ship names on radar and I *am* laughing at you.
  3. Why are tools and BPs listed first in inventory? I have to scroll past pages of BPs to find the ore I just mined. Yeah, I could filter on materials, but what if I need to see materials and elements at the same time? Or scrap, which doesn't fit into an category? Idea: Give as tools folder and a BPs folder so we only see those things if we need them. Or alternatively an Everything except tools and BPs filter.
  4. I'm assuming they will remove the triple planet sz if only to avoid more whiny posts from a certain PVP player. and that will lead to the demise of anything that actually looks like a space ship. And the removal of anything cool like a working airlock in favor of a zero replacement cost open hole in the side of the ship.
  5. Well the main threat is a griefer org that RPs as religious terrorists. I don't see anyone getting safe passage from them. It remains to be seen whether escorts can actually protect you. My guess is no. But in any case, we'll be flying the cheapest possible ships to keep the replacement cost down. And flying in third person to avoid having windows breaking up the armor. Not seeing any fun here.
  6. There was a learning curve, but I can make a city-sized flat space in a couple of hours (when the server isn't desynched - so that means before beta). Having many hours of space ship building and space flight in Second Life, I can say unequivocally that DU space ship building and flying are easier and more realistic than in SL. (aside from the phsyical model build which is easier with SL prims than DU voxels.) Which Entropia are you comparing it to? It's not very comparable to Entropia Universe except in being a space game. i don't know much about the other Entropia game.
  7. Yeah, the MIA not getting it fixed crap is getting old. I'm really glad I'm not paying for this atm. Sorry for you newbies who are. Not inviting my friends.
  8. It has been a museum of pretty builds, but I think that's over. Functionality requires borg cubes now. First you need armor to survive and second, you're going to get blown up anyway because you can't survive PVP unless you're a dedicated combatant in a dedicated combat ship, so your ship has to be cheap to replace. Plan on replacing it every 10th flight or so. And since the economy nerf, you probably won't be able to replace it anyway because the parts aren't available unless you stick S parts... and then you can't move your armor much less your cargo. Better quit now.
  9. Oh, that's a good use for AGG. Not that I'm likely to ever see one of those again with the economy nerf.
  10. The non-newbie method involves using a territory scanner - or 3 of them - to scan a bunch of hexes and find the ones that have the most of what you want. Then you dig down to the right depth and dig in a pattern that lets you scan the entire hex at that depth. You know exactly how much there is to find (because of the TS scans), so you know when you've found it all.
  11. Realistic physics with relativity. The speed of light is extremely low so we travel at nearly that speed. At higher levels, warp drives are available that cut most of the travel time (but drop you with no velocity in a predictable position in the PVP enabled area - not using that without a combat fleet escort.)
  12. I put it out for bids on freelancer.com. There are other sites like that as well.
  13. I know some people do that, but I only find it faster before I have the talent to make the scanner scoop bigger. It's also harder on the fingers, unless you know a way to auto-dig with flatten.
  14. The two T2 ores on Alioth, Malachite and Limestone, are both about 500 m below the surface. The newbie mining method is Dig down 500m. Dig in a spiral so you can get back out. You may be mining to your nano pack so you can't force respawn back up. pick a direction and dig horizontally while scanning. You may have to go a ways (kilometers) to pick anything up. When you see T2 on the scanner, play hot/cold just like you do on the surface. If you started 500m down, the T2 ore will usually be below you when you minimize the distance. It may be above you. I usually dig a tunnel up and run up it a bit to see which way the line goes, but fore committing to going down. For T3 (only acanthite on Alioth) dig down 800 and do the same process. This procedure works on other planets too, but the depths and available ores are different.
  15. It's a killer learning curve. IMO you want to get off the prison planet as soon as you can. (That would be Sanctuary where your job is breaking rocks). Realistically you have to join an org to do that. You'll have a very hard time gearing up enough to own land on Alioth by yourself.
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