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  1. Almost as ridiculous as no shields or other defensive devices and combat mechanics that amount to shoot first or die. The only thing (aside from fast travel) that warp does atm is allow unarmed undefendable ships to opt out of combat. If shooting unarmed ships is important to you, you're a griefer, not a PVPer.
  2. Magnetism is an aspect of the EM force which at extremely high energies, i.e., very early in the universe, was unified with the strong force (that holds atomic nucleii together) and the weak force (which causes mass to exist among other things). Gravity is curvature of space-time. It may not be a force at all, but we really can't say at this point except that we no general relativity (the most successful theory in the history of science) doesn't quite tell the whole story. Gravity may also unify with the other three forces at high enough energy, but we don't have anything like a testable theory at those energies. It's not magnetic. It might not even be a force.
  3. a premature super saucepan? Google must be getting supercazzola wrong lol.
  4. There's nothing wrong with warp avoiding PVP. Combat doesn't work right yet and the only valid reason to do it is for willing participants to test it. When I can add reasonable defenses, e.g., shields, so I have some chance of surviving an attack without taking a huge loss, then it would be fair for me to have to take a risk commensurate with the reward if I succeed. (Currently, the reward for mining outlying planets is nowhere near enough to justify any risk of combat. It's also no enough to hire escorts if you're going to sing that tired refrain.)
  5. The Scrap seller those pics is a scam (you guys probably all know that, but just in case someone doesn't) and he has the gall to add signs claiming that those who accuse him of that are just jealous of him. Maybe guns should be enabled for targets that have been sitting in an Aphelia owned hex for more than 24 hours.
  6. I was really trying to be polite and not comment on that.
  7. You have the appropriate number of pulsors for a core that size (volume). If you're bending space-time it doesn't matter how much mass you're lifting - just whether the whole vehicle will fit into the safe portion of the bend, i.e., volume.
  8. I thought there were rules, but I was just at D6 market and I think it's fair to say there are no rules. There's a significant city built up on the landing pad and they didn't leave space for roads. Even billboards inside the market? Why is it permitted to spawn a construct inside the market?
  9. Just got back from a nice profitable trip to Talemai. So much for the supposed lockdown.
  10. Well, I'm a hauler and have little use for PVP although I have done some in DU and a lot in other games. I observe that combat between reasonably balanced sides works OK for what it is... but what it is is picking targets from a list and watching the list as your guns auto fire. You aren't even watching them. I'm not sure why that's supposed to be fun. What I hear would be PVPers complaining about is that we haulers/miners etc. can easily avoid combat by warping around it. These whiners are griefers of course and their interest is in disrupting other players play with no risk to themselves. I don't have any problem with being attacked if I have reasonable defenses available to me, but I don't yet. (On the other hand, if you're attacking me, don't expect me to treat you as a human being or anything other than a waste of air. You would be better content if you were an NPC.)
  11. Much more likely just X amount to run a certain size AGG.
  12. Good idea although I wonder what it would take to implement. I'd also like to see weapon hits (in unsafe zone) and zero-damage hits (in the safe zone) raise an event in the core reporting what was hit and the calculated (pre-safe) damage. That would really be useful for training.
  13. No. It's not a problem. This is a standard sci fi trope - part of the genre. According to this trope anti-gravity negates gravity, or creates a negative gravity that pushes away from the planet, or creates some kind of fold in space-time that provides an upward gravity field. Sci fi authors don't usually explain it because there's no scientifically credible explanation. But one thing that's pretty regular in this trope is that because it's gravity, there's no weight limit... there's no weight. The fact that it's completely free to use might be a balance issue and NQ has already indicated that when energy becomes a thing in-game, we will need energy to use AGG. From recent discussion from NQ, I'm expecting that a core will provide a certain amount of energy and each element will consume a certain amount. If your elements exceed your core's energy budget you will either have to use a bigger core or add energy producing elements. That's my interpretation of what little NQ has said about it so grain of salt. BTW, the "dark" energy that causes the universe to inflate is antigravity, but as far as we know, it only works on a universe-sized scale and we have no idea how it works.
  14. I've only encountered them in a ship with no radar, so there was no hope at all. But certainly a ship carrying cargo is never going to out-maneuver a dedicated combat ship.
  15. That would definitely improve the game overall and increase the chance of seeing those damned towers.
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