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  1. Yeah, I didn't sub for pets either, but one of the ones I have is pretty cute (the one with flapping wings and XXXS AGG pulsors). The other one not so much.
  2. The regular replace element (RMB->Advanced->Replace) also recycles the replaced element. Nothing in the UI prompts tells you that, but it does happen.
  3. Oh, I do have pets. I just didn't see them on the rewards notification and didn't know how to access them. Thanks.
  4. Pets are in game now, right? I think I saw one... but I don't have one, which I think I should have. STUs all over again? Anyone else missing a pet? Is this a known bug? Did I just miss it somewhere?
  5. I just repaired a crashed ship using replace with recycle. Two clicks for each element was a bit annoying but not nearly as bad as holding down the the LMB for 10 minutes per element to repair them. And I was able to sell some parts to help with the cost. It's certainly an adequate first implementation.
  6. Pure player missions will never take over. They don't pay enough to be worth doing and the risk is unacceptable out of the sz. They also are deflationary. I suppose if Aphelia is buffing the payout to 5x the collateral (same as Aphelia missions), they would be worth doing, although I still wouldn't do them out of the sz. An Aphelia bonus also solves the deflation issue.
  7. What my friend said was that they caught Legion mining and asteroid and destroyed them. idk. I wasn't there.
  8. I'm intentionally avoiding any need for anything above T1 ore so I can still have fun flying around when we reach the point that all money making activities require PVP. No thanks. PVP has to be more fun and much lower risk before I'll go back to it.
  9. They do seem to working very hard to limit in game income to the daily welfare checks. NQ sucks at game design, but they're absolutely stellar at removing fun.
  10. Yeah, NPC missions are my only in game income now. If they cut those, I'll go back to mining my own ore and flying ships I can craft in my nanocrafter. With the exception of a few elements - lights, landing gear, warp drive - everything I've built since release requires only T1 ore precisely because I expected this would become necessary.
  11. I heard Legion got wiped out on an asteroid they were mining a couple of days ago, so I'd say it's not safe.
  12. Yeah. I probably wouldn't have said it that way, but I don't disagree with the OP.
  13. Win or lose, combat in DU is not fun. (It was better before shields and common use of the remote control exploit, but even then it wasn't as fun as it should have been). Combat is too risky. On average you will lose half the time and then you have a multimillion quanta rebuild cost before you can enter combat again... in an economy that's offers little opportunity to make those millions. High tier weapons/radars etc. are too much better than low tier for low tier combat ships to be a realistic option. The decision to go to higher tier should be difficult because it's a lot more expensive for a marginal improvement, but instead, the improvement is so great as to be required.
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