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  1. wikiauth:Pg107Ei7Rd2t34n53Zy0;

  2. Liters vs m3... just how many 0s you put on the number. Fuel... why would we be using combustable fuel? That's so 20th century.
  3. I had the same reaction, lol. Should be interesting. This is not going to be an easy change for us.
  4. So a large container still holds the same volume, but what about mass? Does iron still mass 8kg per liter when it's in the container, i.e. L container full of iron masses 1024 tons? If so, I don't see how this solves the cargo problem unless you can make more with the same amount of mined material. Someone said on discord that mass is reduced by a factor of 16, but I don't see that in the devblog.
  5. Email support@dualthegame.com I just did this myself, cause I forgot to do it during the kickstarter.
  6. Why don't you stay out of my thread unless you have something to contribute? Damned stalker
  7. I doubt this would be a serious load on the server compared to processing the combat in the first place. Anyway, this thread isn't about how they plan to do it, but an idea for doing it better.
  8. 1. On the website, what is the number in a red circle after my name? Yes I know it's 2... what does it mean? 2. How do I change the logo image for my org? The website seems to think what I've uploaded is too big but it's 143K. Can't get an image much smaller than that.
  9. JC was pretty clear that he wanted weapons to punch holes in the voxels. It stands to reason that some section of the ship may lose its connection to the core... and then it either breaks off the ship or it looks really stupid. That's the problem I'm trying to solve. If it blows up once it loses connection to the core, problem solved in a pretty cool way.
  10. My thought is that whatever is still attached to the ship's core after a battle would become persistent salvageable debris. Would it continue in the orbit the ship was in? That would be realistic, but it might be better for salvage game-play if it stopped in place or stopped not long after the battle. As for the salvage mechanic, maybe you could use the mining tool to extract voxels, raw materials, and scrap in some combination.
  11. I like it. REDACTED whoops can't say that here, but I have a good idea for what gems could be used for.
  12. Yeah. Core deep within voxels and right in the command and control area. As long as the crew is alive you can fight no matter what else has gotten blown up. Deep within voxels because I'm assuming if the core is destroyed the whole ship would be destroyed, but maybe that's not true.
  13. So I was talking with @Reaper07in discord about what happens in CVC combat and we came up with this: The Problem: Stuff that breaks off a ship being shot probably can't float away from the core... so you could have a bridge just floating free with the crew standing there continuing to fight, using the engines that are still attached to the core. Suggestion: Anything that becomes detached from the core should explode and be destroyed. This will keep the visuals looking reasonable even though it kind of sucks for the guys on the detached bridge.
  14. An oven is probably within the ability of voxel building. A modern boxy stove top and oven would be fairly easy. An old style bee hive oven a bit more of a challenge. Public videos have pretty clearly exposed the idea of an element, i.e., a mesh building part that actually has function. I suspect that weapons will all be elements so I expect we'll be limited to the weapons NQ provides. That's really for ship's weapons. I have no idea how personal weapons will be handled. Look ma... answered the question without breaching the NDA.
  15. @borb_1 Toilets on ships? Are you an SC player? Due to the NDA I can neither confirm nor deny whether there's a toilet on my ship. Decorative elements enhance immersion and RP. If you don't get that we really can't have a meaningful conversation since you are playing a completely different game than I am. If that's the case, please stay out of my way. The ladder would be better if it actually functions. If it's just decoration with TP elements for the actual function, that's OK too.
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