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  1. I hadn't thought about the skybox until now. But I do like the Darker side of things, since space is dark. Makes sense. Nebulas do exist sure, but they shouldn't take up a whole skybox. They should be far and few.
  2. I honestly never played Scrap Mechanic. Interesting concept though.
  3. Thing is, you did say that, to me in discord before I removed my discord channel. You were the one who gave me a key to play right after you said "Ignore us old bitter players". I have since then taken all your advice and paid for an actual subscription.
  4. I can fully understand where you are coming from and I understand what you are saying. But I'm not blaming, I'm re-hashing what others have said to me, as well as what I have personally seen with my own eyes. Which is why I pointed this fact out to you, by showing at least one example. Go to the discord, and you'll see nothing but "bitter older players" as they themselves have called themselves. They are proud of this fact. It's no secret. And THAT in of itself IS the problem.
  5. Well with that logic, you might as well remove trees and grass, oh and engines, they all serve no purpose other then asthetic. Avorion does this very idea, they use nothing but blocks for all the parts of their ship. So with your logic, you might as well remove everything aesthetic and just have blocks all over this game. No thanks, that game exists already.
  6. Just to let you know, you are the reason I started to play this game. You have deeper insight then most of the people I have seen comment on this forum. And I would hate to see you go, but I do understand what you are trying to say. Of everyone here, and from a newbie's point of view, whom has lurked this forum for a while now, you are the one I respect the most. Live Long my friend. o7
  7. It's a fact, you get rid of the toxic players, then the other players can have fun. It's simple. You are misinterpreting truth from your reality. Heck, even @blazemonger admitted to a few of us that there are bitter older players. Difference between you and him is that he admits he is one of those bitter older players, that has been toxic. So I call it how I see it. No strategy involved. Of all the old timers who play this game, he is the only one I respect. He has also been the most helpful to us newbies. And He is honest in how feels about the game.
  8. This +1 Finally, someone who understands the real problem here. And to add to this, the reason people come and go, is because of the old timers who are not saying anything constructive to help the devs, they are basically being toxic players that run off the new players. I have seen a lot of new players come and go, and their reason ? Toxic Players. It has become a vicious circle. We need constructive criticism to work with the devs. IF those with an agenda hate the game, I quote what I saw a few other players say " move on ".
  9. Agreed, NPCs are in just about all games now. It helps fill the need that a lot of PVPers want. I'm not a PVPer, I like building and crafting, but that doesn't mean I want to see PVP gone. So if NPCs will help keep the PVPers around, then in my opinion it should be added. Aliens, animals, man-eating plant life to name just some ideas.
  10. First thing I did when I joined this game was turn off the chats. It was annoying. ( Yes in case you didn't realize, as a new player, chat was ON by default. ) Later on once I figured out how to play, THEN I turned it back on and joined into the chat.
  11. This +1 Once they remove the planet side safety net, the PVP begins. There will be no safe zones. So Warp will not be an issue.
  12. I have suggested NPCs a few times in a few posts. But I always get the responses from players "NPCs will NEVER be a thing". Well maybe it should be do to the growing number of bored PVP players. @ NQ Staff.
  13. Screens with SVG / HTML are a real problem. Agreed. But I wanted to add to Beakcon's suggestion about paid storage. I agree, it's a good idea. But I also believe that allowing players to self host their own markets would be even better. And remove all of the NQ made markets. This would alleviate a lot of the abandoned ships all over the current market places. Allowing the players to create a market hub at our own base, which would allow us to have scematics brought to our containers there. Think of schematics as email / printed paper. All other physical objects must be delivered / picked up. EDIT : This also gives rise to a real need for space stations, to have the ability to turn that space station into a trade hub, which is player owned and ran. And with space stations that have shields etc etc, this leads to the ability of PVP for those begging for it.
  14. As a new player, I am enjoying the schematics and have built up a lot of them. The sancturary is what helped pay for a lot of the ones I have. Tuts too. Once I realized about the free shuttle between alioth and sanctuary moon, I knew what I wanted to do in this game, which is factory building, one of my fave things to do in this game. Others like PVP, so I don't mind the grind to make the ships that PVPers want to use. With that said... Along the way, I found some things that didn't quite make sense or didn't work out right, so I submitted ideas, problems and suggestions to help out the game overall. And has been well recieved by the NQ staff. That is the whole point of ALPHA / BETA access, to find things to report to the devs about.
  15. I used Sancturary Mooon to mine the rock, gather up the money I need.. then take the FREE shuttle to alioth where I could then start a real base to start the game with.
  16. When I played, and NOT doing the aribtrary tuts, it tells you about the shuttle and how you can go to Alioth or to Sanctuary moon, and that you can fly back and forth. So yes, it does tell you.
  17. Yea you completely mis-understood my reply post. I wasn't disputing the availability of the F1 key either. Cheers
  18. I like all of the songs, except the main theme. Which if I recall is the main login theme song, which is annoying. I turn my music off before I log out, just so I don't have to hear it.
  19. This + 1 This is probably the best well thought out comment I have read.
  20. One thing that would help is if we had full Talents. As it stands, I'm having to skill up the talents in order to eventually test what needs to be tested and that takes time.
  21. That I can understand. It's why I added player created drones as an added content idea. So even if NQ didn't want to create NPC drones, players still could. But it's just an idea.
  22. This + 1 This is exactly why I made the New Content thread. Asking for pistons and motors and such so that we players can have more, "tools" as you put it, for us players to create more in world content. I totally agree with you on this.
  23. People have been putting quotes in games for over 3 decades that I can personally remember. ( Yes I'm old. ) This is the first time I have seen someone complain about it. If you are asking to stop quoting famous people, then you need to tell all the ads on TV and Radio stations and Memes and... well the whole internet to all stop quoting people there too. Botton line, there is nothing wrong with quoting famous people who actually said those things.
  24. They are still trying to make the game. So it's too soon for them to make something like this. The post above this one, in fact, shows one example as to why they should wait, the SVG / HTML tags might get removed. So adding it would be a waste of time. So a knowledge base website is too soon to build right now.
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