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  1. I hate the new carbon fiber look. Especially in build mode. Unfortunately, replacing it all on a large core is nigh impossible.
  2. Solo. Occasionally I venture to alioth market 18 to hawk some wares and look at the big P on the hilltop. Then it's back home to continue work on an adversary for those Starfleet boys next to the market.
  3. Wheels would be nice too. Still baffled that in the future mankind forgot the wheel.
  4. I thought perhaps the "ministry of spell checking" got some madis-tainted air on accident.
  5. ? howdy neighbor @FrigoPorco . I have setup shop about 16km away from the market. Stopped by today, your tower coming along nicely.
  6. A water pump to get rid of water if I choose to construct below sea level. Would require an airlock. Construct would need to be sealed watertight, I'm fine with that.
  7. If they said they would do a wipe, it wouldn't cause me to stop playing. Not really sure 'most' of us would, either. It would just be nice to know in advance.
  8. Thanks, works like a champ now!
  9. What baffles me is the apparent lack of ability/willingness to just undo those transactions. Remove the schematics purchased at an incorrect price, refund the money spent on said schematics to the purchaser. It would have taken less than 10 minutes to write a query to identify the transactions that occurred in that time frame. it isn't that hard. spend a little more time, and it's even possible to write a query to follow all subsequent transactions, and do a removal/refund for those too.
  10. I got it sorted out, and it's working now. I probably should have known better, but I made the mistake of having the PB, DB, and screen on their own core, not the one that the containers are on. Only issues I have now is properly calculating the sizes of containers, and the amount of resources within. Not sure what the value for 'hub' should be. I'm using Expanded Containers XL. containerProficiency I have 40 in the box. Is that correct if I have Level 4 Container Proficiency? containerOptimatization I have 15 in the box. Is that correct if I have Level 3 Container Optimization? It doesn't have the proper values for the amount of the resource in it. Neither stack amount or % are correct. actual values (also attached images of these) Quartz stack volume 29.99 kl stack mass 79.47t container volume: 4% container Mass: 67.55 t Hematite stack volume 47.42 kL stack mass 239.00 t container volume: 7% container Mass: 203.15 t container mass certainly seems to be applying the -15% reduction for the containerOptimization lvl3 skill Here's what the screen is displaying though. I emptied all containers, picked them up and replaced them, just in case. Also turned off the PB, exited game completely, then logged back in. Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.
  11. Flying along today at 4km. Passed a tower at least 4.2km tall. Only seen it because of the pad at the top. This is getting silly. Pretty soon, Alioth will have a full-on beard.
  12. Data bank and core linked to PB. Screen linked to PB after. Test container renamed Quartz Ore, script copy pasted. 10 ore placed in container. PB and screen turned on, but screen is blank. What am I doing wrong?
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