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  1. Tell us again how you started a thread that doxed an NQ employee.
  2. Idk why everyone is so upset over alts. It helps pay the devs salary at the end. Just build a stronger org and let hem waste their money....... Cry about something that's actually broken for once ffs.
  3. It's a persistent game. The fact that they can't keep up with it means in 1 month after a wipe of any kind the same problems will still exist. Betas are usually a 1 time purchase like the founders packs. The second they started charging a monthly sub for access is a "soft launch". I have never heard of a game charging monthly for a beta they will just wipe when the company changes hands. So if the company changes hands 1 year from now will they wipe just to appease newer players? Will they wipe every patch because they are a lost puppy with no idea what they are doing? They should have just kept plugging along without thinking of a wipe. Now they are in territory that will destroy the game and most likely will not recover. Watching NQ since 2020 they are horrible with communication and ideas. They never listen to feedback and regularly release tone deaf posts saying "we heard you" while simultaneously ignoring everything that was said.
  4. Any topic from @ELX987 should be ignored as he contributes nothing but drama to the community.
  5. Usually people who are not developers assume what is "easy" this sounds complicated af
  6. If you are paying a monthly sub to a game that promised no wipe from the start. NQ IS RUNNING A SCAM
  7. Imagine advocating for a wipe instead of joining other players to become more powerful like the game was intended. Care bears always ruining the game complaining about problems they create for themselves instead of trying to overcome them. I bet you got so many participation trophies as a kid. Your parents probably gave you a gold star for everything you did. You are the problem with DU
  8. A wipe would literally solve nothing as people would just abuse the new mechanics in the same way. You are doing literally nothing but a complete flusher of an idea.
  9. Hey smart guy. Let me hit you with logic you have failed to even consider. BETA KEY HOLDERS WILL JUST BUY A SUBSCRIPTION FOR THOSE ACCOUNTS. Glad nobody thought of that before.
  10. If you buy items on a market as an org you cannot ship the item as an org. It has to be purchased as a player.
  11. 🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽 WIPE HYPE 🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽
  12. That means they would have to program something useful. Instead they focus too hard on the grand vision they fail at basic shit that needs to happen. WHERE IS THE ABILITY TO DISABLE MY FRIENDS LIST LOCATION LOCK FFS
  13. After the rocky development the only way a "wipe" makes any sense is if they are referring to using the toilet
  14. Why did you go out of your way to start writing in color?
  15. This is too complicated for NQ as we don't have a group system or even the ability to stop friends from locking onto us. NQ aims big but can't deliver on simple non game changing quality of life features. This game will die because of NQ failing simple game design.
  16. Saying "Feature" would mean they added something to the game rather than shifted around the poo
  17. You would be a complete fool to wipe at this point. With the path of destruction behind NQ and DU at this point there is no "Brand Recovery" This game will crash hard as they have destroyed any chance of good PR through terrible company action. Any attempt to further this cause is just digging the grave deeper.
  19. Free speech on a companies platform where you agree to be moderated as the company sees fit? Are you suffering a brain injury and do you need assistance?
  20. If the player owns the tile and the construct is owned by the org it does not matter what your standing is the org needs perms to mine. We have tested this countless times.
  21. They sure do love making things pretty instead of functional. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.
  22. I don't understand why NQ is making so many drastic short sighted design changes without fixing the core of the game. I have played this game for over 1 year now and have only seen them take features and ruin mechanics without seeing them fully realized. All while at the same time ignoring basic QOL features like what I mentioned. Why are you trying to kill your "game" (or whatever is left that you want to call a "game")?
  23. They will never publish those numbers as they are ashamed and its bad PR
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