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Alioth Aerospace Expo


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Dear leaders, directors, CEOs and presidents of the industry,
today, I am here on behalf of Objective Driveyards to propose a beneficial offer.
We would like to propose the creation of a Company-wide Expo to showcase the greatest technologies, accomplishments and designs the shipbuilding industry can offer.
Participating in alpha and beta will be free for everyone interested and may help each of us to improve our reputation and make our names known.
We ask your participation in this Expo as a joint project between many ship building organizations to make this a project with impact and value.

The discord for this event can be found here https://discord.gg/agD4r5X


The Alioth Aerospace Expo is an exciting opportunity for ship enthusiasts, pilots, and manufacturers to gather and celebrate the latest and greatest in aerospace technology.

When and where will the expo take place? The Expo will be an exclusive week-long event held semi annually in a convention center within the Arkship safe-zone. The first trial expos are slated to be held some time during Alpha and Beta.

Why should I attend? The Expo aims to become a central hub of the shipbuilding scene. It is an opportunity for both industry giants and innovative startups to attract new civilian and military customers, by showcasing their talent to the wider player base.

How will the Expo be funded? Exhibitions of various sizes will be rented out to attending manufacturers. In addition, sponsorships from outside organizations will be accepted. Alpha and Beta Expo attendance will be free of charge in an effort to raise awareness about the event.

How will the Expo be organized? The expo will be organized by an Honorary Committee, made up of attending organization leaders and respected community members, who will elect an Executive Director for each expo. They will handle logistics, organization of the expo, hosted contests, and events.



And many others! Check the discord for more! https://discord.gg/agD4r5X

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I for one am very excited about such an event happening in DU, a platform where people from different organizations and even solo builders can come and showcase their talents and their work in one single place, you are doing something awesome guys.

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The Alioth Aerospace Expo now has its own webpage. There isn't much in the way of content yet, but it's a start. 



If you would like your organization listed as a supporter (participant), join the Discord server and I'll make it happen!




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Hahaha spaceballs, I love it, one of the best from Mel Brooks. My favorite, surely, is "The young Frankenstein". :D


PS: in the future expo, some spaceship probably will be able to reach the "ludicrous speed".



Good ideas flowing here. Cheers!


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