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  1. Welcome aboard NQ-Naerais, may all our problems be your problems (and if all else fails, blame NQ-Nyzaltar ) Cheers CoreVamore
  2. Stop watching me sleeping! Damn BOO!
  3. Idea has already been suggested over a year ago ?
  4. CoreVamore


    Money is one thing, financial structures another, and government structures another. Im sure DU will provide a wide variety of systems in play, governed by the corps that create them. Pick a corp that works the way you like and go from there. ?
  5. Hate to say it... this idea, and ones like it, pop up every few weeks/months. Farming might be done at some point in the far future. Just dont count on it.
  6. Pretty sure NQ can track any exchange of quanta and resources at their leisure. They built the universe after all
  7. He/she who rules by the gun decides the rules.... now where did i put my gun... ? ?
  8. Injects Lua code into new financial system sending all rounding down proceeds to his personal account. ?
  9. Um... there wont be any weapons of mass destruction in DU. You may have to alter your plans somewhat.
  10. One persons civil core is anothers military core.... so its a pointless option/mechanic.
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