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  1. There is no griefing.... i really dislike that term. There is the attacker and the person/group being attacked. If you are atracked you either try to run away, stand your ground, or fight back. This has been the topic of multiple threads in the past. People need to realise that game like DU and Eve are not nurseries, not padded rooms to keep you safe. These games are for the hunter and the hunted. The gangs and the armies. The warrior and the builder. All compete in their own way. Heck you could even have a commune org that could, if run properly, be a dominant force for good -or evil (that really depends on what end of the barrel you are looking at. So rejoice! Forget the nanny carma system (as good as it may seem in the end it can, and will be, circumvented.). Embrace the unknown. That enemy might end up heing your best friend. That loyal org member who you thought was your friend, might steal all your orgs assetts. The sky may darken as a hundred invader landing platforms move through the sky heading directly for you. Revel in the accolades for the best ship/building/toilet/etc in DU. Its all possible. Its all exciting. Its all terrifying. Just like life..... This is DU
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    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    <dumb joke ahead> I dont know what the number one wonder will be, but I'm sure one of the wonders will be "Can I survive outside of the safe zone?"........ <end of dumb joke>
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    I have returned...

    * Waves to da dark and misty one * G'day mate
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    I'm a real boy!

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    Do you play EVE Online?

    One aspect I think will be interesting, and partially similar to Eve, is space combat in groups. As we know everyone in Eve is a ship of some sort, and often they travel in packs to camp gates, kill structures, or brawl it out against other group(s). I think this will morph in DU. A group, instead of being several ships, will be in one. This will change the dynamic. Instead of having a fleet leader you will have the ships captain instructing everyone on board what to do. A fleet could just end up being 10 ships, one actual fleet commander and perhaps a hundred crew in total spread out between the ships. Naturally we could end up with massive space battles, with hundreds of players, but may only involve several tens of actual ships. When a ship blows - oh the carnage! Oh the humanity! Oh the looooot! So yea, DU wont be like Eve, but, I think thats possibly going to be a good thing
  7. perhaps - a core unit makes a construct 'smart' (i.e. Lua and links etc) and constructs with no core unit are just walls/roofs/holes but nothing 'alive'. Just a guess
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  9. Alpha 1 is starting this month, though, hasn't actually started as yet
  10. Roadmap: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/ i.e. its still at least 1 year away for the beta
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    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    Wow, totally unexpected, made my day! PM sent, and congrats everyone else selected
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