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  1. CoreVamore

    I'm human. I think...

    I dont think as I am cabbage 😮
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    Samlow / Vuurmannetje, a simple greeting!

    Welcome aboard 😁
  3. can you remove the quote citation. because it maintains the link of the trello.

  4. CoreVamore

    Kuromatsuki Yami - Kuro in short

    *Runs his finger through Kuros silky hair* "Good girl, you have chosen wisely." *Slides the data crystal down along Kuros neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and into her hand, as he lowers himself to do so* *Whispers into her right ear* "There is a man who is about to complete the construction of a huge flying city, the cost of which has been the largest seen since the colony ship landed. Much of what he has spent has passed into my industrial company in one way, or the other." *Slides his fingers under Kuros chin, raising her eyes to his iron gaze* "Once this city flies away I will lose a large proportion of business. This is unacceptable!" "The mans name is Cain, Aaron Cain. Injure and hurt him, but do not kill him. His city however must be destroyed, totally, the civilian casualties are immaterial. As I said, who you kill may be friend, or foe........." *Slides an stylish, yet subdued, metallic choker around Kuros neck, clicking it into firmly into position* "This is the tracker, so big that nobody will consider it a micro tracker. Sometimes the easiest way to hide something is to put it in plain sight. It will also remind you who you work for, every second of every day." "Rise Kuros, you have work to do" *CoreVamore smiles knowing that his best customer will become a repeat customer, and Mr Aaron Cain has no idea what is about to be unleashed on him*
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    Gorsh Folks, Howdy

    Welcome aboard
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    Content Packs

    what content packs? 😮
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    i think im a real human

    Oink oink
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    Kuromatsuki Yami - Kuro in short

    Smiles as he watches Kuros animated motions, smells her sweet scent as she nears, listening intently not just to the words but the thoughts behind those words. Entranced by her touch and realises one thing; anyone messing with Kuro would have a very short life, ended with a possibly long and painful death...... "I have no malice for any single person that I want dead, however, the mission I have for you may kill hundreds, if not thousands, some may be your enemies, some might be potential friends. There is no love in business, only the grind." CoreVamore steps forward, this time invading Kuros personal space. Locks her eyes with his gaze. "I will allow maiming, torture, manipulation and feminine allure for you to achieve my goals." CoreVamore pulls a small data crystal from his pocket. "The details are on here, I will give this to you, the broad outline, and, the person I want almost killed - how many you dispose of to reach this goal is immaterial to me. If this is acceptable to you I will fully inform you of your mission, as well as the tracker that I insist you wear at all times, just in case things go wrong." Puts his right hand on Kuros shoulder. "Kneel if you accept these conditions." [[ I can continue doing this but wont be able to input often, maybe once every couple days or so, busy rl and DU life - Im in Alpha and ATV so yea, less on forums these days lol ]]
  9. CoreVamore

    Kuromatsuki Yami - Kuro in short

    *smiles knowing the power of the industrialist, looks her up and down once more and responds* "We manufacture what is needed, and we improve what we make with each generation, never sitting on our achievements, we strive to better ourselves and our products. What do we manufacture? We manufacture just one thing, Excellence"
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    greetings all

    Can we build donuts? I want donuts!
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    Please stop neco'ing old dead threads....
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    Welcome aboard Just remember it is in Alpha status, which means its being developed with a release date that is likely 18 months away, at the earliest. So only get into it now if you want to help NQ make it a better game, and also dont expect it to be a completed game at this point (That would likely be around the Beta time frame) Cheers CoreVamore
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    Super excited!

    Welcome aboard
  14. CoreVamore

    Kuromatsuki Yami - Kuro in short

    CoreVamore smiles, realising death is still a way off "Security, now that's something I hadn't considered in my young design and manufacturing corporation, that's something I may have need for down the line"