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  1. Civilizations are built in more than one way, learn the ways of life.....
  2. Swap Spot is pleased to announce major upgrades that make using Swap Spot simpler as well as speeding up ore collection times by around 400%! We have also introduced a built in RP calculator which is integrated into the title bar of the Swap Spot Element Ordering Screen. So come on over and help us test this beast as well as pick up an element or ten in the process.
  3. Update: Swap Spot now has a Surrogate Pod called "Swap Spot Madis Tortuga" if you want to pop over and have a look
  4. The ore values are based on what the Swap Spot needs, and not market quanta values, and thats updated every minute For example, current Resource Point Values: Ores that have 0.0RP means that the Swap Spot has either too much of that particular ore, or, it has no use/need for that ore at this time.
  5. Update: The Swap Spot is still running after the industry update to provide everyone with many T1 elements - just bring ore along to swap!
  6. Currency is a general, wide area use, value representation mechanism. The Swap Spots Resource Points are an internal value just to the Swap Spot, its not general use nor wide spread, so its not a currency. In fact, one Swap Spot will have different RP values to another Swap Spot, as RP's are a gauge as to 'how hungry' each Swap Spot is for various ores. Secondly, its not meant to compete with an NQ run market, thats not what it does. What it does do is allow anyone who can harvest a rock, or mine a node, to directly turn that ore, with high industry efficiency, without them needing to know
  7. I haven't reinvented quanta at all, Resource Points (RP's), are simply the value that the Swap Spot puts on ores to make the Elements it provides. It's a personalised factory, not a market as such.
  8. Its been said: "Go big or go home!" Today I am proud to announce that Swap Spot 2.0 is here! Not just bigger, but, able to deliver not just small and medium elements, but LARGE elements as well! Today we start of with Large Atmos and Space engines. This is just the first step to the vast array of large elements. So come on up to Madis/Tortuga/Swap Spot and test the better way of using your ore! Join us on Discord to find out more: https://discord.gg/tvbADay *Update: We have installed the "Swap Spot Madis Tortuga" surrogate pad, so pop on over and have a look. :D C
  9. Swap Spot swaps your Ore for Elements, you don’t need Quanta, nothing to buy, just Swap! Swap Spot is your own personal industry without you needing to know a thing about industry! Don’t waste time digging needlessly, comparing prices and traveling from market to market, get popular Elements at Swap Spot! Swap Spot is much more than a combination of Industry and Market! Swap Spot is hundreds of times faster than nano-pack crafting and substantially faster than traditional industry complexes. Swap Spot delivers a va
  10. Welcome aboard NQ-Naerais, may all our problems be your problems (and if all else fails, blame NQ-Nyzaltar ) Cheers CoreVamore
  11. Stop watching me sleeping! Damn BOO!
  12. Idea has already been suggested over a year ago ?
  13. Money is one thing, financial structures another, and government structures another. Im sure DU will provide a wide variety of systems in play, governed by the corps that create them. Pick a corp that works the way you like and go from there. ?
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