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  1. CoreVamore


    Thats PvP
  2. CoreVamore

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    Thats not training..... thats a BBQ
  3. CoreVamore

    Artical 13 and 11

    Soooo if you are in the EU its time to contact your reps and get the law voted down.
  4. CoreVamore

    Attach/detach Ships parts

    Its not due to the single shard universe, its due to the entire universe being voxel based.
  5. CoreVamore

    Hello Community

    Welcome aboard
  6. CoreVamore

    General Relativistic Time

    I dont think any craft will be moving anywhere near light speed. Jumps across systems by jump bridges/star gates are hyperspace jumps through space time / warping of space. Technically in these situations the ship doesnt move - it bends space time instead. Because of this there also shouldnt be any relativistic repercussioms. At least that's the way i think it works, i could be wrong.
  7. CoreVamore

    Attach/detach Ships parts

    Ships can dock inside other ships. Smaller ships controlling larger could be a RDMS/Lua issue/challenge/solution. Just dont expect 'mech' like ships with flailing arms and legs.
  8. CoreVamore

    Ship Servos that generate Rotation

    Hinges/leavers/wheels etc wont be coming any time soon, or at all, due to large server performance hits. This may change in the far far far future, but don't expect it any time in the next few years.
  9. CoreVamore

    Hi Hi....

    Welcome aboard
  10. CoreVamore


    Welcome aboard
  11. CoreVamore


    Welcome to da swamp
  12. CoreVamore

    Hello Everyone. Potential Pledger

    Carefull.... that should have been posted in the NDA forums.....
  13. CoreVamore

    New Genesis Creation Lore

    Wasnt Lore Data's despised brother? 😳
  14. CoreVamore

    Hello o/

    welcome aboard
  15. CoreVamore

    Inn system?

    Of course u can. Thats called the rental market.... 😉