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  1. And the lord said...

    Welcome aboard
  2. How many of you have pre-alpha?

    You are sooooo mean Lethys.... lol
  3. Radar Tech

    Then the survey is worded poorly, it should be worded around HOW radar systems in game should/could work, not if it should be included in game.
  4. Disregard

    So while New Genises is having a group TDG would be the best time to attack their base.... while they are distracted
  5. Docking mechanics

    On one of the NQ vids they showed hooking up storage tanks and transferring material between them via links as well as directly to the players arm/suit. I think 'line of sight' between containers to empty one and fill another is the critical aspect of transferring materials.
  6. Radar Tech

    From what ive seen in the NQ/DU vids there is radar in the game, and it makes perfect sense to have it within the game. I really dont know why this survey is here, just like a few others Ive seen lately surveying about things that are already confirmed to be in the game.....
  7. What's Up People and Things of the Universe

    Welcome Just remember the pre-alpha is currently under NDA, so no streaming DU for the time being
  8. NPC's have an avatar of some sort in a 3D environment, like DU, however there will not be any like that in DU. The only artificial characters will be those seeding the market and they, are bots. i.e. No more than a name on an buy/sell order.
  9. Pretty sure having your defence sheild pulled down into reinforcement mode would be a shock/surprise no matter what the engagement timer is set to
  10. Pretty sure the group being attacked will be surprised....
  11. Hey im Bjoerek

    Welcome aboard
  12. orbital bombardment

    I would accept this proposal but only if space born weapons have their damage reduced to around 20% of their normal space damage due to the atmospheric interference. ie: (Proposed science/lore) Atmosphere spreading laser beam weapon focus and hence intensity Projectile weapons 'bullets' burning up as they travel through the air missiles having to deal with weather (wind) conditions putting them off course - something they are not designed to handle (they are a space based weapon after all ) etc. Naturally I would also assume that ground based weapons would also include anti-orbital options to shoot back at orbital attackers, though with greater damage potential as their weapons will be designed to handle atmospheric issues - to some degree. So lets say 35% of their close quarters (non orbital) damage potential.
  13. Question on losing inventory upon death

    you just said the same thing as me lol you cant have a private army without it being in your corp/part of your organisation. So my comment still stands
  14. Gday Lads

    Welcome aboard mate
  15. Hello I'm Dark_but_Good

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