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  1. Dev Progress

    What are you talking about? The servers ARE open to the pre-alpha test group more and more as time goes on. This ins't a finished game, its in development, and not open to the general public because of that. We are expecting an updated development road map to appear within the next month or so. Most of the useful discussion is happening in the pre-alpha test forum rooms - which we average mortals dont have access too. All current development is under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which has stopped anyone giving us progress reports besides official news releases from NQ. Interest in DU is far from dying, if anything, its growing. Cheers
  2. Ascension

    You are talking about Pizza..... Its Pizza isnt it?
  3. Hello!

    Welcome aboard
  4. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    Then again, wouldn't a persons actual name, and/or vehicles registration plate number, be a better solution than a permit number?
  5. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    How will you make this permit? How can your police check it remotely or even on demand? How will they know the vehicle being piloted is one of the bazillion possible vehicles in DU?
  6. Hello !

    Welcome Aboard
  7. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    Lol.... so i guess nobody will be trading with u as only a fool would run gunless ships in renegade space.... think about it
  8. Market terminal set up

    Tripple post????
  9. Market terminal set up

    Double post?
  10. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    Pretty sure even basic frieghters will be armed and "dangerous" let alone other types of unknown craft......
  11. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    Regulating traffic is a major thing in a space game..... especially when that traffic can fight back..... as i said, sound like an army to me
  12. NEW STREET CODE [The Federation Alpha]

    You say police like I would say 'army'
  13. Private and public marketplace

    This vid shows what is publicly known, not sure if anything else can be answered without breaking the current NDA.
  14. The name is Amastary

    Welcome aboard