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  1. Just DU it. I know people who make money with fuel, and a voxel art, like logos and etc.
  2. As a programmer, who worked with many game engines, i have to say that game have good optimizing, as game with voxel and that world scale. I hope they will improve work of servers, and i wish them luck and good final results😃
  3. discordauth:d7sgb1mOGvV-6oPbgYZvg8L7sIDP4EtFxviCL7GxDKg=

  4. You can buy pilot license in game market anytime. I dont know about now, but 2 yers ago i maked maney in incursions.
  5. without weapons they can be only victims =)
  6. Does we have anti pirateer organisation?
  7. С++ FTW, Java is not safer Thx for info. Now i waiting for pre-alpha =/
  8. Great idea. We could make some event(something like racing) with training weapons.
  9. Large companies can make "Death Squadrons" for cleaning territory from people in "black list".
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