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  1. discordauth:d7sgb1mOGvV-6oPbgYZvg8L7sIDP4EtFxviCL7GxDKg=

  2. You can buy pilot license in game market anytime. I dont know about now, but 2 yers ago i maked maney in incursions.
  3. without weapons they can be only victims =)
  4. Does we have anti pirateer organisation?
  5. С++ FTW, Java is not safer Thx for info. Now i waiting for pre-alpha =/
  6. Great idea. We could make some event(something like racing) with training weapons.
  7. Large companies can make "Death Squadrons" for cleaning territory from people in "black list".
  8. Here you can post your favorite space music.
  9. Бывает Я где-то видел, что альфа начнется в конце этого года, но сейчас пишут что в первом квартале слеуюшего. Или это еще не известно точно?
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