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  1. But what about standards for ships... A sHIp ThIs SizE MUst bE a FriGAtE aND tHis iS a CrUisER!
  2. ^ On any unofficial one, sure. harvest all the data you want from there. But i agree that this should not be on any official server.
  3. I would show some of our wares, but knowing these forums i'd be banned lol
  4. Do you accept sponsorships in the form of memes? That's what we have most of at BOO
  5. This is *far* from cheap Normally if it was just a free MMO I would recomend planetside 2, but sadly don't have any stuff for MMORPGs
  6. It's a 20km radius or diameter iirc. thats big, it should last at least a little while, especially as more organised orgs move out of it as they can protect themselves for the better resources.
  7. Both of these happen too slowly to be included in the game. Yes, but where do they come from? a finite source.
  8. You sound like you are saying you would be on an equal level with the best responses. Until there is any proof, everyone can take that as not true. Also, as others have stated, doing nothing might not be a wrong answer at all.
  9. There are also *many* others, i can link you to a lot if you want. That one is the largest but it doesn't cover all aspects of the community by far.
  10. No. That wasn't the first time he did it at all. he also did it previously in a discord for his first organisation. And it wasn't just multiple threads, it was almost every active thread. imo behaviour like this is unacceptable, especially when there is a high chance of a repeat offense, and it was right that NQ permanently banned him. Or should i say you.
  11. While i would like it to for many reasons, its just not going to for one reason. That reason? People are stupid. The vast majority of consumers want easy to lean guis, not cmd line, as even though cmd line offers many advantages, they wouldn't be able to use it. Its for this reason that linux is mostly used for stuff like servers, supercomputers etc instead of everyday consumer goods. As for DU on linux, NQ are focusing on making the game work and be fun right now, not spending a ton of time and resources that they are limited on to port it to linux. It may happen at some point in the future, but not now at all, especially as they said windows only.
  12. We don't even know if they can be placed underground, as NQ might not want them to be *exploited* for near invincible bases. You did find one, you just ignored it as it didn't suit you. Multiple people have said here that NQ doesn't want totally safe places outside of designated MSAs and other pre placed safe areas, like around the arkship. As an example, this was said in the post you must have read before posting yourself: You then ignored that and made up your own version of what people were saying, and pretended as if that's their opinion by using quotation marks. You then went on to, instead of logically continuing a debate, pretend you had 'won' the debate and say you are leaving. I can assure you that's not how to win a debate.
  13. You did the starbucks for a month, instead of the year you probably intended to. in actuality, a coffee a day from any starbucks style place will cost miles more than DU does per year. While i agree with your point of DACs don't actually cost as much as you would think from some of the people on here, you've been a bit extreme with your comparisons.
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