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  1. "It's not about the end, it's about the way you have to go."
  2. Yeah, that rough design is used so often, it looks like everything
  3. Would this be possible? It's a carrier from wing commander, we would love to see one in our Hands
  4. Absolutly clear, there will be no recordings or experience shared. I have a personal eye on that. Everything that is described and not yet described will happen inside the game and stay there. Because of that I announced it HERE so it reaches the Alpha Player....your concern is noted But we plan to stream future Events, when the NDA not longer applies (Beta).
  5. The Free Racing Community is working with its small development-team on the fastes designs and technologies. We would be proud if we could have a place at the Expo for our Racers.
  6. Let's come to my introduction. I'm Hamon...TheHamon! I will seek fun in this game, that is my goal. I will find it within the people and the greatness we will achieve together. Lets make that work! Also I study Aeronautical&Spacefaring Engineering in Germany, have a big interest in psychologie, architecture and technology. I will stay with this game until I die, even now it's great (in theory, still have to play it myself)
  7. Hello and welcome! Im happy to announce that the Free Racing Community will organise the first race for all organisations present at Alpha stage. You can compete with each other in a peaceful but also challenging way. The provisional rules are: -Size: Fighter/Jet -Propulsion used: Athmospheric, Boosters, wings -Checkpointsystem: Checkpoint-rings, check size maximum! -Ceasefire during the competition -no Speed maximum! -track will probably be outside of safezone, beware Due to lack of information yet, further updates will have the rest, so stay tuned! !Date and Location will be announced after Alpha-Launch! Send your intereset to participate directly to TheHamon (COMMUNITY-PN) with the subject 'I wanna race'. Hosts: The honor of hosting the event is not yet decided, we will take your applications! The host of the event will be mentioned in the articel, will be advertised and will have the honor to provide the start-location (additional structures will be build by the FRC if necessary) A secondary host will have the same privileges as the first host, except he will provide the finishline. Send applications directly to TheHamon (COMMUNITY-PN) with the subject 'I wanna host'. Embrace your speed-fever, touch the stars. -A service by the Free Racing Community
  8. this link: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/294/231/2f9.gif
  9. Your power of deduction is unquestioned, but i have them too. You're german as well? And thank you for the compliment
  10. I very agree with CoreVamore, me too can't take you seriously. Please use your vast knowlege of the Internet to compare the two symbols to see it is not even close....
  11. discordauth:hFSMhp1-ECI97NsXtcT_9zzDkTilYU32jWJf5YNM5Cw=

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