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  1. NDA... you should find the hidden Alpha channels in this forums first !!!
  2. 1. there is a setting file 2. optimation is planned until and while beta 3. the Voxeltech uses AVX and uses lot better CPU than GPU, but i dont know if vulcan or RTX is planned or will be needed at release. 4. VR is probably planned, but at least post release. NQ first wants to see how the VR market evolves... im really hoping sooner than later []-) You better should ask those questions in the NDA sections of the discord or in the NDA sections of this forums. After your pledge and link your DU profile with discord, they are still hidden until you logged out of the forums and the pledge site and logg back in.
  3. in the official discord and here in the forums are hidden NDA channels. Only accessable for people with Alpha access. Or you just ask someone ingame... often the easyest and fastest way As soon as the NDA drops, this will not be a further problem. And yes even for people under NDA its even harder than for people with yet no access ^^
  4. You only pay the pledge and then play for free until release... All the goodies will be shipped at least at the games release. DAC are at least important after the games release in 1-2years. Beta keys you get, you can gift away to friends at beta so they can test the game too. NQ only needs money for running the game, not for getting rich. What the game needs are people, the more, the better for testing. Clearly spoken, the faster you start with the game, the more money you will safe. Just DU it !
  5. I have lot more hope that DU will be made for VR befor it will get a console port. Vr has not the restriction like a controller has in terms of controlls, but has to run smoothly at 60-80 FPS first. Anyway could you give out actual requirements for DU and actualize from time to time? SSD or fast broadband internet mentioned in the requirements eg? That would help people decide easyer if the game even in alpha would meet theyr specs and would not disappoint afterwards. I dont care for a console port anyway, so im out for that... Next please o/
  6. nice concept, but it has imho some problems that have to be solved... I got some questions. 1. How do you claim another territory that is not yours? 2. how do you make savezones within this territory where no PVP is allowed? 3. what happens when two territorys collide? 4. how do you want to balance or set up the cost of the TCUs and what do you use as fuel? I guess, or at least i hope NQ allready has a solution for all those questions allready with theyr idea and will just ignore your idea or at least use some of the ideas from your concept. Afaik territory warfare will need a TCU for every tile. Thats a neccessity to solve the 1. question. Anyone who wants to claim a territory has to destroy or hack the TCU of the enemy faction or at least drop the shieldpoint of a tile to 0 and destroy all cores on the tile. Then the TCU becomes inactive and you can place a TCU for your own faction. Second question, all TCUs surrounding an area in the middle can make the middle a PVP free zone. and the player has the option to activate it at the TCU in the middle. When two territorys collide both are an attackable tile anyway and a war between both factions can be announced. Fuel could be a relatively expensive mix of different resources or a new resource. A TCU can be fueled and this fuel replenishes after a certain amount of time. Then the tile becomes lockable and attackable over the TCUs marker. When a tile at the borders of the secured zone gets attacked, the org gets a massage wich planet. the cost for shooting a tiles/TCUs HP down has to be massively more than the cost of the TCU and its fuel, because when a tile gets taken by the enemy faction, another tile becomes attackable and this way another attackable ring is build. Or all tiles in the outer circle have to be taken over befor the next ring gets attackable. Im not sure, but i guess this could be the way how NQ could have plan it allready. I like your idea of having a home territory that gives a benefit against when you try to claim another territory that is not close to the home one. This makes sure, that you know where the home of a faction is. Allways the biggset on of course ^^ I like the idea that a home territory has no limit in size, but the sekundary have. I like the idea of the markings, when an org has claimed the whole planet, make a marking who owns it. And i like an exponential fuelcost the more territorys a faction owns. But allways keep in mind that a faction can own multiple organizations that can own multiple TCUs How would you solve all the exploiting possibilitys?
  7. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ The last test has ended half an hour ago... Also you need to use your email as a login now. And you should know that everything game related needs to be written in NDA channels... NDA is stil active but will drop soon
  8. Dual Universe bekommt eine Art Play to Pay modell... Das bedeutet je mehr Quanta (ingamewährung) du machst, umso einfacher kommst du an DACs. falls du es dir nicht leisten kannst JC 2 mal im Monat nen Kaffee zu spendieren, Ja in Paris kostet ein Kaffee mindestens 8€, dann hast du die Möglichkeit deine Spielzeit auch einfach durchs spielen zu erwirtschaften. Andere Spieler bezahlen also deine Spielzeit mit ihrem Echtgeld. Das Spiel und alle folgenden DLCs sind aber völlig kostenlos. Das funktionierte in EVE onine bereits sehr gut und auch WoW haben dieses Bezahlmodell bereits eingeführt. Für mich ist bereits seit fast 3 Jahren DU mein Hauptspiel und ich habe noch immer nicht alles was es dort zu tun gibt gelernt. DU wird auf lange sicht mein Hobby und nicht nur ein einfaches Spiel. Und ein Hobby für nur zwei Kaffee ist fast schon zu billig. --- Dual Universe gets a kind of Play to Pay model... This means the more quanta (ingame currency) you make, the easier it is to get hands on DACs. if you can't afford to donate JC 2 times a month a coffee, Yes in Paris a coffee costs at least 8€, then you have the opportunity earn your playing time simply by playing. Other players pay your playing time with their real money. The game itself and all the DLCs about to come are entirely free. This already worked very well in EVE online and even WoW have already introduced this payment model. For me, DU has been my main game for almost 3 years and I still haven't learned everything to do there. DU will be my hobby for a long time and not just a simple game. And a hobby for only two coffees is almost too cheap.
  9. Hey Yamamushi, you have been probably one of the first players i met in DUs pre-alpha back in 2017 You have never been the most creative builder in the game, but you did great effort for the community by setting up the DU discord and the DU Bot. You runned the first podcast and even sometimes spoke on events in the name of the community. Everyone got theyr strength right? ^^ You have proven, you can be a great community manager. Its gonna be an even bigger responsibility to be part of NQ now and im sure you will do a great job for the game now, the same amount you did for the community. In the name of the Members of Red Dragons and our friends from many other orgs, we wish you the best as an official NQ now. Greez BiGEdge
  10. It is idiotic indeed... This guy seemed to forget that with his argumentation every MMO is pay to win, even free to play ones. And i tell you why. If i pay 100 DU players or many more with my reallife money to grind ingame stuff for me lets say 18$ per month for each. it will be the fastest way to build an empire. Or do this in other MMOs, because in allmost every MMO there are always players, real people who would take this money because they could play theyr Game for free then, by just investing this money in theyr own playtime. Everyone of those people including me, the one who payed them would be happy. But there would allways be people saying this is unfair or pay to win. But you cannot avoid capitalism in reallife. And as long we use money there will be someone who will work (or play a game) for it. Fine so far... just because this is possible and you can not fight this you must declare every MMO in wich you can grind as pay to win. This means MMO without pay to win can not be possible. The only thing, and best thing indeed you can do, is to just make this mechanic a part of the game. The developer only gets the difference between the usual monthy subscription and the price of one DAC. The devs dont get monthly subs from all the players AND the money from DAC. Everything was grinded, mined, build and made out of work from people within the game. Pay to win in this case means that you archive something faster than others, just by paying real money. If the developer would sell stuff out of thin air for real money, but not made by players, well then you could speak about a real pay2win mechanic yes. But only if those payed items would give you a benefit ingame. if its a weapon you can only buy with real money or an XP booster or something. Then you would have players with a big ship for example, that is not beatable with regular ingame items or regular playtime. Pay to win in this case would be really gamebreaking, because if only one person would not pay money for those benefitial items he has a real disadvantage against others. We all are lucky that NQ decided to never put those gamebreaking real pay2win mechanics into DU A bit up i explained what winning DU is for me, and to archive this i just have to pay my monthly sub to keep the game developed and the servers running. Or just let others pay the sub for me by buying DACs from ingame market if i got enough time to grind for it. ^^
  11. Absolutely agree, espeacially for DU, i think most of us want to have fun. Some people have the most fun, when they can shoot and kill as many other players as possible. Some might want to make the most ingame money as possible. But there are people flying around in theyr hauler and mine as much as they can. For them, every new ore vain is the biggest joy they can have. Others use DU as a modding platform and they try to script the coolest Lua programs in the game and do this most of the time. For me everything comes together. I see DU as a Sandbox. And the goal of a Sandbox Game is to be creative and set your own goals. To find and socialize with creativ, structurized, disziplined and kind people and with the greatest community i ever met in a Game yet. Train my own creativity, get inspired by ideas from others and create breathtaking constructs i would archive as my main goal. in DU there are so many different gamemechanics to learn, and it can be as complex as no other game. Or help as many people as possible to learn the gamemechanics and share experiences. I guess those are the main goals for me and all this can be timeconsuming but very enjoyable. Those are all variable archivements, but just like wise men say... The way is the aim.
  12. no... i sayd you have a Sandbox game much bigger than any other. And if you like you can remove hole planets if you got the time and patience. And as only the starter Planet has the surface from Great Britain alone, it would take the same amount of time, as if you want to dig out GB out of the Atlantic. You can remove everything and place it anywhere else in DU like in all the other Voxel based Games. To have this possibility, i would be fine with having the same graphics quality like in those games. But in DU it looks already better than in other Voxel Games. And this without 4k textures. And high res textures are not yet important in Alpha development. But they will come when theyre needed.
  13. You know that you can place and remove this all anywhere you want right? The best looking Games i know that can do the same are 7Days2Die, Empyrion, Space Engineers and some others. imho DU already looks better than all of them. DU has no high res textures yet, but as you know DU is in Alpha development right now. I expect High res Textures and other performance fixes will come when all the important Gameplay features are implemented. They come, but its not that important right now in development.
  14. Ah there we go... @xlDvSlx @DvS_UK You both just seem to have the same arguments. I would lean out of the window and say your both are the same person. Both just here to argue against a payment model that is well established. Everyone is fine with this but you. Me and everyone else accepts how the game will be payed, or not payed in terms of the free to play Players in DU And now theres you try to arguing against it? If you want to play the game for free just DU it
  15. tell me one free to play game that made 50.000 or more players at all times and for over 15years? EVE Online and DU free to play too, but only because of the possibility to trade playtime. The revolutionary servertech is expensive. I mean for 50.000 players its very expensive. An Dual Universe is not just a niche. Not like EVE Online. Dual Universe is the first MMO where your able to build anything with countless people all over the world, all in one instance. Making this thing free to play with this powerful servertech is not possible. Not if you wouldnt have talent boosts or other pay to win stuff. But like you say. EVE is a neiche and the payment model works fine. Dual Universe is anything else but a neiche, and they have the same payment model. Im sure it will work fine too, but even better. And NQ have allways proven, its not about money for them, but to make potentially millions of people being connected together and form digital civilizations. Yes you need Money to make a great game. Yes you need Money to maintain a revolutionizing servertech. Yes you need enough money to make sure the game works for tenthousands of people over decades. EVE has proven that theyr system worked the best way just for a neiche game. Why not using this experience and paymentmodel for a game, so many people waiting for? Every DLC is free, the servers are payed, further development is payed and even the emloyees are payed. Both games could potentially run forever as long as people pay a monthly sub. And the possibility for people by having theyr playtime payed by other players, because they benefit from it is only a win win win payment model. 1. win NQ can constantely run the servers and has everything payed 2. win Players who want to play the game for free are able to do it, just by buying DACs ingame 3. win Other players can sell DACs ingame to get a little bit of ingame money for it, but also pay theyr and other players monthly sub with it. Its the most social payment model i can imagine.
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