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  1. It is idiotic indeed... This guy seemed to forget that with his argumentation every MMO is pay to win, even free to play ones. And i tell you why. If i pay 100 DU players or many more with my reallife money to grind ingame stuff for me lets say 18$ per month for each. it will be the fastest way to build an empire. Or do this in other MMOs, because in allmost every MMO there are always players, real people who would take this money because they could play theyr Game for free then, by just investing this money in theyr own playtime. Everyone of those people including me, the one who payed them would be happy. But there would allways be people saying this is unfair or pay to win. But you cannot avoid capitalism in reallife. And as long we use money there will be someone who will work (or play a game) for it. Fine so far... just because this is possible and you can not fight this you must declare every MMO in wich you can grind as pay to win. This means MMO without pay to win can not be possible. The only thing, and best thing indeed you can do, is to just make this mechanic a part of the game. The developer only gets the difference between the usual monthy subscription and the price of one DAC. The devs dont get monthly subs from all the players AND the money from DAC. Everything was grinded, mined, build and made out of work from people within the game. Pay to win in this case means that you archive something faster than others, just by paying real money. If the developer would sell stuff out of thin air for real money, but not made by players, well then you could speak about a real pay2win mechanic yes. But only if those payed items would give you a benefit ingame. if its a weapon you can only buy with real money or an XP booster or something. Then you would have players with a big ship for example, that is not beatable with regular ingame items or regular playtime. Pay to win in this case would be really gamebreaking, because if only one person would not pay money for those benefitial items he has a real disadvantage against others. We all are lucky that NQ decided to never put those gamebreaking real pay2win mechanics into DU A bit up i explained what winning DU is for me, and to archive this i just have to pay my monthly sub to keep the game developed and the servers running. Or just let others pay the sub for me by buying DACs from ingame market if i got enough time to grind for it. ^^
  2. Absolutely agree, espeacially for DU, i think most of us want to have fun. Some people have the most fun, when they can shoot and kill as many other players as possible. Some might want to make the most ingame money as possible. But there are people flying around in theyr hauler and mine as much as they can. For them, every new ore vain is the biggest joy they can have. Others use DU as a modding platform and they try to script the coolest Lua programs in the game and do this most of the time. For me everything comes together. I see DU as a Sandbox. And the goal of a Sandbox Game is to be creative and set your own goals. To find and socialize with creativ, structurized, disziplined and kind people and with the greatest community i ever met in a Game yet. Train my own creativity, get inspired by ideas from others and create breathtaking constructs i would archive as my main goal. in DU there are so many different gamemechanics to learn, and it can be as complex as no other game. Or help as many people as possible to learn the gamemechanics and share experiences. I guess those are the main goals for me and all this can be timeconsuming but very enjoyable. Those are all variable archivements, but just like wise men say... The way is the aim.
  3. no... i sayd you have a Sandbox game much bigger than any other. And if you like you can remove hole planets if you got the time and patience. And as only the starter Planet has the surface from Great Britain alone, it would take the same amount of time, as if you want to dig out GB out of the Atlantic. You can remove everything and place it anywhere else in DU like in all the other Voxel based Games. To have this possibility, i would be fine with having the same graphics quality like in those games. But in DU it looks already better than in other Voxel Games. And this without 4k textures. And high res textures are not yet important in Alpha development. But they will come when theyre needed.
  4. You know that you can place and remove this all anywhere you want right? The best looking Games i know that can do the same are 7Days2Die, Empyrion, Space Engineers and some others. imho DU already looks better than all of them. DU has no high res textures yet, but as you know DU is in Alpha development right now. I expect High res Textures and other performance fixes will come when all the important Gameplay features are implemented. They come, but its not that important right now in development.
  5. Ah there we go... @xlDvSlx @DvS_UK You both just seem to have the same arguments. I would lean out of the window and say your both are the same person. Both just here to argue against a payment model that is well established. Everyone is fine with this but you. Me and everyone else accepts how the game will be payed, or not payed in terms of the free to play Players in DU And now theres you try to arguing against it? If you want to play the game for free just DU it
  6. tell me one free to play game that made 50.000 or more players at all times and for over 15years? EVE Online and DU free to play too, but only because of the possibility to trade playtime. The revolutionary servertech is expensive. I mean for 50.000 players its very expensive. An Dual Universe is not just a niche. Not like EVE Online. Dual Universe is the first MMO where your able to build anything with countless people all over the world, all in one instance. Making this thing free to play with this powerful servertech is not possible. Not if you wouldnt have talent boosts or other pay to win stuff. But like you say. EVE is a neiche and the payment model works fine. Dual Universe is anything else but a neiche, and they have the same payment model. Im sure it will work fine too, but even better. And NQ have allways proven, its not about money for them, but to make potentially millions of people being connected together and form digital civilizations. Yes you need Money to make a great game. Yes you need Money to maintain a revolutionizing servertech. Yes you need enough money to make sure the game works for tenthousands of people over decades. EVE has proven that theyr system worked the best way just for a neiche game. Why not using this experience and paymentmodel for a game, so many people waiting for? Every DLC is free, the servers are payed, further development is payed and even the emloyees are payed. Both games could potentially run forever as long as people pay a monthly sub. And the possibility for people by having theyr playtime payed by other players, because they benefit from it is only a win win win payment model. 1. win NQ can constantely run the servers and has everything payed 2. win Players who want to play the game for free are able to do it, just by buying DACs ingame 3. win Other players can sell DACs ingame to get a little bit of ingame money for it, but also pay theyr and other players monthly sub with it. Its the most social payment model i can imagine.
  7. RDR2 and WoW for example has the mechanic, that if you dont want to PVP just set yourself to PVE only. You cannot be attacked until you attack anyone else. Its a Gamemechanic that worked already for a very long time and all players are cool with it. DU will do it another way, that you have sanctuary zones where no PVP will be possible. Thats fine too... For this Amazon "We try to make games, cause we got the money to do it" I really hope this game fails hard. I dont like Amazon and theyr monopol status. They started with an internet bookstore, fine i dont read books anyways. Then they became the biggest internet store and push the prizes down so that even local stores had to close. Half of the retails in my city had to close because of the low internet prizes Amazon worked for. Then they made theyr own Movie streaming platform and became there one of the biggest players. And now they want to take over the media i love over centuries? I dont blame Amazon for throwing away new products just because the storage is too expensive. Sadly were living in a throw away mentalyty here in the western cultures. I dont blame them to only follow the rules of the markets. But Amazon for me is the devil in person, with that might and money they own the world.
  8. Just like in EVE Online theres a true mechanic to not make it pay to win. In EVE you cannot do anything until you got the right talents. Just like in DU. In EVE you can buy the talents sure, but they take time to learn them anyway. This means, anything you buy, without the talents to use it your screwed. In DU its similar. You able to beat others only by investing lot of time to train the talents. Money and espeacially ingame currency means nothing, if you havnt invested time into the Game. Still the best Payment Model you can have in a Game imho. But if NQ decide to not make the DACs tradable, they have to raise the monthly fee. Im not sure if so many people really want to play DU if they have to pay 20$ a month or more. With DACs other players have the oppurtunity to play the game for free, because others payed for them. Its a win win Situation for everyone. And if many people buy DACs and try to sell it ingame, the price gets lower and lower. This means, the more people do this "pay to win" thing as you say, the less they get out of it.
  9. Some of the writers should credit them in one of the Novavrimo storys. Something like "There was a Company named Massively-Operations, was involved in working at one of the first Arkships back on earth, befor humanity had to leave Earth" Sadly im my mothertongue is german, so its too hard for me to compete in the Novavrimo writig contest in english.
  10. This is not an NDA section, so i can only tell about things that are already known publically about mining. Mining is fine, and here its why... 1. Mining with mashines would be much more complicated than mining by hand, and it would be significantely slower with a mining ship than by hand. You got ore vains deep underground. Similar to Space Engineers, but more complex. To find an ore vain and its exact location is very complex in DU. Its not like you have markers like in SE Space Engineers. Its more like 3D Pot-hitting minigame and i dont know if anyone is able to mine in SE if you wouldnt have pos markers of the ores. 2. You dont need to mine If you dont like it, leave the work to others who enjoy it. I dont mine a lot, but i always have everything i need, just by trading at ingame markets. You dont need to mine in DU if you dont like it. Make money out of trading and buy all you need with it is lot easyer, if you know how to do it. 3. The DU Lore dosnt work like that In the DU lore everyone has a suit called "Nanoformer Suit". Using this Suit has proven, that its much more effective than any mashine could be. You only have to give more power to the suit and you can mine bigger spaces than any mashine ever could. You dont need to transport a gigantic mashine to a certain location, you just need enough people with a Nanosuit. In every other Spacegame you have spacemining with mashines, but NQ are the first devs think about if this is really needed. And in DU its all about the Players. Why are people still asking for mining mashines? Had Minecraft Miningmashines? Just ask why
  11. As far as we know, NQ just developing the Game. We pay them for maintain the servers, making this groundbreaking technology even better every day, free updates, free DLCs and free addons. Everything what has to be done technically is NQs part. We the players make the rules, the storys, the quests, the organizations. Its our part to have Ideas in this Sandbox. NQ just gives us the sand and bucket and the frame around this Sandbox. Big organizations will establish rules in this sandbox and wage wars to enforce them. But should NQ dev Members be barred from playing DU? I say no, but... NQ must have insights of what happening and of what the players building and how they do it. Not only to improve gamemechanics, but to make DU working well. NQ should not be allowed to get involved competetively. Not even if they dont use theyr admin rights. This happned in EVE Online recently and the guys working there got fired immidiately. NQ can learn a lot from this. And im sure they got internal rules for that.
  12. Your Laptop from 5 years ago is not even got the minimum systemrequirements. You need minimum a GForce 960 - you got a 940M with shared Memory. It uses part of your RAM up to 4Gb and is not even semi optimal for modern games. You need min a quadcore, better is 8-16 cores depending on what you can afford. You got 2 cores and without AVX Dual Universe wouldnt even start. I suggest you to buy a new tower PC. Laptops are great for being away often, but if you like to play the newest games or like DU games that not even released yet, you need a decent gamer rig.
  13. First thing... a fast Travel mechanic is already planned by NQ. It will function as follows. As soon as more than one star system will be part of DU after Release (source Roadmaps) We will get star gates or similar gamemechanic (source press interview) Travel to another Star System will take about weeks in realtime for the first time to build another gate there (source Q&A) Because this is an non NDA post, i can only write here whats publically known nor whats already in the game. The travel times have to be long enough to establish a proper trading mechanic. In EVE or Elite for example are fast travel mechanics a thing. But traveling although takes long times for a reason. The trading mechanics need a certain distance between starbases or resource spots with particially long travel times. In DU as it is an MMO it need min similar travel times to make resource gathering, travelling and tactical PVP worth it. FTL or instant fast travel will disturb or even destroy those other gamemechanics. The longer a travel time, the more valuable it will become for all other Game mechanics. I expect to see extremely long travel times in DU, longer than ever seen in any other game befor.
  14. I thought there will be no Skill or Talent System in DU... Someone sayd that in Interviews 2 years ago The Reason was DU should not restrict people in theyr playstiles. Now we get a system, where you have to spend skill points gathered by time. This may lead into heavy Multiaccounting like in EVE Online if you ask me.
  15. If you want to use copyrighted Material you can ask the owner of the copyrights. As far as i know Games Workshop, the owners on Warhammer brand is more focussed in promoting creativity. As an oldscool tabletop and GW Fan i can say that beyond doupt. But to make things clear, you should ask Games Workshop directly if you can use theyr concepts in another videogame. ---> Games Workshop Copyright <---
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