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  1. I thought there will be no Skill or Talent System in DU... Someone sayd that in Interviews 2 years ago The Reason was DU should not restrict people in theyr playstiles. Now we get a system, where you have to spend skill points gathered by time. This may lead into heavy Multiaccounting like in EVE Online if you ask me.
  2. If you want to use copyrighted Material you can ask the owner of the copyrights. As far as i know Games Workshop, the owners on Warhammer brand is more focussed in promoting creativity. As an oldscool tabletop and GW Fan i can say that beyond doupt. But to make things clear, you should ask Games Workshop directly if you can use theyr concepts in another videogame. ---> Games Workshop Copyright <---
  3. I think we two got different oppinions... Im arguing with the theory from Maslov. Dual Universe is supposed to be a Simulation of Sociaty. Thats what JC always sayd. Maslov told us that a healthy sociaty has to have different needs. The importanth of it is a must have to be happy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs 1. You have something that everyone needs the one or another way. A true Must have! these are physiological needs that everyone has to care about. This is something that should be there in the very first place before savety: Savety is something like savezones and those are already agreed from NQ. Next are the Social needs, nothing to talk about in a MMO Game And after this stands Esteem, its like having a Ship or a house or possibility to explore You see in a Game where you wanna build a virtual sociaty its the importanth thing to have essential needs. And in my oppinion DAC cannot be the only essential need in DU. I hope i made it clear for you, and wait for your counterargument Also its what you sayd, just the other way around. If you eat you walk faster, if you drink you can use a jetpack and so on.
  4. You got me wrong... i meant it the other way around. If you log in you have to eat and drink. It dosnt madder how long you were offline. So if im offline for a Week or just for an hour i always have to eat or/and drink after that login. You dont loose any stats when offline
  5. Hello Noveans and the ones hoo gonna be, in my opinion a game with a living breathing universe where the content is made by players we will need more than just mining ores. Trading is for fulfilling needs. But to have a reason to trade we need essential needs. We all want to make the Dual Universe a second home and we need to have some essential things. here are my suggestions and what probably make it different from any other game. Farming: We need to have Elements that have to be placed on a specific biome. A waterfarming mashine needs to be placed at a water source on any planet and produces drinkable water. to fill it up we need to have a mashine that produces bottles. Producing food will work a similar way. A mashine will produce meat out of stem cells on a planet with breathable air. The packaging will work with another mashine. Crop Farms will need a lot of space and can only be placed in biomes where plants are growing already. With mashines crops can be produced into Food-Packs Eating and Drinking: Every bottle of water or produced food will expire after one reallife week. but a player need to drink and eat once every day or once every login and after using a ressurection node. If a player dont eat after logging in his stomache will make noises and he cannot use his jetpack. if the player dont eat for some days he will die and get portet to a resurrection node. If a player dont drink for one day his char wil make another noise and the player walks slower than usual. Alcohol and Drugs: Every Drug has a positive and a negative. So it should be here. Alcohol could let you move faster the more you drink but with a blurred vision and maybe lets you move waveringly. There could also be drugs. For Example... "Scraprip Pill" this pill will let you carry more things. You feel like you have superpowers. But after duration of action using Drugs you need to drink and eat much more. drugs can make you addicted. if this happens you need a medicine and cannot fly ships for one week. Breathing: The Nanosuit has a stock for oxygen. oxygen can be produced on planets with atmosphere. The oxygen will get nanorized in a mashine into O²-Packs. every Nanosuit has slots for O²-Packs. Every Pack will less for one hour. Water-Bottles, Meat-Packs, Food-Packs and O²-Packs are in my opinion a minimum must have in the game. There could be a lot of other things like mixed drinks, different meals, alcohol and drugs. But all of this stuff will make the universe rich on wares to trade and stuff everyone needs. Without this, its just a mining and shipbuilder MMO Greez BiGEdge
  6. When Engineering needs professionals
  7. Jop, - Spacegames - Simulationen - Rollenspiel Das sind so meine Schwerpunkte. Seit fast 20 Jahren bin ich im RP Aktiv, PnP, LARP und auch MMOs und interressiere mich immer für die Hintergrundgeschichten. Ich kenne so ziemlich jede Weltraumdokumentation und merke mir sehr viel was mich interressiert. Da liegt es nahe die Lore von DU mal zu zerpflücken oder sinnvoll zu ergänzen. Deshalb bin ich für jede konstruktive Kritik offen. Danke dafür.
  8. https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Lore Du hast recht, Pegasus ist keine Galaxie sondern ein Sternensystem. Jedoch gibt es in der aktuellen Lore einige Fehler, wie es nicht passieren kann. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/IK_Pegasi Das System ist ein... Ein Doppelsternsystem in unserer Galaxie 150 Lichtjahre entfernt, sprich nach 150 Jahren würde das Licht der Explosion an der Erde ankommen. Trotz allem ist es sinnvoller die Strahlung für die Katastrophe verantwortlich zu machen. Im Endeffekt geht die Welt unter durch einen Neutronenstern. Dazu sei gesagt... (NOTE: all fictions contained in this section are not necessarily a representation of the final lore of the game nor of Novaquark's designs for the game; these have been produced by members of the community, but may be useful for situating yourself in the universe) Denke den Kern der Sache habe ich getroffen und wichtig ist auch zu sagen, dass daten der Arkship KI ebenfalls verfälscht worden sein können über die Jahrhunderte.
  9. Die Red Dragons, sind eine alteingesessene Truppe aus Spielern von Spacegames. Seit 2013 Diese Organisation symbolisiert die deutsche Community der Red Dragons in Dual Universe und stellt eine Fangemeinde dar. Hier sammeln sich die Fans und Freunde, die die Red Dragons aus verschiedenen Spacegames und anderen Plattformen verfolgen und damit supporten. Gleichzeitig seid Ihr hier herzlich Willkommen und eingeladen, um Dual Universe näher kennen zu lernen und einen Beitrag in das Spiel zu leisten, wenn Ihr die Lust dazu verspürt. Informiert Euch über das Spiel und seht, wie es wächst und gedeiht. Diese Organisation basiert auf der der Hyperion Corporation, dem deutschen Flügel der Terran Union, der größten Organisation in Dual Universe. Hier findet ihr unsere Communitypräsenz: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/red-dragons#tab-description Vorraussetzung ist, dass ihr der Hyperion beigetreten seid. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/hyperion-corporation-german-deutsch
  10. Grüße DU Communiy, Ihr habt euch schon immer gefragt, Wann, wie und wo nochmal Dual Universe spielt? Hier einmal ein Hörspiel...Aber mit Bildern und Videos untermalt
  11. No way, your here too?

    Another one i know from Interstellar Rift and other Spacegames ^^


    Nice to see you here o/

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    2. Replic TuaniOne

      Replic TuaniOne

      Awesome, which one do you have? if you have the biggest one then we can play pre-alpha together?

    3. BiGEdge


      Okay lets play together, because "Patron" is the biggest one xD

      Contributor 60€, Sponsor 120€, Patron 180€

    4. Replic TuaniOne

      Replic TuaniOne

      All in huh? :P it's worth it though, but I'm still having trouble getting even from the ground the right way xD

      Also still waiting for my clan to pick up this game, but for now they find it to expensive and already used the money on Star Citizen (which I also heavily invested in)

  12. Okayyy... im impressed so far When will the first Expo start? where and how long will it go Hey and you guys are missing my homecorp Hyperion Corporation
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