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  1. Arguments for a wipe: Its unfair when people have allready played and got stuff sooner than others. Arguments against a wipe: Big Orgs will have all theyr stuff back in notime and smaller groups of players will quit the game forever because all theyve achived since beta start is gone, and NQ promissed no further wipes if not neccessarry. So NQ make the right choice for the playerbase and the game...
  2. That post is exactly what the community needed... Lots of informations what the plans for the Game are. Lots of infos wich direction Novaquark will lead the game. Question: When can we expect PVP fighting on foot and how is it planned? Will it come together with the planetary warfare that wa planned almost 2 years ago? Its important to have a stable playerbase. DU has it rn. Im not sure how a Release can help, when most of the promissed base features are not fully implemented yet. There are a lot of players waiting to come back to the game with a release. But if they are not pleased and dont see a feature complete game at release, most of them will quit again im afraid. Most important are the bugs and exploits to make money the unregular way. There have been a lot of allready. I see this as the only reason for players to ask for a wipe. I hope you were able to fix all of those exploits at best and have an eye on it if they are all gone. 1. Feature complete game (5 pillars of DU finished) I hope the plans havnt changed since the kickstarter for those goals. 2. Bugs and Exploiots all fixed, to prevent people after a potential partly wipe to destroy the economy on unregular ways. 3. enough players, i know a lot of people will come back. i also know a lot of players will never come back to DU and you lost them forever with the silence of the developers all the time. Broken promisses dont help to save a stable playerbase. Not clearing rumors from developers side dosnt help either. It was a long and halftimes wonky way so far with you NQ, but i really hope its getting better. But with hopes and dreams you can make a lot of money, but cannot hold a longterm playerbase Im sure NQ is still the company who want to build a metaverse for us players and not to make money in the first place. I still trust you NQ thats why i backed a lot of money many years ago. But i know many people dont have this pacience. Do something great, Just DU it BiGEdge
  3. Do you know the ingameprice of one DAC? No? I dont know either, because the price depends on how much Quanta other players want to pay for playtime. If players dont want to trade DACs, the price will be very high. If the players trade DACs a lot, the price will be very low. So it depends on the players, and the players only how the DACs are used, traded and priced. Its just a chance for players who have not much RL money but a lot of time to work ingame to play the game. Is it pay to win, when you need to work ingame for it? I say definately No! You cannot "Win" in a creative sandbox when there is nohing to "Win" It is Play to pay! People who say, DACs are pay to win, have no clue how DACs work...
  4. Why are there still people expecting a wipe?? There will be no wipe if not a huge problem in the code or something critical happens from NQs side. The Beta runs as expected, eccept from its a bit longer than expected. DU is supposed to be a persistant universe and the last wipe was at beta start. I see no reason yet for a wipe... Everything works as promissed and expected so far.
  5. Wie wäre es denn, wenn du schon ein MMO (=Spiel was mit sehr vielen Spielern gespielt wird) anfängst, dann mal andere im Ingamechat oder DU discord fragst was als nächstes zu tun ist, oder ob es eine gute Idee ist "force Respawn" zu drücken oder ob es nicht ne Art Taxi gibt welches dich für einen Teil deines Startgeldes irgend wo hinbringt. Das Tutorial hat dir sicher ebenfalls erklärt wie du Kontakte zu anderen Spielern knüpfen kannst, einer Organisation beitrittst oder einen Chat benutzt. Soviel zum MMO. Und dann ist es ja auch noch in einer Persistenten Welt. Sprich alles was dort geschieht, gebaut oder gelöscht wird ist halt persistent und ist nicht umzukehren. Genau das macht ja den Reiz aus, weil es kaum Spiele gibt die diesen Anspruch haben. Aber nungut besserwisserei bei Seite... Ähnliches hab ich nur schon sehr oft gehört/gelesen. Meistens von Leuten, die auch viel anderes Spielen. Jetzt bin ich mir nicht sicher ob ich dafür dem Entwickler nen Strick drehen würde, weil es Leute gibt, die nicht wissen was für eine Art Spiel sie gestartet haben. Aber auch nicht den Einsteigern, die das alles noch gar nicht wissen und mit jeder sich von anderen Spielen ankonditionierten Aktion, einen Fehler machen können und es kein Zurück mehr gibt. Die Frage ist nun, wie kann man es ändern, ohne dass DU am Ende wieder wie jedes 0815-Game ist, was es ja nicht will? Wie kann man neue Spieler dazu bringen, sich mit anderen Spielern zusammen zu tun um von ihnen zu lernen anstatt von tutorials oder Suchmaschienen? Die Grundannahme war, dass Menschen Soziale Wesen sind... das scheint nicht mehr zu gelten bei konditionierten Gamern. Nunja... trotzallem empfehl ich dir DU weiter zu machen... Dich hier im Forum zu melden war schonmal ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung, wie ich finde. Jetzt vllt noch auf dem DU discord Server vorbei schauen und mit deinem DU Profil hier auf der Seite verknüpfen. Warum ich dir als programmierer empfehle weiter zu machen? Mit deinen progging und scripting Fähigkeiten kannst du uU ziemlich erfolgreich in DU werden, was dir kaum ein anderes Game bietet. Mit Lua, html, CSS, SVG und den logikellementen im Spiel könntest du teils großartige Dinge erschaffen, was nicht viele können und diese dann sogar verkaufen für Quanta. Ich biete dir sogar an dich abzuholen und die 15km aus den geclaimten Zonen zu fliegen. Die Frage ist jedoch was bringt dir das dann? Und brauchst du das wirklich? Und ausserdem, was versprichtst du dir von DU? Bisher scheint sich ja kaum eine deiner Erwartungen erfüllt zu haben, weil du etwas anderes erwartet hattest, als das Spiel erfüllen wollte. Hofe ich konnte dir erst mal etwas weiter helfen Greez o/
  6. Is there only one or the other in your world? Only this or that? Only Black or White? DU is a virtual civilization building game... something not many have tryed yet in gaming. With the goal to kickstart the spark of emergence. Were not there yet, but on a good way towards that goal. Thats what has been promissed to us. A game unlike any other out there. Deal with it.
  7. All those statements are allmost exact same statements i gave to the german discod chat and some communitys who know me well... A lot of people were upset about the 0.23 and named it as the "Downfall" of DU. Cooperation over creativity is not theyr cup of cake and they havnt yet appreciated the possibilitys of a singleshard-server. Many others see this as a major step towards the goal on what DU should be like. DU as a playerdriven virtual civilization needs to have most of the challenges not be reachable without others. What we got with 0.23 is not yet what has been needed to force a kickstart to this virtual civilization, but its a good Start. And i know some who see DU still as a game like many others and not as an oppurtunity to have something completely different. Something thats gonna less longer than any other game or hype. Something that evolves with every step towards its goal, but where the devs have allways the goal in mind. Build us the biggest virtual singleshard civilization game... Not just another Sandbox, but a virtual World. Thank you NQ, that you allways keep course towards that goal. Sometimes with learning or experience curves and sometimes ways some dont understand. But heavyly focussed towards the goal. If you ask me... i guess i undstood what the game can be. I see the Vision behind it. And even if im wrong i wouldnt let this project down. You DU an awesome job NQ Just DU it Greez your #FanboyNr1 ^^
  8. I find thats an awesome statement, with some very constructive criticism. Like from here +1 But it seems you havnt understood yet what the course of the game was intentionally was. It was allways intended that people are not needed to go mining, but its just one of many sources to make money. This patch helps to boost the Trading, so that people trade more and mine less. In my over 3 years with allmost 4000 hours of playing DU, the beta had the worst experience so far, because everyone was forced to go mining. The markets are not used much rn, because trading ores give the best profit. Not many people were trading Elements or Honeycomb, because Ore gave the most money and everyone had theyr own industry to produce anything on theyr own within a month or two. With this patch you will see allmost empty markets at first, because everyone will buy anything they can, befor the prizes will rise to never seen hights. So this is your chance to make a lot of Quanta you will need after the patch. Not for buying ore, but for buying Elements others produce. After the patch the markets will fill again with very high prizes at first, but then the market will regulate itself to a very low prize again for Elements for a short time until they are all sold and even big orgs have sold anything from theyr storage to get any quanta they can. Even components will get a value on the markets, because not everyone will be able to produce final products. Then it depends on your trading skills, how many money you can get out of it by being active and fast on the markets. This patch helps to balance the economy without a wipe. Its far from done, and we will see even more so called "nerfs"... but as i see it as an economist in reallife, that this patch was really needed to make trading more interresting and mining less neccessarry. Quanta gets much more viable and solo megafactorys within a month without making any profit out of it gets busted. If you need any trading tips, to get rich, way better than with mining or as an industrialist, just PM me ^^
  9. Of course it needs the Mission system, but it was never intended for the final game that a single player or a small group can build anything on theyr own, but have to cooperate with many other players and orgs to archive anything The markets will be useful as soon as not everyone will be able to build anything on theyr own. And afaik its planned for later after release, that the players will be able to set up theyr own markets, so the NQ markets are not needed anymore.
  10. Basic Balancing is the most important right now... More and more people are leaving the game, because they have everything with little effort within a month. Thats exactly what i expected with the last Alpha patch when the beta started. And the whining from many people when making everything harder or nerfing some systems afterwards was another thing that i expected. What i have learned after all the years, that NQ always tryes to do anything to make DU an emergent system. A second Life, a virtual identity, where you have to work befor you get something. Not like in other games where you play for couple weks and you have everything you need. This is exactly what was needed to make the community bring more people to the game, because you need them to archive something big. But i agree... not listening and start easy and not sticking to the initial plan would disappoint people. The initial plan was, that it would take weeks or even month to have a ship and reach other planets. Now with some issues and even some people who will stop playing because everything will be too hard for them was expected
  11. I find it allways fascinating what strange rumoring goes around xD You never thought this is intentional?
  12. Finally thank you NQ... finally you start to put some love into the balancing to fit the goal you promissed years ago. Make anything you DU ingame more valuable by putting more time into it. Defining profession and give em more to DU. And finally, this patch could help boost the economy in the game. Please stick to it, to a point ehere there are players not see a reason to be an industrialist, and we can start building emergence and not so that every player does the same. Good work so far, keep it up NQ
  13. Please ask those questions about the game in the NDA channels... I know its annoying, but we have to wait just 19 more days until the NDA drops
  14. it is and was allways in the 4 years of DUs development... The sooner you support the cheaper it is... Hell i still regret not getting a Ruby Pack at the kickstarter 3 years ago -.- Get at least a 60€ pack, give the beta key to a friend and you both play the game until release and bit after that for free... What are you waiting for?? Just DU it !
  15. those questions are yet under NDA... expect an answer when the NDA ends in 29 days
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